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WSJ: Nexstar is getting closer to a deal to acquire majority control of The CW. WB and Par would still retain 12.5% stakes. notfabio Jun 29, 14:32

Same pre-existing affiliate owner who has been the frontrunner for months, they want to expand to an older audience . notfabio Jun 29, 14:34

DL: The QUANTUM LEAP rebootquel will debut Monday, September 19 after THE VOICE. notfabio Jun 29, 11:56

DL: The official detailed plot/character synopsis is totally in line with the THS casting leak from February. notfabio Jun 29, 17:18

THS: A new Smithsonian heist episode will replace the pilot as the premiere episode. The Al equivalent is actually engaged to the new leaper notfabio Jun 29, 17:32

Could be they're making Sam Beckett's swiss cheesed memory blamed women of the week despite being married a plot point. notfabio Jun 29, 17:56

DL: WHO'S THE BOSS rebootquel series set up at Amazon FreeVee (formerly IMDB TV) notfabio Jun 28, 16:31

Variety: ‘Fallout’ Amazon Series Casts Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Aaron Moten (EXCLUSIVE) notfabio Jun 28, 13:24

Production eyed to begin later this year. {nm} notfabio Jun 28, 13:24

it's my birthday...do I get a free appetizer?...I'm also 55...do I get a senior discount on trades? {nm} tealfan Jun 28, 09:16

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! San Jose Sharks have an Evander Kane Jersey for you. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jun 28, 10:14

lol {nm} tealfan Jun 28, 15:23

SPORTSNET: Colorado Avalanche (Forward Nicolas Aube-Kubel) Damage The Stanley Cup With A Drop Moments After Receiving It. (VIDEO). RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jun 27, 07:01

we dont let canadians win the cup anymore, guess we cant let them hold it either {nm} islndr Jun 27, 08:56

In Real life following Reel (Avatar) life news NASA had planned a probe Psyche to explore mineral rich asteroid (more inside) Tallwonder Jun 26, 00:42

LAFC finalizing deal to sign superstar Gareth Bale (and not even as a DP) Antibody Jun 25, 09:15

Variety: Duffer Brothers have been George Lucasing various Stranger Things episodes after debut including S4 Pt.1 on its debut weekend. notfabio Jun 24, 12:51

Belloni: Major entertainment companies are already saying they will pay for employees in red states to travel for abortions. Antibody Jun 24, 08:28

travel bans on the way? {nm} islndr Jun 24, 08:47

So why all the liberal tears? As long as ONE state allows abortion, ALL women have free access. Let the DNC fund the travel expenses. {nm} psisson Jun 24, 09:56

You think Republicans are going to allow Democrats and US government to fund travels to something they just banned?! {nm} Antibody Jun 24, 10:24

Coming soon to a state border near you! "Papers please." {nm} DTravel Jun 24, 16:42

I come from a country which til recently banned abortion. Anyone travelling for abortions were lawbreakers. Many died unnecessarily {nm} numbersix_99 Jun 25, 14:17

You need to travel long distance with a baby inside you & all the associated health risks for something available next door till now before Tallwonder Jun 26, 00:34

Next time you've to buy footbal tix (or have any surgery) you'll be made to travel the length of the country (paid for) to do it Tallwonder Jun 26, 00:49

Let's do that for gun rights As long as one state allows gun sales then you have free access. Your friendly Republican Congressman can fly {nm} JDolphin Jun 26, 01:35

you across the country {nm} JDolphin Jun 26, 01:36

Can't take your new gun with you on the plane and you can't send it home by USPS. {nm} DTravel Jun 26, 14:10

You just hit upon why this suggestion is the optimal solutions for guns right here .. Tallwonder Jun 28, 12:44

So one drops them on the nearest gang-banger street corner? :P {nm} DTravel Jun 28, 13:17

George RR Martin confirms SNOW. Yes, it was Kit Harrington who brought the idea to us. Antibody Jun 23, 14:43

Emilia Clarke separately confirmed she knew about it to the BBC, for now says she's "done" as far as reprising notfabio Jun 23, 14:45

Also notable that Harrington brought his own guys in so Weiss & Benioff presumably will not be involved in this either {nm} notfabio Jun 23, 14:52

The Ohio State University has successfully registered a trademark for "THE." Antibody Jun 22, 16:19

Trademark Co-Exists with American Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs. Neither OSU nor Marc Jacobs Own the Website the.com. Captain Obvious Jun 23, 07:59

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 trailer tealfan Jun 21, 09:16

The Amazon Lord of the Rings series displaces longtime mainstay The Walking Dead as the badge sponsor for SDCC. notfabio Jun 20, 16:40

reddit: just now reading about this Spider-Man fan film that raised $91,000 & got Twitter support from Watts & Holland...then disaster... tealfan Jun 20, 15:22

BR: NHL RUMOURS: Nashville Predators Nearing Deal To Sell Franchise To Former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jun 18, 02:50

Variety: The Zas has spoken F yo prequels, get a Jon Snow GOT sequel series in development notfabio Jun 16, 20:47

Kit Harrington not counting on Eternals sequels is attached. {nm} notfabio Jun 16, 20:49

FIFA: World Cup 2026 Host Cities roll call Antibody Jun 16, 14:37

NO DMV is embarrassing but expected, Glad I'll get to go to both HOU and DAL {nm} Moviesnob Jun 16, 18:51

WSJ: WWE Board Probes Secret $3 Million Hush Pact by CEO Vince McMahon to a female employee he had an affair with Antibody Jun 15, 18:43

Shocked! (as in shocked it took this long to have some dirt on him and laurinitis) islndr Jun 16, 05:36

V: Vince steps back as CEO/Chairman, Stephanie in as Interim (huh) islndr Jun 17, 05:26

Tonight's Smackdown will be interesting. {nm} Antibody Jun 17, 08:43

supposedly hes appearing. {nm} islndr Jun 17, 08:56

DL: Peyton List is going to topline School Spirits (which sounds like the Casper reboot) for Paramount+ notfabio Jun 15, 10:29

So probably written out of Cobra Kai or in a much smaller role for S6 (S5 completed a long time ago) {nm} notfabio Jun 15, 10:32

would be nice if hollywood would do adult ideas for adult actresses. shes 24 islndr Jun 16, 05:47

Might set a bad precident, make them start hiring actresses who are over 40 or something crazy like that! :P {nm} DTravel Jun 16, 12:45

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