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I'm gonna need one of these during tonight's game...   tealfan on Apr 23, 18:47

First major drug distribution company, former CEO, criminally charged in opioid crisis   Antibody on Apr 23, 10:33

Sackler family wants a global settlement of all Purdue claims   professor zovek on Apr 23, 11:16

John Oliver did a expose on Sackler this month. Quite reveling. Link inside.   GruntNoNeck on Apr 23, 12:39

revealing. {nm}   GruntNoNeck on Apr 23, 12:39

Can someone educate me on how to profit from TV stocks?   kswheels on Apr 21, 10:13

Disregard [nm]   kswheels on Apr 21, 10:26

Star Trek Disco? I'd almost rather...   islndr on Apr 19, 07:55

Vox: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report contains 10 instances where President Donald Trump potentially committed obstruction of justice   Antibody on Apr 18, 10:18

Yeah, right. The man with the opportunity to be the hero of the liberal press, put it to the one mocking him, and to save face chose not to. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 18, 20:54

It's called impartial and moral integrity. It's sad that you believe that everyone should be egotistic and behave like Trump. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 19, 08:59

Talking out of both sides of your mouth. If Trump committed obstruction, prosecute. Mueller DID have integrity, and thus did not prosecute.   PhoneHome on Apr 19, 18:30

It's not his job to prosecute a sitting President. That decision belongs to Congress . {nm}   Antibody on Apr 19, 18:47

My apologies. I misunderstood the purpose of your initial post. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 20, 15:50

It is standing DOJ policy to NOT indicte a sitting President. Mueller also knew that Barr could (and would) overrule him if he tried. {nm}   DTravel on Apr 19, 23:47

POTUS when Battling Bob Mueller is appointed: "I'm ****ed. This is the end of my presidency" because he was very very innocent {nm}   professor zovek on Apr 18, 08:54

What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama?   Antibody on Apr 17, 13:46

Lol, but won’t do any good. The right has their hypocritical heads stuck too far up their rears {nm}   islndr on Apr 17, 14:02

My first answer is a question: "What if everyone else covered trump the way they covered Obama?"   forlorne on Apr 18, 07:08

Because no other President including Obama bully/exaggerate/mislead and outright lie everyday like Trump does. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 08:47

I think you totally missed the point. When all your competition is sharing the same customers, it is smart business to   forlorne on Apr 18, 09:32

My point is answering your question. It's not possible to cover Trump the way they cover Obama. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 09:38

...if they want to retain journalistic integrity. So you admit Faux News is just Trump propaganda. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 18, 09:42

The 1st to say that Trump's tactics are reprehensible, but Obama misled and lied far more. Would say 1 thing, do another. Eddie Haskell.    PhoneHome on Apr 18, 11:32

Well, you certainly hit all the Repub talking points w/o evidence to back it up. And then excuse Trumps 9000+ lies (to date)   BSmurf on Apr 18, 12:21

I will delete my port if you can prove Obama life even 1000 times. {nm}   BSmurf on Apr 18, 12:23

*lied {nm}   BSmurf on Apr 18, 12:23

Don't delete your port. We need the comic relief! 1. "You can keep your doctor", 2. "Premiums didn't rise",    PhoneHome on Apr 18, 13:54

The current political strategy is based on deceiving, distorting, misleading and scaring people to vote for them. That strategy does not    Catzan on Apr 18, 14:18

Wrong, PolitiFact you sourced shows Trump lied far more than Obama.   Antibody on Apr 18, 16:21

Second answer: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/04/15/admit-it-fox-news-has-been-right-all-along/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8177d0 {nm}   forlorne on Apr 18, 07:09

The brains of dead pigs have been somewhat revived by scientists hours after the animals were killed in a slaughterhouse.   Moviesnob on Apr 17, 12:19

