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Whisper Numbers: Who will win the weekend box office flashback to the ‘80s?

Hollywood reaches out to Generation X this weekend with not one, but two remakes of popular series they grew up with during the 1980s.  While Hot Tub Time Machine poked fun at the Reagan era earlier this year, audiences generally have fond memories of both The A-Team [ATEAM] and The Karate Kid [KFKID].  Although the remakes target slightly different demographics, the nostalgic moviegoers will be faced with a split decision.  Which film will win the battle of the ‘80s remakes? 

The Gen X moviegoers without kids will likely opt for The A-Team.  The TV series was best known for starring ‘80s icon Mr. T as well as for its bloodless cartoon violence.   The feature update looks to capture that same mindless fun, while the cast of Liam Neeson [LNEES], Bradley Cooper [BCOOP], Quinton Jackson [QJACK] and Sharlto Copely [SCOPE] have embodied the spirit of the original characters.  The PG-13 rated action film should attract young males who were not even born during the ‘80s and later.  Blasting into 3534 theaters, The A-Team could lock up first place with roughly $36 million.

Those Gen X moviegoers with kids could be taking them to The Karate Kid.  The beloved story has been transported to Beijing, China with Jackie Chan [JCHAN] and Jaden Smith [JSMIT] taking over the roles immortalized by Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio.  The PG-rated remake has tested highly in screenings and should generate great word of mouth. Sweeping into 3663 theaters, The Karate Kid could contend for first place with approximately $35 million.

With new releases bombing left and right, Shrek Forever After [SHRK4] sat on the throne longer than had been expected.  Facing more competition for the family audience from The Karate Kid, the 3D animated sequel will end its 3-week reign, but should still manage to cross the $200 million mark by grossing another $14 million.

Although it had a decent debut, Get Him to the Greek [GHGRK] did not break out into The Hangover-size hit its studio were hoping for.  The raunchy comedy should hold better than 50% and wind up with $9.5 million.  On the other hand, the action romance Killers [5KILR] is likely to have its second weekend chopped more than 50% to about $7 million.

That’s the whisper from the trading floor.


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By Box Office Whisperer on Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 04:10 PM 3382 views

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