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Not sure how to characterize a conversation like this.

Posted by: tradermark on Jan 11, 08:11 in response to Filmstardust's post I'm talking about untalented young women who chose to...

To acknowledge a woman used her body for gain, be it Hollywood or Wall street or the military or any corporate office in the world is not judging. Its Not saying good or bad.  Using a word like w---e, a word i never use myself , is most certainly judgemental.

To claim that somebody recognizes that people climb up the ladder in many different ways, be it talent or contacts or using their body is thinking of people in a negative way is simply blind or living in a fanatsy world.

I cant get over how many statements in ths thread seek to deny or supress simple truths. 

Some women and some men will find they can't make it on their own and will sleep their way as far up the ladder as they can. This is no different from the Baseball steroid scandal. Can't make it one way, take another.

Defending every woman as some choose to do is like denying any Germans were Nazis in the 1940's. You're not slanderting every German. You're ackowledging the truth.

Lexi Alexanader says she's the creator of the ****ty men in media list Antibody Jan 10, 17:11

self-identifying apparently under threat that rape-apologist Katie Roiphe was going to out her in Harper's {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 17:17

It looks like she's deleted her Twitter account. {nm} notfabio Jan 10, 18:18

TWITTER Page Removed. DLH Link. RotoHockey2013MainPort Jan 10, 18:18

There should be a spreadsheet with Whores in Hollywood, naming actresses who "ride" their way to the top. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:00

sure, as long as it includes all the men in power who demanded it from them {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 19:06

Bingo {nm} Bronzey Jan 10, 19:09

Of course. I'm not defending those men. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:10

but none of the women would have done it of their own free will. the casting couch isn't volitional {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 19:30

I'm talking about untalented young women who chose to sleep with men to get roles. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:38

You mean the men can't say no? {nm} Antibody Jan 10, 19:43

Of course they can say no. But if a women throw herself at a men just to get a role is just as bad. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:59

Wow. Go add yourself to the ****ty list dude {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:03

You prove my point exactly. Rape, assaulting, sex jokes, comments and different opinions are all the same. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 20:40

Only point proved is that you, as a man who wants to think of woman in such a negative way, is no man at all, just a troll {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:44

Pfff... Wow, jumping to conclusions is like your thing, right? You attack me twice now. Way to go. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 20:51

There are no “untalented” “whores” sleeping for jobs. You may imagine it, but doesn’t make it so {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:53

Ok, man, my bad, all women are saints and all men are rapist. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 04:57

Historically more accurate than what you are portraying. {nm} Wilderness_Journey Jan 11, 06:41

Ugh. {nm} Wilderness_Journey Jan 10, 20:08

Not sure how to characterize a conversation like this. tradermark Jan 11, 08:11

Then don’t. Your whole IM is wrongheaded. Hey guys, pro tip: stick to box office instead of things you know zero about {nm} islndr Jan 11, 08:55

Sure. Its you declaring sainthood for every woman in the world and i'm wrongheaded? {nm} tradermark Jan 11, 09:35

Never declared sainthood. Just not the kind of guy who like some here who attack women to make themselves feel big. {nm} islndr Jan 11, 10:10

Using the W---e word was simply wrong but nobody here has attacked all women. To admit some may have tradermark Jan 11, 10:31

Exaclty, tradermark {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 12:07

You're DONE. You LOSE. LOO-HOO-ZUH-HER. You have invoked Godwin's Law. Captain Obvious Jan 11, 09:17

LOL {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 17:10

Yeah, women def aren't attracted to rich and famous men {nm} MattW Jan 10, 20:10

If you know their name, they'v been on the casting couch a lot. "Good girls" in Hollywood would be the short list. {nm} arf Jan 10, 20:32

You know this for a fact, or just something you imagine in that sad women hating mind of yours? Just stop, it’s pathetic {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:40

Couple friends in the business, one an actor, the other runs a camera. It's an open secret there. They don't get why it's now in the news. {nm} arf Jan 10, 21:47

you used the words "open secret". Meaning everyone knew but didnt talk about it. So you answered your own question {nm} Moviesnob Jan 10, 22:30

You sound like a rapist. I hope someone's digging into your past. {nm} CSStrowbridge Jan 11, 02:54

That's where we're at now. A man DARES to question the morals of some women, and he's accused of being a rapist. {nm} dubord.s Jan 11, 08:12

Too far, perhaps, but sounds like and is are not the same. If you think all filmstar did is question some morals, you need to re-evaluate {nm} islndr Jan 11, 08:58

islndr, i was about to let this go, but who do you think you are to know what i know, what i want, what i think and what i try to say? {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 09:56

I never leveled you because i don't know you and don't pretend to, so please, show some dignity and respect other people's opinions. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 09:58

When your “opinion” is to attack woman, you’ll get no respect from me. {nm} islndr Jan 11, 10:09

1) There's no message from me attacking anyone. 2) You keep putting yourself in a pedestal thinking you have are THE moral authority (cont) Filmstardust Jan 11, 12:21

You're DONE. You LOSE. LOO-HOO-ZUH-HER. You have invoked Godwin's Law. Captain Obvious Jan 11, 14:12

Right. The whole argument here has been defending every woman which is as naive as defending every man. {nm} tradermark Jan 12, 07:11

She came back and posted a link to the real creator: I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan. Antibody Jan 10, 19:50

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