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bottom line...its against the rules

Posted by: alfpaulytd2012 on May 08, 13:58 in response to Checked Out's post Well, but hang on a moment... forums aren't truth...

He wants to post a direction to play, do it in a league or an indy blog or start up a chatroom or something. And if he gets fined for manipulation b/c they play too close together or whatev...on them.

You'd make valid points except call to action impacts daily movement and some of us play that daily movement. Playing delist is for a long-ish term player. Playing adjust is about playing an opener. Calls to action on any given day impact the trading of a stock on any given day.....and unless there is no trading on weekdays, that means they have an impact.

May not matter b/c of how you play, but it would impact my game.

Don't think what that guy did is worth getting worked up about b/c people are set with how they're playing that security one way or the other till ACTUAL, REAL information comes out to suggest whether or not they are wrong.

But if you don't reprimand him, what's to stop him or some noob like him to say that about a $5 stock that might move 10% on just 10 max buys....then snowballs when daytraders like me see the movement and jump in....then snowballs further when it hits the top movers list.....then goes the opposite direction when someone like me sees it didn't move on real news and starts a turn...which makes the lemmings move....which starts the run the other way....which gives a player that played it perfectly a decent profit off of ZERO real information

Once again, its in the rules....other people saw it as a violation....the mod saw it as a was a violation (on purpose or not)

Doesn't impact your style of play, great....not real, duh....but just b/c a game isn't "real" does that give people the right to cheat? You play HALO get 8 headshots on a guy that doesn't die....fair? You play fantasy sports and some guy controls 3 teams and trades to himself while you play the whole year str8 up...fair?

ok, new question. Where can one go to find or create call to actions??? something tells me this   lopreste on May 08, 10:33

in one's own mind seems to be safest! {nm}   DASavage on May 08, 10:35

I think the point is to disallow calls to action, to prevent market manipulation.   elchan on May 08, 10:38

That would be Broadway and Wall St, ever since the Buttonwood Agreement in 1792 :). {nm}   fred_ott on May 08, 10:38

But you can't really manipulate the market - box office receipts come in and the price adjusts. Who cares what you post?   Checked Out on May 08, 10:41

Sheep follow sheep and wolves that mix in can make an H$ or two. {nm}   Catzan on May 08, 10:47

Exactly!!!   lopreste on May 08, 10:48

From your posts on this subject, I don't think you have much of an idea how markets - either real world or here - actually work. {nm}   RogerMore on May 08, 10:52

Apparently you cant read {nm}   lopreste on May 08, 10:55

To be clearer, proper functioning of a market relies on there being information that can be trusted by investors.   RogerMore on May 08, 11:01

Very good reply, thank you. {nm}   BorderLand on May 08, 11:05

+1.....lots of newbs think they're the Jim Kramer of HSX w/o any understanding of this game {nm}   alfpaulytd2012 on May 08, 12:13

Well, but hang on a moment... forums aren't truth centers, they're just forums   Checked Out on May 08, 12:42

Because smart traders will invest in the stock, knowing that idiots will also be investing in it. This affects the price, so more   RogerMore on May 08, 13:47

once you allow one to post a call to action, you allow everyone. then this place becomes an impossible-to-read forums with    islander on May 08, 13:52

You're jumping the gun a bit   Checked Out on May 08, 14:29

There's nothing wrong with stating your opinion. Just state your reasoning when you do. {nm}   RogerMore on May 08, 14:34

I love unreasonable assumptions; they're my favorite kind {nm}   islander on May 08, 14:41

bottom line...its against the rules   alfpaulytd2012 on May 08, 13:58

In the long-run you cannot, but short-term is a different story. {nm}   elchan on May 08, 11:00

Oh you most definitely can manipulate the market. You get enough people to follow you in an action on a stock, that stock's price changes.   Sammy Jankis on May 08, 11:05

the best and only legit call to action is to find real breaking news about a movie, and post it here {nm}   jwammo on May 08, 11:35

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