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[GMBAT] and [TGILL] credited to JUPTR.

Posted by: Antibody on Feb 02, 12:36

From the Production Notes:

Actor, writer and director Terry Gilliam meanwhile takes a wickedly humorous turn as the Seal and Signet Minsiter, a malcontented civil servant in a labyrinth of bureaus comprising the Commonwealth Ministry, where Jupiter must secure her royal credentials. Film fans will recognize the homage to Gilliam’s masterwork, “Brazil.” “Playing a cranky old fart is quite easy,” says Gilliam. “Just bend over, hunch up and start talking in weird voices and off you go. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve done anything in front of the camera, but the Wachowskis asked if I could be this ancient clerk in this Brazil-like world, and how could I say no to them? I’ve always been a fan. They’re smart and they do great work.”
Jupiter’s terrestrial family includes Maria Doyle Kennedy as her mother, Aleksa; Frog Stone as Aunt Nino; Jeremy Swift as overbearing uncle Vassily; and Kick Gurry as her cousin Vladie, a guy with more big ideas than the sense to see them through.
Among those portraying the alien, hybrid and robotic entities that Jupiter and Caine encounter on their trek through the galaxy are Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Titus’ advisor, Famulus; Tim Pigott-Smith as Kalique’s owl-eyed vizier, Malidictes; and Edward Hogg as Balem’s aptly

named legal counsel, Chicanery Night. David Ajala is Ibis, Razo’s bounty hunter partner; Nikki Amuka-Bird is Diomika Tsing, the captain of an Aegis escort ship who puts herself and her crew in jeopardy to help Caine; and Ariyon Bakare delivers a motion-capture performance as the fearsome Saurisapian Greeghan, a winged goliath in Balem’s royal guard who is eager—and able—to take Caine apart.


[GMBAT] and [TGILL] credited to JUPTR. Antibody Feb 02, 12:36

cool. thx. csbd Feb 02, 13:38

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