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Promo for Star Wars: Resistance   Antibody on Aug 17, 09:00

November Military parade postponed...Reuters   Catzan on Aug 17, 00:28

and now canceled. womp womp! {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 17, 11:11

V: USA Network has ordered the drama “Treadstone” set in the Jason Bourne Universe   Antibody on Aug 16, 15:33

Iron Fist Season 2 trailer   tealfan on Aug 16, 14:08

RIP Aretha Franklin {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 16, 13:52

one of the greats {nm}   tealfan on Aug 16, 14:08

Fox News Apologizes for Using Patti LaBelle’s Photo in Aretha Franklin Tribute   Antibody on Aug 16, 14:14

Our President calls a black woman a "dog". It's gonna be epic karma when Omarosa takes Trump down.   Antibody on Aug 14, 12:24

that's the best part! it would be like if Stacks was the one who ratted out the whole crew in Goodfellas {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 14, 14:52

I don’t hold much hope here - he’s said plenty of worse things about better people {nm}   RogerMore on Aug 14, 17:40

not in the sense of him resigning tomorrow morning and flying off in Marine One. but, with her tapes, exposing the extent to which it's ALL   slipping jimmy on Aug 14, 18:22

also, the Apprentice n-word tapes issue had been pretty much dormant since 2016. now she's got the dummy making it more likely they come out {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 14, 19:08

My take is the people who know it’s bull**** and are frustrated are already voting Dem, and the people who don’t, or who are willing to hold   RogerMore on Aug 14, 19:10

not going to collapse his support overnight but when your approval rating is already sub-40% even small erosions can be consequential    slipping jimmy on Aug 15, 00:00

Sorry, those who still support him at this point, won't ever turn on him. They've double-down and aren't budging, no matter the scandal. {nm}   dubord.s on Aug 15, 07:28

that his support fluctuates +/- 10% depending on the current events tells me there is movement on the margins. and even small movement can   slipping jimmy on Aug 15, 10:56

Not just that, she's giving info to the Mueller investigation. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 14, 20:40

Says the self-promoting reality star. But it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility, so we’ll see. {nm}   RogerMore on Aug 14, 21:12

Will you eat crow if she doesn't? Doubt it. {nm}   ndmaster on Aug 15, 16:18

So no u have no problem with the president calling a woman a dog? {nm}   islndr on Aug 15, 16:37

not as long as he can own the libs if it doesn't bring POTUS "down" {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 15, 16:50

sad that for so many it seems to come down to just that: how badly can you s#it on your fellow countrymen. Seeing them as enemies. {nm}   BSmurf on Aug 16, 00:18

I said nothing about that. Dmac's liberal bias is getting old. I was simply calling him out on it.   ndmaster on Aug 16, 09:31

To be against a sexist and racist President is being liberal? {nm}   Antibody on Aug 16, 10:02

looks like i picked the wrong night not to watch the cubs (walkoff grand slam) but cole hamels, wow... (stat inside)   islndr on Aug 13, 14:15

There is never a wrong night to not watch the Cubs (unless they're playing the Cardinals) :) {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 13, 18:55

But yeah a walk of grand slam is cool. Oh and Scherzer pitched great too - 7 in no runs 11 SO, too bad that reliever blew it {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 13, 18:59

DONT REMIND ME {nm}   Moviesnob on Aug 13, 20:24

You picked up Greg Holland, the team is going to be bad until you get rid of him. Hope they didn't pay him alot of money like the Cards did. {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 13, 21:01

As a Jays fan, I can confirm that there's never a right night to watch the Jays this year... {nm}   dubord.s on Aug 14, 08:51

anyone watching the PGA championship?...Tiger is within 1 stroke of the leader with 5 holes left {nm}   tealfan on Aug 12, 14:30

yep. gonna be close {nm}   islndr on Aug 12, 14:34

Do you have any idea how dirty that sounds? {nm}   DTravel on Aug 12, 21:53

Hsx FF: we lost one player. Youngfund is first up if they still want it. Catzan is on standby {nm}   The User fka Skamanfu on Aug 10, 08:02

Let me know how to contact you so I can send the invite to the league {nm}   The User fka Skamanfu on Aug 10, 08:03

Sorry I'm late,    Youngfund on Aug 14, 07:21

Young, sent you an invite, please let me know if you didn't get it. {nm}   The User fka Skamanfu on Aug 17, 14:35

Got it and joined, thanks! {nm}   YoungFund on Aug 17, 15:42

I'm still in if you'll have me. When is the draft? {nm}   lobogotti on Aug 10, 14:10

All previous teams were auto-renewed for some odd reason, so you should be good to go if you were in last year. Sorry can't remember who is   skamanfu on Aug 10, 16:31

Copy that. =) The Palm Harbor Hurricanes would love to join up should someone else bail.    Catzan on Aug 11, 02:27

