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That was just an aside, in a movie-relevant thread. Not the same thing.. Thanks for reading those posts, though :-)

Posted by: Facto on Mar 27, 16:05 in response to islander's post who was it who said: "Some of the discussions and...

To clarify, I was referring to starting discussions/threads irrelevant to movies, or long subthreads irrelevant to movies in threads relevant to movies. We can and should of course always feel free to quip something lighthearted and banter about in good cheer, or post the odd aside.

Starting a complete digression which solicits replies and provokes tempers, that's more what I'm thinking of. And it wouldn't mean a change of the status-quo. Basically I was just reminding posters that there are numerous levels, channels and forums, and to consider before opening new threads, which is the most appropriate.

I can but suggest. There will almost always be exceptions, shades and nuances to rules - it's all about applying deftness of touch.. Or something like that Wink

Poll: What, in your opinion, is the most HSX-overpriced future opening movie right now, if any? Facto Mar 27, 13:57

(I am supposing it's possible to discuss this, but opinions should probably supported by reasonable arguments pro et contra) {nm} Facto Mar 27, 14:20

Ironman2 Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 14:27

Quick clarification Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 14:37

Interestingly enough, I just saw Iron Man for the first time yesterday. It's a good action movie. Now, Iron Man 2... Facto Mar 27, 14:45

It's easily the most anticipated movie of the year... if Twilight 2 can do 140 I'm sure Iron Man 2 can do the same (esp wit IMAX) {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 14:48

No IMAX on for Iron Man, Favreau shot it down {nm} TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 14:53

There is an IMAX DMR release, but at this point it is Digital only (wouldn't be surprised with several top grossing film sites) {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 14:58

You're thinking of 3D... it's not 3D but it is being released in IMAX {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 15:00

Additionally, IMAX pricing, for the most part is identical for 3D and non-3D films. {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 15:02

My bad, my memory turned not filming in IMAX to not showing on IMAX screens TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 15:08

disagree on this islander Mar 27, 15:52

And it does have a lot of similarities with Transformers. I definitely hear you. {nm} Facto Mar 27, 16:42

I think IRON2 will do very well, but the question was "as it relates to HSX pricing" Port Value League Admin Mar 27, 17:42

uh you didnt offend me and im not in any pro anything groups, but you do realize islander Mar 27, 18:47

Robin Hood, honorable mentions Thor and Grown-Ups TelemachusYTD Mar 27, 14:59

The 1991 Robin Hood film, featuring Kevin Costner, did pretty well. Also, Ridley's Robin opens Cannes. Not sure if that will have any impact Facto Mar 27, 15:13

Medieval and Newt presuming the most recent tagged news on both is indeed the case. {nm} notfabio Mar 27, 15:01

Excellent. Security page says Newt is in production and slated for summer 2012 release. However, Imdb says "in development" and 2011 release Facto Mar 27, 15:09

Aren't KELVS and NEWT both "pining for the fjords"? {nm} second gary Mar 27, 15:35

Lovely :-) Facto Mar 27, 15:42

who was it who said: "Some of the discussions and posts on the movie board should be on the life board" ?? islander Mar 27, 15:47

That was just an aside, in a movie-relevant thread. Not the same thing.. Thanks for reading those posts, though :-) Facto Mar 27, 16:05

oh i read them and i have multiple issues with them (but oh I wouldnt want to start a long irrelevant subthread) {nm} islander Mar 27, 16:16

You could definitely start one on the Players boards.... Facto Mar 27, 16:32

But aren't they? Otherwise, I think "Robin Hood" is overpriced, that is, in terms of its OW. I don't think its growth is spent here yet. second gary Mar 27, 15:50

Jonah Hex openings in a very crowded field, it's squeezed inbetween so many big movies. The two that may be pining for the fjords, I don't Facto Mar 27, 17:17

True Grit islander Mar 27, 15:22

I don't know.. Perhaps people are in the mood for some western nostalgia during the Christmas holidays? Facto Mar 27, 15:26

I agree about True Grit. I got it early some I'm fine but I wouldnt' touch it now. The same goes for Predators. numbersix_99 Mar 27, 15:33

Agreed.... just look at the distributor of the film. When's the last time they've had a film open this big. {nm} skamanfu Mar 27, 16:37

It will be interesting to see the Christmas adjust. There is a chance if Monday makes for a long weekend that you still get the three day Catzan Mar 27, 18:40

MPRN3 TheSureThing Mar 27, 15:58

[trunw] [21jst] [klrnm] <-maybe if its a hard R sneak Mar 27, 16:04

Inception seems unrealistic based on the premise which is not exactly something that's easy to get. {nm} secretstalker Mar 27, 16:18

*Ding!* Facto Mar 27, 16:35

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