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[trunw] [21jst] [klrnm] <-maybe if its a hard R

Posted by: sneak on Mar 27, 16:04 in response to Facto's post Poll: What, in your opinion, is the most HSX-overpriced...

4500psa in 244theatres for [trunw]; finding it difficult to see an adjust above 10.  try [21jst] too, I think people are way over estimating the popularity of this show.  Maybe if its in 3D with greco. [klrnm] I know people love the summer limited lottery ticket but this really?  I know we are all very interested in a hard R Alba prostitute movie but me thinks this is destinedd for the likes of chloe.  In the words of Juliane moore, "anything to get them in the theatre", sorry not quite.  I can't bet on the triple digit stocks because who can tell. and these will still be big % wise


Poll: What, in your opinion, is the most HSX-overpriced future opening movie right now, if any? Facto Mar 27, 13:57

(I am supposing it's possible to discuss this, but opinions should probably supported by reasonable arguments pro et contra) {nm} Facto Mar 27, 14:20

Ironman2 Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 14:27

Quick clarification Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 14:37

Interestingly enough, I just saw Iron Man for the first time yesterday. It's a good action movie. Now, Iron Man 2... Facto Mar 27, 14:45

It's easily the most anticipated movie of the year... if Twilight 2 can do 140 I'm sure Iron Man 2 can do the same (esp wit IMAX) {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 14:48

No IMAX on for Iron Man, Favreau shot it down {nm} TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 14:53

There is an IMAX DMR release, but at this point it is Digital only (wouldn't be surprised with several top grossing film sites) {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 14:58

You're thinking of 3D... it's not 3D but it is being released in IMAX {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 15:00

Additionally, IMAX pricing, for the most part is identical for 3D and non-3D films. {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 15:02

My bad, my memory turned not filming in IMAX to not showing on IMAX screens TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 15:08

disagree on this islander Mar 27, 15:52

And it does have a lot of similarities with Transformers. I definitely hear you. {nm} Facto Mar 27, 16:42

I think IRON2 will do very well, but the question was "as it relates to HSX pricing" Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 17:42

uh you didnt offend me and im not in any pro anything groups, but you do realize islander Mar 27, 18:47

Robin Hood, honorable mentions Thor and Grown-Ups TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 14:59

The 1991 Robin Hood film, featuring Kevin Costner, did pretty well. Also, Ridley's Robin opens Cannes. Not sure if that will have any impact Facto Mar 27, 15:13

Medieval and Newt presuming the most recent tagged news on both is indeed the case. {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 15:01

Excellent. Security page says Newt is in production and slated for summer 2012 release. However, Imdb says "in development" and 2011 release Facto Mar 27, 15:09

Aren't KELVS and NEWT both "pining for the fjords"? {nm} second gary Mar 27, 15:35

Lovely :-) Facto Mar 27, 15:42

who was it who said: "Some of the discussions and posts on the movie board should be on the life board" ?? islander Mar 27, 15:47

That was just an aside, in a movie-relevant thread. Not the same thing.. Thanks for reading those posts, though :-) Facto Mar 27, 16:05

oh i read them and i have multiple issues with them (but oh I wouldnt want to start a long irrelevant subthread) {nm} islander Mar 27, 16:16

You could definitely start one on the Players boards.... Facto Mar 27, 16:32

But aren't they? Otherwise, I think "Robin Hood" is overpriced, that is, in terms of its OW. I don't think its growth is spent here yet. second gary Mar 27, 15:50

Jonah Hex openings in a very crowded field, it's squeezed inbetween so many big movies. The two that may be pining for the fjords, I don't Facto Mar 27, 17:17

True Grit islander Mar 27, 15:22

I don't know.. Perhaps people are in the mood for some western nostalgia during the Christmas holidays? Facto Mar 27, 15:26

I agree about True Grit. I got it early some I'm fine but I wouldnt' touch it now. The same goes for Predators. numbersix_99 Mar 27, 15:33

Agreed.... just look at the distributor of the film. When's the last time they've had a film open this big. {nm} skamanfu Mar 27, 16:37

It will be interesting to see the Christmas adjust. There is a chance if Monday makes for a long weekend that you still get the three day Catzan Mar 27, 18:40

MPRN3 TheSureThing Mar 27, 15:58

[trunw] [21jst] [klrnm] <-maybe if its a hard R sneak Mar 27, 16:04

Inception seems unrealistic based on the premise which is not exactly something that's easy to get. {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 16:18

*Ding!* Facto Mar 27, 16:35

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