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Twitter much? People who previewed DIST9 did.

Posted by: DamoVision on Aug 11, 10:15 in response to dc82's post What are everyones thoughts on [DIST9]? Worth waiting...

[DIST9] trended on twitter within hours after a few select sneak previews for critics (who loved it) and stars (who gushed immediately on twitter to their flocks). 

It may be low budget, no stars, 3rd world nation.  But it IS sci-fi thriller & it's gotten bigger buzz and better reviews than [GIJOE], which was not a good short after June 1.

My bet is that it matches or beats GIJOE's weekend take within the 1st week, which is saying alot for a $20M indie.

Tag(s): DIST9, GIJOE

What are everyones thoughts on [DIST9]? Worth waiting until release to see if it goes up, or take out now?? {nm}   dc82 on Aug 11, 04:29

What are your thoughts? {nm}   Hooray360 on Aug 11, 05:17

Twitter much? People who previewed DIST9 did.   DamoVision on Aug 11, 10:15

No stars, first time feature director, takes place in a third world country... Won't do too much.   Facto on Aug 11, 07:09

Why did this post come above my entry in the tree? Anyhew, Twitter caters to a young & hip demo. DIST9 needs lots of other demos to make it. {nm}   Facto on Aug 11, 11:21

Those are my thoughts, too. TGDRS is the only one this weekend that I can't make a decision on. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 09:54

This is annoying - posts enter the tree at random places.. It gets all juggled, makes little sense now. {nm}   Facto on Aug 11, 12:48

Dont know, which is why I am asking. Probably will go down in value if I had to take a punt!! {nm}   dc82 on Aug 12, 03:03

interesting premise- but from what I saw ( the trailer ) it spells TV-MOV.IE. A definite short at this hsx-price. {nm}   JMT on Aug 11, 10:25

Seeing it tonight. Really looking forward to it. I'll try to report in either later tonight or tomorrow. {nm}   goodvibe61 on Aug 11, 11:44

I think it'll be fine, but you can't sit in one place 'round here. Everything is like that band Panic! At The Disco. {nm}   JackO on Aug 11, 14:37

The critics so far (13) are loving it: 100% on RT. I have read three separate reviews and I cannot wait for Friday.   lobogotti on Aug 11, 05:18

Tons of indie movies get 90-100% reviews on RT, yet make less than 2M {nm}   Facto on Aug 11, 07:07

I don't think knowledge of this movie is as widespread as people think... it should do very well in certain areas, not so well in others.   secretstalker on Aug 11, 06:00

I should perform well in areas with a heavy extraterrestrial population, like Area 51, Quebec, most of San Francisco. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 06:20

I'm in New Mexico right now... I should ask the locals if they've heard of it. {nm}   secretstalker on Aug 11, 06:46

There for business or pleasure? {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 06:55

Or stalking purposes, maybe? {nm}   Random Enigma on Aug 11, 08:46

This obsessive behavior of his is getting out of control. He needs an intervention. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 08:47

We have only a vague notion of what is a district. It is used for electoral - though we prefer to say "comté"- or judiciary purposes.   Diapason on Aug 11, 07:55

I think I find the term "anglo" offensive. Not sure why yet, but I think I should. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 08:52

I use it as a diminutive for "anglophones". We say "franco" all the time (as in La Francofête, etc.) Next time i will "English speaking".    Diapason on Aug 11, 08:58

I appreciate you're ethno-sensitivity. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 09:03

i see a lot of ads for it on tv concidering it's got no big name stars in it. i'll most likely see it this friday. {nm}   eyescovered on Aug 11, 06:09

Someone else said yesterday that in their opinion it's the kind of movie the traders at HSX always overestimate the interest for. I agree.   Carlion on Aug 11, 06:11

Europe here, so no idea on media coverage, but - based on the trailer - I do not see   pongena2 on Aug 11, 06:48

A Peter Jackson film - Its a definite long {nm}   laujer on Aug 11, 06:52

But he's just the exec. producer on this one, right? {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 06:56

No, he's the actual producer and was intimately involved. WETA did effects as well. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Aug 11, 10:06

Ok. But still not a Peter Jackson film in the same way LOTR was though. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 10:19

Your logic being.. ? {nm}   Facto on Aug 11, 07:06

That logic does not resemble our earth logic {nm}   Hooray360 on Aug 11, 08:04

He must be one of them? Throw him into that district, I say.. ;-) {nm}   Facto on Aug 11, 12:50

wasnt kkong a pretty big short? {nm}   islander on Aug 11, 07:18

It was, and that one had star wattage (Naomi, ehrm... Watts), a *massive* marketing campaign and, uhm. *Super Well Known, Familiar Story* !!   Facto on Aug 11, 07:31

His last movie is the biggest short in at least 7 years (KKONG -H$59.49) {nm}   shadowking on Aug 11, 07:25

$18 million for the weekend, de-lists with around $42 - $45 price. Total bomb! {nm}   skilley on Aug 11, 07:12

Not a chance. This will have stunningly good legs. {nm}   MiyazakiFan on Aug 11, 10:06

Like those aliens in District 9? They seem to be able to jump very high and far..   Facto on Aug 11, 12:51

They are trying to catch lightning in a bottle. We'll see who gets shocked in the end, won't we? {nm}   Catzan on Aug 11, 07:32

Let's say you catch lightning. It's in the bottle. What do you do with it? Put it on the mantle above the fireplace next to grandma's ashes? {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 09:05

Quite obviously, if they catch their metaphorical lightning, they spend it on a sequel a la Blair Witch 2, Matrix 2 & 3...etc. {nm}   Catzan on Aug 11, 10:53

Ah Blair Witch 2. Masterpiece of modern cinema. {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 10:59

Better than the 1st one. It didn't make me motion sick. {nm}   Catzan on Aug 11, 12:17

Less snot, too {nm}   Carlion on Aug 11, 18:28

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