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Posted by: lobogotti on Jun 19, 10:04


Greetings, HSXers.  We – members of the HSX Future Community Board – have more good news.  Before we share that news, we’d like to introduce the current board working to maintain the website.  It is currently comprised of three members (and we will be looking for more shortly, as we’re going to need help).


The current board:

Clayton Thompson (lobogotti)
Cris Hoel (SenJohnBlutarsky)
James Shapiro (Moviesnob)


Please know, we’re going to be looking for some industry-specific assistance – marketing, legal, writing, industry connections, accounting – to help assist us in the future, so if you like working hard for free, have a special skill and love this site, by all means, please reach out to HSXfuture@gmail.com.  (If you are a nonprofit tax lawyer, this would be a great time to raise that hand.)


Onto the good stuff – we have completed almost two weeks of successful operation of this game site during the transitional phase.  Our group has arranged control of the game site; Antibody is back at the controls; the website is being maintained; market integrity measures have resumed; the calendar is operational.


It therefore is time to arrange continuation of this transitional phase and begin our longer-term work to ensure an enduring future for HSX.  During this transitional phase, monthly operating costs – server and infrastructure, content management, technical support – seem likely to range between $2,000 and $2,500. (So far, members of the HSX Future Community Board have advanced funds to finance initial operations during the transitional phase.)


We therefore need to generate roughly $25,000 to fund a year of HSX transitional operation; fortunately, that approximates the amount the HSX community had pledged.


We therefore ask those who have pledged support to provide one-half of the amount they pledged now; if appropriate, we would ask for the second half of those commitments to be funded toward the end of 2020, to fund operations during the first half of 2021 (at which time, if appropriate, we will do another fundraise).


Here is the link to the GoFundMe: 


No one will be obligated to pay anything.  For those who do help, the amount(s) provided will NOT be an investment, a loan, a purchase, a subscription, a payment for anything in advance, or anything similar.  They will be gifts to create a fund administered by the HSX Future Community Board.  Do not contribute if you want or expect anything concrete in return.


Those who contribute:

1) will be entitled to continue to play the HSX game so long as it is operational;

2) will be welcome to participate in HSX forums;

3) may be asked to offer suggestions for improvement of HSX; and

4) may be asked to serve on the HSX Future Community Board or to participate in this project in another manner.


Those who do not contribute:

1) will be entitled to continue to play the HSX game so long as it is operational;

2) will be welcome to participate in HSX forums;

3) may be asked to offer suggestions for improvement of HSX; and

4) may be asked to serve on the HSX Future Community Board or to participate in this project in another manner.


See what we did there?  


If you can contribute, we ask you to send funds for the first six months of the transitional phase now.  If now is not the time for you to contribute financially, we ask you to consider contributing in other ways – with your skills, your effort, your contacts, your suggestions, or your participation in trading and at the message board.


We want to take a quick second to talk about moderation and all the work going into keeping this going, which is a HUGE amount of volunteer hours.  We’re entering a new era for HSX.  We all know how we should behave on the forums.  Please stay on subject based on the board that you’re posting.  Meaning, take politics to the Life Board.  We’re also asking everyone to kindly be respectful to one another.  We don't have time to deal with petty arguments.  Keep in mind we’re working as a collective group striving to maintain the ability to continue to play this game.  Bottom line, help us succeed by acting like adults in your discussions and not creating problems for us.  Regarding market integrity:  Misinformation will not be tolerated. We thank you in advance for this.


If for some reason beyond our control the website magically disappears someday, with unspent funds remaining, we plan to return a percentage of money donated to any member above a certain dollar amount donated.  To make that possible, when making your donation, please list your name (then email your contact details to the Gmail account above).  Anonymous donations cannot be refunded, so please understand that the only shot you would have for a return of any funds would be to provide contact information.


It is important to keep in mind, while we have signs of life currently, these funds are a short-term solution while we search for long-term success.  We cannot stress that enough, which is why if you are qualified to assist us, we could certainly use you.


Lastly, thank you for your interest, your participation, and your support.  HSX would not be able to continue without your help. We also wish to thank Cantor Fitzgerald, Antibody, our website administrator, and everyone else who has made our progress possible. We will keep everyone posted as fundraising develops.


This lobogotti guy seems awfully garrulous. Here's the concise version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDcl75xZSaQ   SenJohnBlutarsky on Jun 19, 10:15

Forget it he's rolling {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 19, 10:21

Ok...Lobo is Caesar...who are you guys...Crassus...Pompey? {nm}   Catzan on Jun 19, 23:46

Ahem... waiting for pay day... ahem. {nm}   Prophecy on Jun 21, 19:18

Thanks for all your efforts...much appreciated!! {nm}   Flash on Jun 19, 10:57

Thanks much for keeping the HSX website up and running! {nm}   joeoftexas on Jun 19, 11:50

let's rock and roll! {nm}   tealfan on Jun 19, 11:56

Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. {nm}   cmbastos on Jun 19, 12:06

Progress! And thanks again for all the effort. {nm}   gsquared on Jun 19, 12:34

Onward and upward. Thanks Lobo. Senetor, and Moviesnob. Also, anyone else in the background. {nm}   Grunt on Jun 19, 13:27

thank you! {nm}   Tomato on Jun 19, 13:30

Thank you! {nm}   Steved1998 on Jun 19, 18:26

Thanks to the current board, your efforts are very much appreciated. {nm}   tallbridge on Jun 19, 20:38

Thank you for working to keep this going {nm}   albrown on Jun 20, 11:30

Small donation made but is there any chance of a monthly subscription option soon {nm}   milligan on Jun 21, 11:52

Donated. Thank you for your efforts {nm}   Nobody on Jun 21, 13:07

$25 {nm}   mitchr777 on Jun 21, 17:46

Thank You For Everything!!!   RBlaine on Jun 22, 09:27

Just caught up with the news. Thank you for your tremendous efforts. Donation to follow! {nm}   mrtrevenen on Jun 22, 17:09

can you clarify - is this money going to Cantor Fitzgerald?   colinski on Jun 23, 13:05

no {nm}   lobogotti on Jun 23, 15:19

Thank you!! Hope we get to our goal. nm   The Doc on Jul 02, 19:01

Finally I am back in Germany and I made my donation. It would be really helpful when this ban of Europe could be erased... {nm}   sphere on Jul 12, 02:14

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