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LOL. Well, I'll admit I don't know anybody at the Los Feliz 3 so I can't say they're my best friends.

Posted by: goodvibe61 on Oct 16, 00:56 in response to Moviesnob's post One of the first things I'm gonna do when i get back to...

The Egyptian isn't open. It's the home of my favorite, the film noir fest, which i went to the very first year, but i don't remember if that was 98 or 99, somewhere in there. I don't go to the theater often enough to be great friends with everyone there, but when I visit I do find everyone to be generally congenial film fans. I almost always have a great time there. It's been a great history there for 20 years or so; I enjoyed it very much while it lasted. Times change I guess, which is something I've talked about here for some time now. For better or worse. Mostly worse lol. The idea of paying Netflix to walk into the Egyptian makes me sick to my stomach. Entitled? Not sure of the context there. 

The New Bev LOL. When I'm going there I almost always start the visit at Canter's. Been doing it so long I can't remember since when. And the New Bev, I love it. Been there about a zillion times, and feel pretty much at home there every time. Several friends live nearby so it's been a favorite destination for a very, very long time. Last time? Last month; The Big Sleep/Double Indemnity. Good times. 

Sorry to disappoint LOL. 

Not exactly sure what you're even saying. Angry? Are you kidding? Whenever I go to The Egyptian or the New Bev the last thing I am is angry;  when I go there the last thing that's been on my mind is anything as lousy as Net Trix. They don't show alot of Net Trix stuff in there. Obviously at the Egyptian that'll be changing. That's unfortunate, but it is what it is. 

We were just talking about a similar thing earlier today at the Bond screening at the IMAX. It was great being able to see that movie today on that huge screen with friends, watching it together. Lovely. Netsick would love nothing, nothing more than if IMAX disappeared. We continue to give IMAX our dough, as we truly love it. Even for a film like today's Bond flick, a movie that was pretty good, not great, that screening will beat ANY Screening of any Nettrix movie I'll ever watch. And it's not close. Again, it is what it is. And the whole DirtTrick buying the Egyptian thing, life goes on. Life is things getting taken away from ya. That's what life is. I get it. Hopefully I don't HAVE to like it. 

And we did all agree today, even if the movie we went to today sucked, we would've invested the time to watch it. That's what going to the movies means too. Not, "well, we count it as viewed if somebody watched the first 5 minutes of it". Yeah, right. No doubt, people watch less and less of anything with zero investment like what Amazon or Nettrix "offers", people bouncing around, not giving movies a chance, very little sense of discovery or letting a film gestate in your head. Nope, it's just okay for the first 2 minutes, try something else LOL. At least when i would come home from Blockbuster (which had a much better selection of decent movies than Amazon or NT), i still had a level of investment; i put that movie in and hit play, there's not alot of other choices, not alot of made for TV garbage I can switch to. I'm going to watch that movie I rented, that I'm not sure about at the start; I"m going to give it a shot. 

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