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Weekend Pass: Work Extract

Labor Day Weekend 2009 is upon us marking a glorious end to summer.  The theaters will be stocked with action in the form of Gamer [CGAME] and love with Sandra Bullock [SBULL] stalking Bradley Cooper [BCOOP] in All About Steve [ABSTV].  Labor Day is usually the last chance for people to enjoy their summer outdoors.  If you miss work terribly this weekend, you can head to theaters to enjoy Extract [EXTRC], a workplace comedy from none other than Mike Judge [MJUDG]. 


Judge has defined comedy for a generation as the creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill.  He is also the mind behind the cult hit Office Space, which addressed modern corporate pains through the eyes of three friends trying to survive the daily grind.  Idiocracy was his feature follow-up to Office Space.  With Extract, Judge brings back his insights into man as a working animal.


Jason Bateman [JBATE], plays Joel, the owner of a plant that extracts essence from things like vanilla.  Joel is trying to keep his life together but suspects that his wife Suzie, played by SNLer Kristin Wiig [KWIIG] is cheating on him.  Not only that, a worker’s comp suit is filed when someone gets injured at his plant.  He fills the injured employee’s shoes in the form of Cindy, played by Mila Kunis [MKUNI].  She becomes an object of fascination for Joel who does not realize that she is looking to take advantage of his company. 


Ben Affleck [BAFFL] plays Dean, a friend of Joel’s who dispenses useless advice that leads to more trouble.  As his life unravels, Joel must keep it together, save his marriage and figure out what it is he really wants.  J.K. Simmons [JKSIM] and Clifton Collins Jr. [CCOLL] also appear.   


Extract features a respectable ensemble of actors who are sure to make up another Judge classic.  Kunis has honed her comedic chops on That 70s Show and held her own in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  This is Bateman’s first lead in a feature film since his Arrested Development comeback, but he has steadily proven how entertaining he is to watch. 


If you’re in the mood for something different this week and can’t bear to be away from work for a whole three days, make your way to Extract so this motley crew can keep you company.







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