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Elephants seems like a sleeper

Posted by: Nightfury82 on Apr 17, 14:39 in response to secretstalker's post RS: [MDBHF] low 30s [WELPH] low double digits [AFCAT]...

The twilight guy starring and the first romantic drama to be released in a while tells me this movie is being underestimated. I bought long at $50 and really hoping it rebounds this week. Twitter tracking has been good (so was Scream I know). BO.com has it opening at 24 million.

Btw first post on the forums.


RS: [MDBHF] low 30s [WELPH] low double digits [AFCAT] mid single digits secretstalker Apr 17, 13:37

Anyone remember what the last film three weeks from release not to be tracked by RS was? Not sure if its relevant or not, but curious... {nm} ShawnMR Apr 17, 13:50

Don't think it matters.. they only have five spaces for futures and it seems to be a fairly random omission secretstalker Apr 17, 13:56

It's alphabetical order, I'm guessing. And I assume they omit movies tracking in the single digits for futures. {nm} tribefan695 Apr 17, 13:59

Alphabetical order doesn't make any sense. Of course, RS doesn't make a lot of sense either, so... {nm} RogerMore Apr 17, 15:03

Yea, just remembered that. Has that ever been explained anyway? (The "five spaces" and "alphabetical" qualifiers) {nm} ShawnMR Apr 17, 13:58

Each report for future films is a single page. I would imagine they want to see if madea opens to similar or drastically lower than jail {nm} notfabio Apr 17, 17:04

So they can adjust their numbers before going too high since blowing Thor prediction would be particularly embarrassing {nm} notfabio Apr 17, 17:07

Anybody remember the tracking for the first two Madea films. I know RS is always off on her films. {nm} filmboy20 Apr 17, 14:12

Can't remember exactly and no links handy, but yea, Madea films and most urban films have typically been underestimated in the past. {nm} ShawnMR Apr 17, 14:41

RS on 3 perry films: WDIG2 - low 20's; opened to 29.3M, ICDBA - mid 20's, opened 23.4M, and MDGTJ - 21-24, opened 41.0M islander Apr 17, 15:38

Elephants seems like a sleeper Nightfury82 Apr 17, 14:39

Doesn't hurt that the book was a NYT Best Seller for three months a few years back, either. To be honest, I've heard more about the book in ShawnMR Apr 17, 14:43

Eat Pray Love was a better seller as a book with a beller release date and a bigger star BionicMoron Apr 17, 15:11

The last film Roberts opened big on her own was a decade ago: America's Sweethearts (2001 - $30m OW). {nm} ShawnMR Apr 17, 15:34

The last film Pattinson opened on his own was never. Witherspoon is close to as out of date as Roberts. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 17, 16:04

Word. {nm} goodvibe61 Apr 17, 16:13

I think you missed my point. Roberts isn't that much of a star nowadays. Frankly, few are. Starpower isn't near as important as it was ShawnMR Apr 17, 16:28

Fine, lets shift gears and talk romantic drama then. According to BOM classicifactions, only 3 have ever opened over 19M. BionicMoron Apr 17, 16:43

Indeed, I would struggle to stay awake while watching it. {nm} Abraxas Apr 17, 18:52

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