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Of course. I'm not defending those men. {nm}

Posted by: Filmstardust on Jan 10, 19:10 in response to slipping jimmy's post sure, as long as it includes all the men in power who...

Lexi Alexanader says she's the creator of the ****ty men in media list Antibody Jan 10, 17:11

self-identifying apparently under threat that rape-apologist Katie Roiphe was going to out her in Harper's {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 17:17

It looks like she's deleted her Twitter account. {nm} notfabio Jan 10, 18:18

TWITTER Page Removed. DLH Link. RotoHockey2013MainPort Jan 10, 18:18

There should be a spreadsheet with Whores in Hollywood, naming actresses who "ride" their way to the top. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:00

sure, as long as it includes all the men in power who demanded it from them {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 19:06

Bingo {nm} Bronzey Jan 10, 19:09

Of course. I'm not defending those men. Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:10

but none of the women would have done it of their own free will. the casting couch isn't volitional {nm} slipping jimmy Jan 10, 19:30

I'm talking about untalented young women who chose to sleep with men to get roles. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:38

You mean the men can't say no? {nm} Antibody Jan 10, 19:43

Of course they can say no. But if a women throw herself at a men just to get a role is just as bad. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 19:59

Wow. Go add yourself to the ****ty list dude {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:03

You prove my point exactly. Rape, assaulting, sex jokes, comments and different opinions are all the same. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 20:40

Only point proved is that you, as a man who wants to think of woman in such a negative way, is no man at all, just a troll {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:44

Pfff... Wow, jumping to conclusions is like your thing, right? You attack me twice now. Way to go. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 10, 20:51

There are no “untalented” “whores” sleeping for jobs. You may imagine it, but doesn’t make it so {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:53

Ok, man, my bad, all women are saints and all men are rapist. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 04:57

Historically more accurate than what you are portraying. {nm} Wilderness_Journey Jan 11, 06:41

Ugh. {nm} Wilderness_Journey Jan 10, 20:08

Not sure how to characterize a conversation like this. tradermark Jan 11, 08:11

Then don’t. Your whole IM is wrongheaded. Hey guys, pro tip: stick to box office instead of things you know zero about {nm} islndr Jan 11, 08:55

Sure. Its you declaring sainthood for every woman in the world and i'm wrongheaded? {nm} tradermark Jan 11, 09:35

Never declared sainthood. Just not the kind of guy who like some here who attack women to make themselves feel big. {nm} islndr Jan 11, 10:10

Using the W---e word was simply wrong but nobody here has attacked all women. To admit some may have tradermark Jan 11, 10:31

Exaclty, tradermark {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 12:07

You're DONE. You LOSE. LOO-HOO-ZUH-HER. You have invoked Godwin's Law. Captain Obvious Jan 11, 09:17

LOL {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 17:10

Yeah, women def aren't attracted to rich and famous men {nm} MattW Jan 10, 20:10

If you know their name, they'v been on the casting couch a lot. "Good girls" in Hollywood would be the short list. {nm} arf Jan 10, 20:32

You know this for a fact, or just something you imagine in that sad women hating mind of yours? Just stop, it’s pathetic {nm} islndr Jan 10, 20:40

Couple friends in the business, one an actor, the other runs a camera. It's an open secret there. They don't get why it's now in the news. {nm} arf Jan 10, 21:47

you used the words "open secret". Meaning everyone knew but didnt talk about it. So you answered your own question {nm} Moviesnob Jan 10, 22:30

You sound like a rapist. I hope someone's digging into your past. {nm} CSStrowbridge Jan 11, 02:54

That's where we're at now. A man DARES to question the morals of some women, and he's accused of being a rapist. {nm} dubord.s Jan 11, 08:12

Too far, perhaps, but sounds like and is are not the same. If you think all filmstar did is question some morals, you need to re-evaluate {nm} islndr Jan 11, 08:58

islndr, i was about to let this go, but who do you think you are to know what i know, what i want, what i think and what i try to say? {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 09:56

I never leveled you because i don't know you and don't pretend to, so please, show some dignity and respect other people's opinions. {nm} Filmstardust Jan 11, 09:58

When your “opinion” is to attack woman, you’ll get no respect from me. {nm} islndr Jan 11, 10:09

1) There's no message from me attacking anyone. 2) You keep putting yourself in a pedestal thinking you have are THE moral authority (cont) Filmstardust Jan 11, 12:21

You're DONE. You LOSE. LOO-HOO-ZUH-HER. You have invoked Godwin's Law. Captain Obvious Jan 11, 14:12

Right. The whole argument here has been defending every woman which is as naive as defending every man. {nm} tradermark Jan 12, 07:11

She came back and posted a link to the real creator: I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan. Antibody Jan 10, 19:50

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