What Can Be Traded


MovieStocks® represent films (both in the process of being made and that are currently in theaters) that are traded on the Movie Market™. MovieStocks come in five distinct stages: concept, development, production, wrap, and release, each representing its place on the path towards appearing in theaters.

The price of a MovieStock reflects how much money Traders think the film will make with each $1 million earned domestically equal to $1 Hollywood Dollar®. For example, if a MovieStock is priced at H$10, it means that traders expect the film to make $10 million in its first four weeks in wide release, or twelve weeks of limited release.

MovieStocks will be cashed out and removed from the Exchange four weeks after they have been in wide release, or twelve weeks of limited release. The price of the MovieStock will be adjusted to reflect its exact earnings and your portfolio will be credited the appropriate amount.


How would you like to own a piece of Denzel Washington? What about Megan Fox? Well, HSX makes dreams a reality by offering you a chance to purchase a piece of your favorite Hollywood commodity. A StarBond represents actors and directors traded on the Movie Market. The price of a StarBond reflects overall star power as determined by HSX Traders as well as how much money their films make at the box office as determined by their trailing average gross (TAG). Beginning with their second film, StarBond prices are adjusted to match the TAG when credited MovieStocks cash out. If a celebrity should happen to meet the end of his/her movie career, the StarBond is cashed out at TAG value.


Options are Hollywood Derivatives based around a specific event. For example, "call" and "put" options are released opening weekend of a particular MovieStock. Each option has a "strike price" that is set by HSX market makers.

Options come in two flavors: Puts and Calls. If you believe that a film will make more than its strike price during the opening weekend, you should consider purchasing a Call Option. If you think it's overrated, buy a Put!. The amount you'll make on a Call is equal to the weekend box office minus the strike price, and strike price - weekend box office on a Put.


A special managed group of securities. A fund is a security in which traders may invest and is subject to price shifts in the same way as other securities. Funds are managed by a fund manager and the value of the fund is set to H$1 for every H$1,000,000 net value of the portfolio the manager maintains.


TVStocks are Hollywood Derivatives based on television-related properties. These options may take the form of warrants with their own specific rules, based on the number of episodes released for new pilots or other criteria.


Warrants are the wildcard Hollywood Derivatives traded on Exchange. These special options could be released around any event not already covered by other options. These stocks may be released with their own specific rules.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

When a brand-spanking new security is added to the Exchange, it is known as the initial public offering (IPO). For most of the first day a MovieStock or StarBond is traded, the price remains the same to give all Traders a chance to buy in early.


Help & All About HSX

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Hannah Waddingham (HWADD) 25000 77.50 (-0.25)          James Corden (JCORD) 25000 67.96 (-0.50)          James Corden (JCORD) 1 67.96 (-0.50)          Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle (HAIKY) 150000 15.00 (0.00)          John Goodman (JGOOD) 25000 44.67 (0.00)          John Goodman (JGOOD) 1 44.67 (0.00)          Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle (HAIKY) 1 15.00 (0.00)          Homestead (HMSTD) 150000 14.45 (+0.24)          Homestead (HMSTD) 150000 14.45 (+0.24)          Kurt Russell (KRUSS) 3 159.37 (+1.00)          Civil War (CVLWR) 90000 70.28 (+2.58)          Kurt Russell (KRUSS) 25000 159.37 (+1.00)          Civil War (CVLWR) 90000 70.28 (+2.58)          Aang: The Last Airbender (ATLA1) 150000 44.97 (+1.12)          Octavia Spencer (OSPEN) 24997 39.52 (+0.37)          Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's (DTMBD) 150000 5.68 (-0.65)          Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's (DTMBD) 150000 5.68 (-0.65)          A Simple Favor 2 (ASFA2) 150000 17.65 (-0.17)          A Simple Favor 2 (ASFA2) 150000 17.65 (-0.17)          Ballerina (BLRNA) 599 69.46 (+0.35)          Ballerina (BLRNA) 989 69.46 (+0.35)          Ballerina (BLRNA) 944 69.46 (+0.35)          Arcadian (ARCAD) 150000 2.29 (+0.97)          Ballerina (BLRNA) 999 69.46 (+0.35)          Ballerina (BLRNA) 899 69.46 (+0.35)          The Batman: Part II (TBAT2) 999 238.42 (+1.00)          The Batman: Part II (TBAT2) 777 238.42 (+1.00)          The Batman: Part II (TBAT2) 8799 238.42 (+1.00)          The Nickel Boys (NICKB) 998 8.45 (+1.22)          Monopoly (MONOP) 1 13.98 (+2.67)          Borderlands (BRDLN) 70000 78.46 (-0.02)          Lucca Mortis (LUCAM) 2 2.89 (+1.19)          Monopoly (MONOP) 1000 13.98 (+2.67)          Lee (LEE) 30000 7.77 (-0.04)          Monopoly (MONOP) 10000 13.98 (+2.67)          Cailee Spaeny (CSPAE) 1000 29.78 (+0.13)          Logan's Run (LOGAN) 200 15.84 (+0.10)          Lucca Mortis (LUCAM) 150000 2.89 (+1.19)          Aang: The Last Airbender (ATLA1) 149999 44.97 (+1.12)          IF (IMGNF) 10000 153.18 (-0.94)          Jessica Rothe (JROTH) 100 19.15 (+0.20)          Heat 2 (HEAT2) 250 47.33 (-0.05)          Untitled Trey Parker and Matt St (UVCHA) 149999 18.85 (+1.19)          Natalie Portman (NPORT) 100 95.46 (0.00)          Nick Offerman (NOFFE) 25000 51.33 (-0.88)          Untitled Ryan Coogler Event Movi (URCEM) 31000 62.17 (-0.28)          Star Trek Origin Story (TREK4) 75000 65.73 (+1.06)          Margot Robbie (MROBB) 1000 63.69 (+0.26)          Conclave (CNCLV) 150000 4.86 (+0.06)          Arcadian (ARCAD) 3 2.29 (+0.97)