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Official Adjusts

Posted by: Antibody on Jul 01, 10:25

Ted [TED]
Halted: H$122.41
Weekend: $54.107M
Adjusted: H$146.09

Magic Mike [MGCMK]
Halted: H$106.13
Weekend: $39.155M
Adjusted: H$105.72

Madea's Witness Protection [MADWP]
Halted: H$67.66
Weekend: $26.35M
Adjusted: H$71.15

People Like Us [PLKUS]
Halted: H$11.78
Weekend: $4.306M
Adjusted: H$11.63

Moonrise Kingdom [MNRSK]
Halted: H$27.73
Weekend: $4.873M
Previous: $13.533M
Adjusted: H$28.15


Official Adjusts   Antibody on Jul 01, 10:25

time to short both ted & magic mike {nm}   jamesbik333 on Jul 01, 10:30

Interesting call to action? {nm}   ryancoke2 on Jul 01, 10:42

Careful there - looks like a call to action. {nm}   grammar on Jul 01, 10:43

I would point out that Bad Teacher last year at the end of June delisted with a 2.85 multiplier {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 10:44

Also in June was the Hangover which delisted at 4.07... The point is that you can find reasons for both directions {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 10:53

Most decently received R-comedy does have legs, however most R-comedy does not have a built in audience like TED.   BionicMoron on Jul 01, 10:58

Let's get real here. :-) Against SPID4, ICEA4, and BATM3? {nm}   elchan on Jul 01, 10:56

ICEA4? What kind of overlap does that have with TED? {nm}   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 10:58

I think it's more to do with screen space, All three of those are going to command a good percentage of theater screens {nm}   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:04

Thing many theaters got multiple prints of Ted or Magic Mike. They don't get squeezed if attendance is there, slower films will.   Catzan on Jul 01, 11:08

True, just giving what his probable reason was. As my post below says though, I think Ted has a good chance, Magic Mike not as much {nm}   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:21

I had higher hopes for Magic Mike...but it has begun to feel like Satc2...   Catzan on Jul 01, 12:00

Worse than SatC2. Before actuals, which may show a worse drop, it sits at No. 9 for percentage of OW coming from Friday...    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 14:09

With weekday business being as strong as it is this time of year, something like 35-22-14 on the weekends would be enough   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 11:13

That's a possibility, but your average of about 35% drops every weekend is going to be difficult, doable, but difficult. The question is...   LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 17:50

Yeah, I'm not sure it's going to happen, but screencounts won't be the determining factor.   BionicMoron, EAP leader on Jul 01, 19:17

I went to TED with my son instead of Brave and loved it and my daughter went to watch Mike instead of Brave...just kidding..but could have    b4bad on Jul 01, 11:41

You mean like...Transformers 3, Harry Potter 8 and Captain America??? {nm}   dioneta on Jul 01, 11:01

Yes, but BDTCH is only delisted at $88, and not the $146, and seemingly frontloaded TED numbers, though. {nm}   elchan on Jul 01, 11:14

I think the others point is that they both had the same daily dropoffs OW, barring any strange fluctuations with the final numbers, so it's    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:27

Why do you think TED is frontloaded, it had an identical OW internal multiplier to Hangover {nm}   stevie1der328 on Jul 01, 11:29

I did say, "seemingly". I don't have historical data, but from other comments of others on the board the Sat drop off was significant.   elchan on Jul 01, 11:36

Yeah, from my standpoint if that Sunday number holds then it bodes well for TED's future prospects, but it could easily be overestimated. {nm}   stevie1der328 on Jul 01, 11:41

BOM shows the drop as about 13% for both Sat and Sun. Bad Teach was 10% & 24% and Hangover was 10% & 12.4%.   Catzan on Jul 01, 12:31

A comparable would be WEDCR, which delisted at 143, but it did not have to contend with any major blockbusters in the following weeks.   elchan on Jul 01, 11:29

I'd say Magic Mike's the only obvious short, if its Friday to Saturday drop is correct, I doubt if it even gets to the estimate, if that's    LanceStorm22 on Jul 01, 11:03

I note that The Avengers have finally dropped out of the top 10 {nm}   Rednax on Jul 02, 08:53

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