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Second weekend performance will give a better idea. {nm}

Posted by: Jay_Beezy on Jul 22, 11:39 in response to Rednax's post Until I see research that shows the incident drove people...

This is all so very frustrating. What enormous disappointment for Warner Brothers. What are they supposed to do, close up shop and go home?   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 11:19

Until I see research that shows the incident drove people away, I remain skeptical {nm}   Rednax on Jul 22, 11:32

Even if it did AVNGR-like business, without the 3D premium it would only make ~172 OW (according to earlier posts here) {nm}   Rednax on Jul 22, 11:35

Second weekend performance will give a better idea. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Jul 22, 11:39

that ice age dropped around 59% vs the last one 38% 2nd weekend is pretty conclusive {nm}   notfabio on Jul 22, 12:36

You are crazy if you're even skeptical. I guy behind me at the IMAX show on Friday night said he would have turned his ticket in if he could {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Jul 22, 12:40

"enormous disappointment" "living hell" Don't you think you are over reacting a bit? Arent those more appropriate terms to describe Aurora,    Moviesnob on Jul 22, 11:35

I've already spoken multiple times, on multiple sites, about the people in Aurora. And your point is exactly part of what I'm saying.   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 11:47

I think you're wrong. It's been affected, but not broken and done. I'm reacting to your extreme reaction. Most people don't deal in extremes {nm}   Moviesnob on Jul 22, 11:54

Let me ask this question: For how long do we wait until we discuss any other aspect of this? When is it no longer inappropriate?   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 12:06

I'm not saying we can't talk about it, lets just not over react about it and also try to be respectful about it. You are over reacting   Moviesnob on Jul 22, 12:13

It'll be pretty darn callous of them to market it now, won't it? I assume midnight screenings are done for the unforseen future.   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 12:20

i honestly don't know. In regards to The Watch, I think sometimes the train is too big to stop. I am sure they are having conversations   Moviesnob on Jul 22, 12:28

Yeah; The Watch is such a big train compared to TDKR, I see what you mean. The Watch must go on, what can FOX do? {nm}   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 12:59

No and no. Why stop marketing the film and why stop midnight showings? This was an isolated event. {nm}   skamanfu on Jul 22, 12:28

What, you mean it's okay for The Watch to go on like nothing's happened, whereas anything T {nm}   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 12:39

TDKR does is offensive to the public? {nm}   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 13:02

No, I'm saying it should be business as usual for BOTH flicks. Things happen. People are killed by drunk drivers every weekend   skamanfu on Jul 22, 13:49

Even with this event, the theater is one of the few places to escape the harsh realities of what is happening in the world. {nm}   skamanfu on Jul 22, 13:57

"Living hell"? How about the victims? The families?   jseremet on Jul 22, 11:35

Your post is exactly what I"m saying. PR is done for this flick; saying anything shows a lack of compassion. They're done here.   goodvibe61 on Jul 22, 11:57

don't be so quick to provide final judgment and its not what you are saying thats disrespectful, its how you are saying it. Warner knows how   Moviesnob on Jul 22, 12:02

FWIW TDKR ads are still running on UK TV {nm}   Rednax on Jul 22, 12:05

I'm sure the US will be the only place where the advertising is pulled for the time being as we are a country of knee-jerk reactions. {nm}   skamanfu on Jul 22, 12:34

WB is right to do nothing, but send out their condolences. It's up to the people to show that they will not be intimidated by a mad man.   elchan on Jul 22, 11:36

It'll still make plenty of money. The extreme predictions are just out the window. It probably just impacted front loading.   medv4380 on Jul 22, 11:39

We could see a somewhat softer second weekend drop, if only somewhat. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Jul 22, 11:44

it's an awesome movie and people will come...just not all in one weekend {nm}   tealfan on Jul 22, 12:00

I'm more curious how long until Cinemark builds a new theater on/near the site and tears this one down?   The Digital Mariner on Jul 22, 14:32

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