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[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund IPO Prospectus

Posted by: hyperzeitgeist on Sep 10, 04:17



The Fox Studio Fund (FOXX) is an actively managed fund that will concentrate on aggressively maximising returns to investors using the following maxim: All Movies are potentially profitable - it just depends which side of the trade you're on. To reiterate: No distinction is made between long and short positions, other than their profitability. There will be no emotional attachment to any project, other than the bottom line.

Strategic overview:

The Fox Studio Fund will invest in upcoming films distributed domestically by 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight and their related derivatives. Initial research has identified 106 currently active projects, in various stages of development, divided between the two entities. Obviously investment strategy will be determined by value of funds under management but maximisation of profits will be best served by focussing on a small number of projects that are ‘in play’ at any one time.

The initial trading target will be the impending release of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (MAZE2). As well as the ‘Put’, ‘Call’ and ‘OW’ derivatives, the stock price will be carefully monitored to ensure maximum advantage post adjustment (September 20). MAZE3 will also factor into investment strategy depending on relative success/failure of its predecessor. Following hot on the heels will be the October 2nd release of Ridley Scott’s Space Rescue Epic ‘The Martian’ (MARTN) which will be a significant focus for the fund .

A couple of Fox Searchlight projects will also warrant attention.The Chris Evans vehicle (GIFTD), is still in the volatile post IPO phase and the October 2nd release of ‘He Named Me Malala’ (HNMAL).

Long-term plan:

As mentioned in the Strategic Overview there are currently 106 projects in various stages of development and it is the intention of this fund to examine them all in detail to highlight future opportunities for investment. As there is no prior fund history for comparison any projections must remain highly speculative. However it is worth considering the track record of the fund manager in reaching any conclusion.

Fund manager:

hyperzeitgeist signed up to HSX in January 2015 but did not start playing actively until May. In a little over 4 months he has increased his port by over 20,000% (Top 5 YTD). Now semi-retired,after more than 30 years of active trading in the real world, HSX is proving a good substitute for an avowed ‘adrenaline junkie’.

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[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund IPO Prospectus   hyperzeitgeist on Sep 10, 04:17

I like this, its a good training/help tool for inexperienced players (and some experienced ones) see what a successful trader is thinking.   DTravel on Sep 10, 12:24

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