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Well... Orange Trumpet finally declare state of national emergency , for an election promises he couldn't hold while having majority...   Lukasck on Feb 15, 12:53

Anne Coulter: the goal of a national emergency is for Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for 2 more years.   Antibody on Feb 15, 13:33

"That's my job!" {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 15, 15:49

The Lord of the Rings on Prime ‏map of Middle Earth   Antibody on Feb 15, 10:19

Kaepernick Demands $20M to play in AAF. The true Life of Brian. "Look! He's kneeling! It must mean something. He's rebelling. Follow him!"   PhoneHome on Feb 14, 22:06

Interesting intense reaction. {nm}   RogerMore on Feb 15, 06:12

i see what you did there {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 15, 08:26

Thanks! I'm passionate and intense about love of country and those of all races that have served and died for it as opposed to whether or    PhoneHome on Feb 15, 09:42

the people of all races who died serving their country did it so Americans like Kaep had absolute freedom of speech and expression   professor zovek on Feb 15, 11:02

100% correct. Unfortunately, Kaep just proved what we knew all along. The press made him. He's not out to change anything except his wallet.   PhoneHome on Feb 15, 11:52

the owners just paid to settle his collusion lawsuit with Eric Reid against the league, which billionaires usually don't out of the goodness   professor zovek on Feb 15, 12:17

Thanks for making my point. It was in his best interest not to play. Not sitting out for a cause, but for a payday. {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 15, 20:21

as the settlement shows, it was never his choice not to play. white owners blackballed him and paid big to keep it from coming out in public {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 15, 21:05

No, a court decision would show who was right. A settlement only shows a desire to make it go away. {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 16, 02:12

No, a court decision would show who was right. A settlement only shows a desire to make it go away. {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 16, 02:13

That is what those that settle would like you to think and that is a win for them. They are counting on you to be bought off, too. {nm}   Catzan on Feb 16, 17:57

Freeman: NFL team officials are speculating to me is the NFL paid Kaepernick in the $60 to $80 million range.   Antibody on Feb 15, 12:27

wow {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 15, 12:57

SI: The Undertaker Books His First Non-WWE U.S. Appearance at AEW-Adjacent ‘Starrcast II’   Antibody on Feb 14, 15:05

Amazon to NYC: Drop Dead!   professor zovek on Feb 14, 11:20

lol. Colorado sporting goods store forced to close its doors after it stopped selling all Nike gear because Kaepernick   professor zovek on Feb 13, 14:11

When you're too stupid and stubborn to be in business... it's like a corporate Darwin award... {nm}   Lukasck on Feb 14, 16:14

ESPN: Ariana Grande was struck twice by the puck as a 5-year-old at Panthers games =P   tealfan on Feb 13, 12:59

Theresa May tells her cabinet that she scrapes mold off her jam and just eats what's underneath #BrexitFoodTips   professor zovek on Feb 13, 11:23

LA Times Fast Food French Fry Rankings.   Antibody on Feb 12, 12:22

In N Out is just trash period {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 12, 13:10

correct {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 13, 10:57

put popeyes and sonic ahead of BK. worst fries not listed: culvers   islndr on Feb 12, 13:20

I was surprised by the fries at Outback...I don't eat a lot of fries, but I nearly finished those! {nm}   tealfan on Feb 12, 22:29

Dave Bautista in Talks with WWE for WrestleMania 35 Match   Antibody on Feb 11, 16:12

him vs triple h would make people zzzzz..... {nm}   islndr on Feb 12, 13:24

On the Grammy's if you look past LGAGA there is Abe Galadriel Jr, Paul McCartney's drummer {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Feb 10, 20:12

Abe Laboriel. :) I am having a chuckle imagining the child of Abe Lincoln and Galadriel, though. {nm}   Paul2k on Feb 11, 05:12

DL: Feds Start Probe Into National Enquirer Threats Against Jeff Bezos & Violations Of Trump Deal   Antibody on Feb 08, 10:22

Even the richest man in the world take "below the belt selfies"   Antibody on Feb 07, 15:44

Lauren Sanchez (or someone close to her) must be selling Bezos out to the Enquirer {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 07, 16:02

(her brother is apparently a MAGA type and has corresponded with Roger Stone) {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 07, 17:13