Hey Catzan, since no response by Youngfund, let me know best email or social media to contact you on to add ya to the league {nm}   The User fka Skamanfu on Aug 14, 00:13

I see Youngfund woke up. =) If you still need folks, just let me know...   Catzan on Aug 14, 20:23

Will let you know. Yahoo auto-renewed all players and four haven't spoken up yet. If any drop out I'll send you an invite from Yahoo to AOL. {nm}   The User fka Skamanfu on Aug 17, 14:36

The 2018 MLB Players Weekend nicknames   Antibody on Aug 09, 15:42

This occasionally is...fine. Example the Cubs, El Mago for Javy is great and used frequently, then KB for Bryant, but no one uses any others {nm}   islndr on Aug 09, 16:27

For Cards, Tsunami, Carp, Cafe, Waino and of course Yadi - but when I 1st saw the tweet with just the names, I had to look up the others {nm}   JDolphin on Aug 09, 20:33

reddit: nice fan-made poster for TDK...appropriate for the crime thriller it actually was   tealfan on Aug 09, 13:06

more crimes Wednesday: POTUS first congressional backer, Rep. Chris Collins, indicted for felony stupidity and insider trading   slipping jimmy on Aug 08, 10:42

What's the law against felony stupidity say the punishment is? {nm}   DTravel on Aug 08, 11:41

Two more years in Congress. {nm}   FiscalPolicy on Aug 09, 08:44

Who cares? You're gonna have a Space Force by 2020! LOL {nm}   dubord.s on Aug 09, 12:30

Become Trump's Space Cadets. {nm}   Antibody on Aug 09, 15:56

TDB: Ipsos Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media (ie don't believe in The First Amendment)   Antibody on Aug 07, 15:07

FFI: 40% of Americans can't name ANY Correct Freedoms of the First Amendment    Antibody on Aug 07, 15:10

Thats 43 Pct of about 40 Pct.... .17.2 pct of America. The number of "Republlicans" is shrinking like they werre in a shrinky dink oven {nm}   StarBondFund on Aug 07, 15:55

THR: Ruby Rose to Play Lesbian Batwoman for The CW   Antibody on Aug 07, 10:32

aaand . . . quits Twitter five days later after online anti-gay harassment    slipping jimmy on Aug 12, 23:38

...from gay people {nm}   RazorHawk on Aug 13, 18:47

aaand . . . quits Twitter five days later after online anti-gay harassment    slipping jimmy on Aug 12, 23:38

Forbes: Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross' Pattern Of Grifting more than $120 million   Antibody on Aug 07, 09:28

WSJ: Michael Cohen reportedly under investigation for tax fraud   slipping jimmy on Aug 07, 11:48

Fake News makes America Great. {nm}   DTravel on Aug 07, 13:57

....and Sarah is the Queen of Fake news. {nm}   Buy BONDS 29 on Aug 07, 16:02

Trailer for Jim Carrey's new Showtime show KIdding. (all eps directed by MGOND, and costars FLANG, CKEEN, and JGREE)   islndr on Aug 07, 06:20

DL: Gal Gadot close to playing Hedy Lamarr in Showtime limited series   tealfan on Aug 06, 15:11

that's *Hedley* {nm}   Harvey Korman on Aug 06, 15:32

Chewing gum on line eh?! I hope you brought enough for EVERYBODY??!!! {nm}   Hedley Lamarr on Aug 06, 19:21

KFC | What’s for Dinner? | Sitcom Colonel starring Jason Alexander   Antibody on Aug 06, 12:56

friendly reminder that, as of 8/6/2018, a worldwide American fast food chain continues to find new ways to use its white plantation owner   slipping jimmy on Aug 06, 14:35

No one says anything because that is not true. lol {nm}   Catzan on Aug 06, 15:01

"Sanders was aware that his plantation owner outfit harkened back to one of the most repugnant periods in American history"   slipping jimmy on Aug 06, 15:23

That's the only reference I find that his suit was that of a plantation owner. I saw a comment that he affected that outfit first in black    Catzan on Aug 07, 02:27

Jimmy, that story actually undercuts the idea that he was racist {nm}   BSmurf on Aug 07, 10:01

whether he was or not, the company has used the imagery and all its history to sell fried chicken to the world for decades {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 07, 11:01

Saudi Arabia state media threatening Canada with a 9/11-style attack   Antibody on Aug 06, 12:14

Seems like a rational response to being asked to release a couple of journalists. SMH {nm}   dubord.s on Aug 06, 12:51

Sir Patrick Stewart To Return As Jean-Luc Picard In A New Star Trek Series For CBS All Access   Antibody on Aug 05, 11:31

i hope it's just him working at the family vineyard like we saw in the TNG finale {nm}   slipping jimmy on Aug 06, 11:26

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