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DM: UK ambassador revealed Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama   Antibody on Jul 14, 13:49

I mean, it was widely assumed but... {nm}   RogerMore on Jul 14, 15:10

Undoing everything Obama did was his sole reason for running in the first place. {nm}   DTravel on Jul 14, 22:00

Racist in Chief tells American congresswomen to go back to their countries   Antibody on Jul 14, 10:42

Always nice to see a president whose trying to unite the country...   Lukasck on Jul 15, 15:22

the head of Border Patrol, Carla Provost, was herself a member of the private racist misogynist FB group for CBP agents   professor zovek on Jul 12, 17:19

Alex Acosta resigns.....drain the swamp? {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on Jul 12, 07:30

Alex Acosta resigns.....drain the swamp? {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on Jul 12, 07:29

hsx nfl ffb league   jaymel on Jul 12, 01:28

participate in, sure {nm}   forlorne on Jul 12, 11:40

skamanfu was the commissioner last year? who hasnt posted in a while tho. i'll play if theres an opening this time {nm}   islndr on Jul 15, 08:57

just going by my memory of this board...did I see slappydavid take over last season? {nm}   tealfan on Jul 15, 12:38

indeed, James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been reunited in Houston (with CP3 going to OKC for draft picks).    professor zovek on Jul 11, 18:19

POTUS (finally, it seems) abandoning the citizenship question to rig 2020 census. start printing the forms, Dept. of Commerce   professor zovek on Jul 11, 14:57

Two weeks after they already started printing.... *rolls eyes* {nm}   DTravel on Jul 11, 18:34

well, when they were supposed to start printing   professor zovek on Jul 11, 18:53

ahahaha, Kansas raises taxes to reverse the disastrous Brownback experiment and... hey the state's economy is actually doing pretty good   professor zovek on Jul 10, 11:52

lower taxes not the issue-continued overspending is. Also, you forgot to mention Cal.fell from #25 to #32 in these rankings {nm}   forlorne on Jul 11, 06:04

the Laffer Curve (wrongly) predicts that lower taxes will increase revenue, not decrease spending. the Brownback tax cuts blew a giant hole    professor zovek on Jul 11, 08:41

Investors Business Daily: "Go Figure: Federal Revenues Hit All-Time Highs Under Trump Tax Cuts"    PhoneHome on Jul 11, 11:01

POTUS dumb 4th of July display has now bankrupted Wash. D.C.'s security fund, which it uses to keep the city safe from actual threats   professor zovek on Jul 10, 11:07

You'd think the capital city and seat of the US federal government would budget enough for official events. Fiscal mismanagement evidently {nm}   Nobody on Jul 10, 12:09

Trump inauguration committee also still hasn't paid them $7m that they've owed for over 2 years now (seems to be a recurring theme)   professor zovek on Jul 10, 13:10

Trump has a long history of not paying his invoices... Did not change as prez... {nm}   Lukasck on Jul 10, 13:17

Trump doesn’t “owe” anything. Funds for that purpose are appropriated by Congress. Trump is under no obligation to reimburse the city for   Nobody on Jul 10, 13:29

How is it fiscal mismanagement if Trump is the one who goes over budget? {nm}   Antibody on Jul 10, 13:38

Year over year, Congress assumes in its appropriations that unspent money will roll over to the next year. But they have spent all their   Nobody on Jul 10, 13:44

BTW, Trump didn’t go over budget, the city did. And they used questionable accounting such as attributing $3 million for street paving to   Nobody on Jul 10, 13:49

Obama's inaugural security costs also overran, and he made sure DC was reimbursed in full   professor zovek on Jul 10, 13:57

Exactly as I stated. Trump doesn’t “owe” anything. The dems control the House and appropriate money d {nm}   Nobody on Jul 10, 14:06

Congress controls DC's budget. The city "itself" has no say at all. {nm}   DTravel on Jul 10, 15:23

Congressional control of the budget didn't stop POTUS from stealing another $2.4m from Dept. of Interior that was appropriated for parks   professor zovek on Jul 11, 08:38

Are you suggesting that the city of DC do the same? {nm}   DTravel on Jul 11, 13:51

AfroFuture Music Festival Charges White People Double the Ticket Price   PhoneHome on Jul 10, 10:10

Charged... not anymore... {nm}   Lukasck on Jul 10, 10:50

After heavy pressure they changed the price to the same but had a suggested additional donation for non-People of Color. {nm}   PhoneHome on Jul 10, 13:19

Wonder how they determined who was "white"? Or how anyone determines that? Every person I know has skin that is a color. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 11, 13:01

NBC: DHHS incident reports on CBP facility in Yuma, AZ documents overcrowding of migrant children and multiple incidents of sexual assault   professor zovek on Jul 09, 19:09

Trolled. APAUL and BCRAN reunite for Dos Hombres (no, not a Breaking Bad spin-off, but a Mezcal liquor)   Antibody on Jul 09, 11:46

EW: Starks is just one of 100 Kingdoms in GoT prequel, The Longest Night   Antibody on Jul 09, 09:02

Ross perot die age 89   mike255 on Jul 09, 07:56

Add him to the list of people I would have sworn died years ago...Lee Iacocca, even Dick Van Dyke who I recently found out isn't dead at all {nm}   forlorne on Jul 09, 09:02

USAT: Romney/Bush campaign adviser calls for abolition of the Electoral College to save the GOP   professor zovek on Jul 08, 20:58

Stuart Stevens, Imbecile. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 09, 09:04

Bill Clinton issues statement on Epstein, denying any knowledge of criminal activity and stating 4 occasions where he used Epstein's plane   professor zovek on Jul 08, 16:51

Sure, on those 4 specific flights he saw no criminal activity-what about the other 22? {nm}   forlorne on Jul 09, 09:06

where's Trump's statement explaining why Epstein had like 20 phone numbers for him in his book and the rape charges by the 13-year old girl? {nm}   professor zovek on Jul 09, 14:27

SDCC 2019 MCU Phase 4:https://www.inverse.com/article/57430-marvel-studios-phase-4-panel-san-diego-comic-con-sdcc-2019 {nm}   forlorne on Jul 08, 13:37

ahahaha where's the James Harden eyeroll gif? Russell Westbrook from OKC to... Houston?   professor zovek on Jul 08, 11:28

NYT: FBI seized a trove of nude underage teen photos from Epstein's NYC home, and a safe containing labeled CDs (is Ivanka sweating yet?)   professor zovek on Jul 08, 09:41

Christine Pelosi:some of our faves may be implicated...full tweet inside   forlorne on Jul 08, 12:11

Imbecile: QAlexander Acosta, current Labor Secretary, who gave Epstein secret plea deal in 2008. {nm}   forlorne on Jul 08, 12:34

paul manafort=solitary confinement while awaiting trial for tax shenanigans. Will epstein get bail? {nm}   forlorne on Jul 08, 13:33

Did you forget? Manifort stupidly violated the terms of his parole. He was out wit the ankle bracelet. {nm}   Buy BONDS 31 on Jul 09, 07:53

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