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So RH got busy this week and did not do a post adjust analysis. This may be a couple of days late, but here goes:

Posted by: StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS (a.k.a StarBondFund) on Sep 30, 10:02 in response to ProjectGenome's post Think for yourself, ask questions.

CAPPL lost GDIST. Next is HLPAS (38.88) replacing PRTYP (.05) for a gain in box of 38.83 or 7.77 at next adjust  currently 3/22/11, dROI only .05


CMARI lost MCHTE. Next is ERTHS which has mininal actual box (48K) and replaces blockbuster CARS for a drop in TAG of almost 50… GREAT dROI of 2.34


DBARR lost GDIST. Next is ELWHL (26.6) replacing BHCHI (94.50) currently a loss of box of 67.9 for a loss of TAG of 13.58 on 2./7/12  dROI of .05  (My thought is that ELWHL may appreciate value and it is a long way before this adjusts)


DTREJ lost MCHTE and only has HAKU3 (36.69) in production as the only attachment.  Release holiday 2011???   Replacing DELTF (8.07) for a gain in box of 28.62 and gain in TAG of 5.72, at present.     


GCLOO  lost THEAM.  Has 4 attached, only DSCND (31.34)  in production no release date.  Whatever is next replaces BAFRD so if the next is > 60.34 the TAG goes up.  If not, the TAG goes down. A long term ?


JALBA lost MCHTE.  Next is MPRN3 (141.36) replacing BILL (0.06) so the TAG goes up, currently about 28.26 on 1/18/11 dROI a decent .50


JLONG lost GDIST and next is ALPOM (20.59) replacing SMNLT (0.03) for a gain of box of 20.56 or gain in TAG of about 4.11 on 10/12/10 but this is info that is slow coming and a lot of people figured it out already.  dROI is only .11


JSUDE lost GDIST and is also in HLPAS (38.88)  replacing BILL (.06) for a gain of box of 38.82, gain of TAG of  7.76 on 3/22/11 dROI of  .09  (all of this sounds like CAPPL !)


KGARN lost GDIST has only SPREG attached and it is in Development.  Next out is DRMLN which took in $4350, so almost no matter what, if and when there is an adjust, the next movie SHOULD do more than that in box office.  The only thing is that there is absolutely no time frame. 


LLOHA lost MCHTE.  Only movie attached is NFRNO, in development, while Lindsay herself is in Hell.  Next out is BOBBY which only made 11.20.  Good luck trying to predict a long term strategy.  If it is 4th down, perhaps this is a good time to punt?


MRODR lost MCHTE.  Next is BATLA (83.80) replacing RAYNE for a gain of box of 82.25, TAG rising 16.45 on 4/5/11 dROI .06 at present.


RDENI lost MCHTE.  Next is STONE (10.54) replacing SDUST (38.35) for a loss of  27.81 in box, 5.56 in TAG on 12/28/10 dROI .20  THEN MPRN3 will replace RTKIL afterward so pay attention.  Of course STONE is a potential platform,  so dates and release patterns are always subject to change.


RLIVI lost GDIST and has no attachments.  If and when the StarBond ever adjusts again, the next out is PRTYP (0.31) so most future projects should do better.  But who knows, this could go 3 years and be BL.  


RRODR lost MCHTE and next is SPYK4 (54.07) . This releases 8/19/11 and the detail page says “Development” and imdb says “pre-production.”  Whatever is next replaces SINCT (74.10) so it better do well to be able to lift the TAG.  Currently, it would drop by 4.00 droi 0.03 but a) SPYK movies usually do more than 74 but b) who knows how solid the release date is.  If it is locked, RRODR will write, direct, edit, cater, drive the trucks, do the music, whatever it takes to get it done in time.



All security prices are taken from today's detail pages and dROI and adjust dates are from PrG.  Caveat emptor, remember the motto at HSX is STC  (Subject to Change) or as we learned in Physics, the only thing constant......is change.

Doesn't Project Genome have [JLONG] backwards?   JohnErle on Sep 29, 23:49

movies drop off based on release date - so Serious Moonlight drops off {nm}   JDolphin on Sep 29, 23:55

Dang! Where's RazorHawk when you need him? {nm}   JohnErle on Sep 30, 00:32

It pays to look at the FAQ (link at bottom of page) - it spells this out clearly (see inside)   JDolphin on Sep 30, 00:52

I used to know all this stuff...   JohnErle on Sep 30, 02:36

Think for yourself, ask questions.   ProjectGenome on Sep 30, 07:01

Oh snap that is cold mr.duck {nm}   StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS on Sep 30, 08:41

It was a lot easier to carefully analyze every trade when I had a 2 million port and no life   JohnErle on Sep 30, 08:44

Yeah, but it took me just as long...I guess it's all relative. {nm}   Rocket123 on Sep 30, 19:04

So RH got busy this week and did not do a post adjust analysis. This may be a couple of days late, but here goes:   StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS on Sep 30, 10:02

Well, since you asked...I guess that makes you the idiot here!!!!   osmosis2003 on Sep 30, 00:46

These are the things that these boards are all about. {nm}   StarBond Fund 15 BUY BONDS on Sep 30, 08:35

Really!!! So good spirited humour, since he questioned whether he was the idiot, isn't???? {nm}   osmosis2003 on Oct 01, 00:17

Of couse.. Din't you know? He forgot to mention that secretely every month in the HSX Forums among other things..   Guillo on Oct 01, 05:58

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