Washington Post reporter just said that Bezos’ investigator suspects that “a government agency” intercepted Bezos’ text messages.   Moviesnob on Feb 07, 20:44

Daily Beast sources say it was the brother, which just raises the further question how complicit Lauren herself was all along (honeypot)   professor zovek on Feb 10, 16:25

Not even being the richest man in the world could cure him of being thirsty as hell {nm}   MattW on Feb 07, 21:16

Did Slipping Jimmy get a job or something? Not that I'm complaining mind you. {nm}   PhoneHome on Feb 07, 11:54

ask your mom {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 07, 12:02

Ask mickpix. He's usually on top of this stuff... {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 07, 14:06

WHO WOULD HIRE THAT GUY BWHAHAHAHAHAHA {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 07, 14:42

he's with professor smartbrain. {nm}   jdolphin on Feb 07, 15:04

Baron Darcon, I looked up FBI stats from 2017. It shows 58% of violent crime committed by Caucasians and 38% by Black or African Americans.    Catzan on Feb 06, 18:46

Depends on if you mean disproportionate to the total crimes committed or disproportionate to the population group - Using your stats blacks    jdolphin on Feb 06, 19:47

Though if I wanted to get an idea of what's disproportionate, I'd look deeper than a national average..   RogerMore on Feb 07, 07:35

and a multivariate analysis for related factors like, say, poverty and unemployment   professor zovek on Feb 07, 10:48

And education opportunities are more limited in poor communities. {nm}   Catzan on Feb 07, 11:00

Murder is the best crime to look at. Can't juke the stats on murder, but you can on everything else. {nm}   MattW on Feb 07, 21:13

Homicide rather {nm}   MattW on Feb 07, 21:13

*makes hand-wavy motion* Not every homicide goes reported - think about unexplained disappearances, runaways, etc   RogerMore on Feb 08, 09:30

also "homicide" a larger category that includes murder (intentional killings). can also include involuntary manslaughter, gross negligence {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 08, 13:23

Under reporting affects all categories...........   MattW on Feb 09, 21:25

Straight are more likely to experience violence at that hand of a Caucasian than an African American. And I put in my 2 cents    Catzan on Feb 07, 10:58

at least he's consistently full of poo {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 07, 11:25

So I'm guessing you live in an all black neighborhood because that would be much safer {nm}   jdolphin on Feb 07, 15:08

Mine's 75% black!.So far so good! {nm}   Moviesnob on Feb 07, 15:59

You depends...I lived at the edge of a ghetto in Baton Rouge, once saw a gun waved about but no violence. Lived in a white    Catzan on Feb 07, 17:28

...and much more likely by an American Citizen than an Illegal Alien, especially mass murrder {nm}   Buy BONDS xXx on Feb 08, 00:29

The fourth in line to be the Governor of Virginia is a House Delegate who became Speaker because another won a tied election by a drawing.   Antibody on Feb 06, 16:52

Northam & Co. are not going to all resign at once (if at all)   professor zovek on Feb 06, 22:31

Is anyone in Virginia who's not a racist? Not you Sen. Tommy Norment    Antibody on Feb 07, 10:07

and not just Virginia. all the deep south state pols are going on yearbook blast (in Ala. and Miss., could be a net positive) {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 07, 10:46

Supreme Court ruled southern states are all grown up now and need no oversight looking for gerrymandering. A lot of us knew that was too    Catzan on Feb 07, 11:14

WP: Elizabeth Warren claims to be "American Indian" on registration card for State Bar of Texas in 1986   Antibody on Feb 06, 11:44

so much for that old confidentiality of statistical information assurance {nm}   professor zovek on Feb 06, 22:29

Another new league Pacific Pro Football is offering an alternative to college football, and targeting Trevor Lawrence   Antibody on Feb 05, 15:41

CNN: U.S. arms sold to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been given to al Qaeda-linked fighters, hardline Salafi militias...   Antibody on Feb 05, 15:17

NYT: the feds are issuing subpoenas to Trump inaugural committee over potential illegal foreign contributions and likely worse   professor zovek on Feb 04, 19:30

"Welcome to the Coven, Mr. Trump." {nm}   A Witch on Feb 04, 20:43

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