I love that they quote Princess Bride {nm}   forlorne on Apr 17, 13:25

Historic mosques are being destroyed in Xinjiang, China   Antibody on Apr 17, 12:10

www.nytimes.com/2018/12/25/world/asia/china-christmas-church-crackdown.html *China has far & away become the world's most dangerous threat    forlorne on Apr 17, 13:30

Who had Lightning and Penguins swept out in the First Round? {nm}   Antibody on Apr 17, 09:31

TB bracket breaker...I had Pens losing in the first round though {nm}   tealfan on Apr 17, 09:51

Norte Dame Cathedral is burining down. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 15, 10:50

Disney, Ubisoft donates to help rebuild   Antibody on Apr 17, 09:24

Any donations to the Louisiana churches? {nm}   islndr on Apr 17, 09:37

"Face It: You (Probably) Got a Tax Cut". The Tax Policy Center estimates 65% of people paid less under the law, 6% paid more, 29%-no change   PhoneHome on Apr 15, 06:20

just finished taxes. total owed between fed and state: $586 OUCH {nm}   islndr on Apr 15, 07:01

between that and the miniscule extra i got weekly, it was a wash {nm}   islndr on Apr 15, 07:02

Had to pay for the first time in many many years ($3000)...ouch {nm}   YouDontKnow on Apr 15, 09:01

Ouch indeed. Something's not set up right. Be sure to adjust the amount being withheld from your check to avoid a repeat this year. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 15, 09:47

what's the expression?...moving furniture around? {nm}   tealfan on Apr 15, 09:56

"Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." {nm}   DTravel on Apr 15, 12:58

that sweet $1.50 a week    professor zovek on Apr 15, 13:45

I paid less but I had to go to an accountant to figure out where to deduct my work expenses and I moved to a state    Moviesnob on Apr 15, 13:54

Sounds like Texas, Florida, or Nevada. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 15, 20:02

stars at night... {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 15, 20:25

So you were in the 29% break even and not in the majority. Sucks to be you. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 15, 20:01

on average, Jamie Dimon and I are saving a couple billion a year between the two of us. score! {nm}   professor zovek on Apr 15, 22:41

44% pay no federal income taxes at all {nm}   forlorne on Apr 16, 07:36

Because they don't earn enough money.   RogerMore on Apr 16, 11:03

I get it, I wasn't making any point about "mooching", just that if you don't pay any taxes, you can't get a lower   forlorne on Apr 16, 14:02

How do you feel about the largest corporations in the USA not paying any tax at all? Zip. Zero. Zilch. {nm}   BSmurf on Apr 16, 17:17

Corporations do not pay tax, it is just another hidden tax on whoever uses their products. Passed on as a cost of doing business. {nm}   forlorne on Apr 17, 06:19

Exactly! If their tax goes up, their price goes up. Then you pay the tax. When their tax goes down, your 401k goes up, economy benefits. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 17, 08:44

record corportate profits and multimillion dollar ceos, yet cant pay a liveable wage. and you know most americans dont have a 401k   islndr on Apr 17, 09:12

Wages are based on supply and demand. If there is a line of people that can and want to do what you do, wages    forlorne on Apr 17, 12:09

False information. Corporations do pay "living wages" and most working Americans do have 401k's or other retirement plans. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 17, 12:57

"only 32% of Americans are saving for retirement in a 401(k)" (and that includes miniscule amounts too)   islndr on Apr 17, 13:24

1-what are we to do about people not saving for the future? The huge majority COULD save something, and the sooner they start the less it   forlorne on Apr 17, 13:37

People on low incomes do save, but they save for problems like emergency medical care, or car repair, or money to get them through when they   RogerMore on Apr 17, 16:57

Only 21% have no retirement savings. Your sources must be the propaganda rags.   PhoneHome on Apr 17, 20:39

It gets passed on, but not necessarily to consumers. No one actually knows for sure where the burden of corporate tax falls in practice.   RogerMore on Apr 17, 09:07

Not on CEO salaries. corporate taxes are yet another scam to convince people someone else is paying. {nm}   forlorne on Apr 17, 12:10

Nah, there are a bunch of good reasons for corporate taxes, you're just choosing to ignore them. {nm}   RogerMore on Apr 17, 17:07

Examples? {nm}   forlorne on Apr 18, 07:02

"If there weren't, every individual who could would corporatise themselves for tax minimization purposes."   RogerMore on Apr 18, 09:35

Early golf tomorrow: Masters first tee at 7:30am, CBS coverage at 9am (due to expected bad weather late day)   islndr on Apr 13, 14:16

Someone is going to have to get up pretty early to get out there and yell "Baba Booey!" after every drive. {nm}   Buckee on Apr 13, 19:20

How many would he have if not for the injuries. The knock was no competition when he dominated. He took on all today's stars as well. {nm}   PhoneHome on Apr 14, 16:42

Nice ending tonight to the final ever (regular) episode of The Grand Tour. Tears from Clarkson, and clip package from Top Gear.   islndr on Apr 11, 17:56

Turner Sports (TNT, TBS) will present @AEWrestling at their upfronts on May 15...will debut the same week as WWE Smackdown moving to Fox.    Antibody on Apr 11, 13:44

Supposedly Tuesday nights. TNT runs nba I think. I’m not sure aew can top those numbers {nm}   islndr on Apr 11, 18:01

lots of stories about toxic envirnment are coming out of wwe this past week. if aew ratings are awful too. if aew is even remotely   islndr on Apr 12, 08:34

(oops wwe ratings are awful) {nm}   islndr on Apr 12, 08:35

Lakers!!!! ROFLOL {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 09, 19:31

it's glorious {nm}   professor zovek on Apr 10, 09:23

and no Hughes or Kakko for Kings. {nm}   Antibody on Apr 10, 09:37

yeah...sorry to see that...and Chicago needs to buy a lotto ticket {nm}   tealfan on Apr 10, 17:14

good luck tealfan and BSmurf. I hope we either break your heart in the finals or you beat someone else for your first Cup {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 09, 17:38

this is the year the Leafs finally send the dirty Bruins home crying   professor zovek on Apr 09, 17:52

I actually put down money on the bruins un Vegas last week ( and the caps too of course) {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 09, 18:41

Mtl Habs fan here, with more family in Boston than Toronto, but hoping Leafs beats the Bruins... Time to bring the Cup back home... {nm}   Lukasck on Apr 10, 15:12

thanks...let someone else get their turn would you =P {nm}   tealfan on Apr 09, 19:25

oops i mean jdolphin!   Moviesnob on Apr 10, 12:48

I'd love to be enthusuatic but the BLues play so differently in the playoffs vs the regular season - but maybe this year will be different!! {nm}   jdolphin on Apr 10, 12:54

:*( {nm}   BSmurf on Apr 10, 17:33

Hug? {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 10, 17:49

happy 154th anniversary of White Traitors Surrender Day   professor zovek on Apr 09, 15:05

Chris Davis is getting paid $17M this season to do what any of us can do.   Antibody on Apr 08, 20:23

you're a meanie {nm}   Moviesnob on Apr 08, 20:55

He just broke the futility record - 47 straight at bats with no hits   jdolphin on Apr 08, 22:48

he's making the Glenn Davis and Albert Belle deals look like steals of the century {nm}   professor zovek on Apr 08, 23:38

Ugh. Glenn Davis for Finley and Schilling and Harnisch. Why did you have to remind me of that debacle? {nm}   Paul2k on Apr 09, 04:40

nobody who lived through it will ever fully heal {nm}   professor zovek on Apr 09, 10:43

i see there is a pitcher for the nationals who has yet to record an out (T Rosenthal) {nm}   islndr on Apr 09, 12:23

Once upon a time he was a good closer for the Cardinals. But he didn't pitch for a year after they released him {nm}   jdolphin on Apr 09, 21:49

SBD: XFL rejected merger with AAF   Antibody on Apr 08, 13:50

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