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Anyone who thinks Kennedy should be fired...

Posted by: CSStrowbridge on Jun 21, 02:45 in response to RazorHawk's post and fire Kennedy.

is an idiot and they should be ignored.

Col: Lucasfilm has decided to put plans for more A Star Wars Story spinoff movies on hold [SWAR3]   Antibody on Jun 20, 11:43

those who were working on Obi-Wan Kenobi are no longer involved {nm}   Antibody on Jun 20, 11:44

It makes perfect sense. Han Solo was infinitely more popular and "his" movie bombed. And there's no good release spot for at least 3 years {nm}   tomcat90 on Jun 20, 11:48

Good move putting the brakes on for now. Nothing wrong with taking a breath and regrouping, not that the franchise anywhere near peril. {nm}   RollingThunder on Jun 20, 11:50

It's because HFORD is Han Solo, not Alden Errr. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 20, 11:52

Fans who grew up on the prequels still see EMCGR as Obi-Wan. {nm}   Antibody on Jun 20, 11:53

Alec Guinness...a better actor and better Obi Wan... =) {nm}   Catzan on Jun 20, 13:29

he was fine. it was fun. {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 20, 14:06

When will hsx increase position potential beyond 100,000 or 20,000?Even a monumental announcement like this can only add 18 mil . {nm}   mxwizard1 on Jun 21, 03:55

Start with never, then count backwards daily. {nm}   pennystocks2 on Jun 25, 16:41

I`m definitely not surprised to hear this. Now hopefully they will kill Rian Johnson`s trilogy too {nm}   Randy on Jun 20, 11:56

and fire Kennedy. {nm}   RazorHawk on Jun 20, 11:59

Fingers crossed. Honestly that would bring a lot fans back on board for Episode 9. {nm}   Randy on Jun 20, 12:04

until they start hating the next person =P {nm}   tealfan on Jun 20, 12:14

yup. you know what they say, haters gonna hate {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 12:18

this. {nm}   CSBD on Jun 20, 12:47

LusacFilms under Kennedy sowed division and hate for the fans and OT, they reaped what they sowed {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 13:04

$4 billion dollars {nm}   slipping jimmy on Jun 20, 14:30

Should have been $8+ billion {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 14:46

$16 billion! {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 15:47

I think the return of JJ Abrams and more focus by the overall team on Ep. 9 will make a big difference compared to TLJ {nm}   tomcat90 on Jun 20, 12:43

I don't think 9 will do as well as 7. Very few movies behave like 7 did at the box office. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 12:45

I agree. STAR7 was a perfect storm of factors. But Abrams is much more adept at handling the franchise than Rian Johnson was, so I expect a   tomcat90 on Jun 20, 12:49

#9's likely gonna perform like the 3rd film in a SW franchise, not because its JJ over Rian. Most people have no idea who either of them are {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 12:57

And I think there is a better chance of us saying "I told ya so" when that happens than 9 crashing and burning. =) {nm}   Catzan on Jun 20, 13:09

I'm more a "nobody knows anything" kind of guy. Especially trolls. {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 13:12

I hate math. But for years I have used it for the biz. I see no impact on the trilogy by these fan boy issues. Had TLJ made 500m, I would    Catzan on Jun 20, 13:23

i tend to agree. "Fanboys" are much smaller than people think and I believe it actually fluctuates between films. The general audience   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 13:27

Anecdotal, but I was talking with an SW fan friend a few weeks ago. He hadn’t heard of the TLJ “controversy” and I had to explain what a SJW   RogerMore on Jun 20, 18:38

thanks for sharing your level-headed-as-usual insight {nm}   Moviesnob on Jun 20, 21:17

Few fans care about the new chars., nostalgia is gone, 40 years of goodwill devalued and destroyed. IX will play like Soylo. {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 13:12

I disagree. Hundreds of millions of $$$ say differently. But neither of us will be convinced until tracking comes out. Even then, until    Catzan on Jun 20, 13:26

I disagree as well. Disney has an overall fantastic track record, peppered with just a couple of misses. Solo was dated too close to    tomcat90 on Jun 20, 14:20

"Soylo" marks someone who pines for good old days that never existed, wallowing in intolerance, ignorance and stale thinking. {nm}    DTXbro on Jun 20, 15:13

DXTbro if you T level is so low Soylo upsets you, you probably should see a urologist, the {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 16:44

I just don't like half-educated, backward, disaffected, bigoted, downscale, right-wing goobers. Never have. Never will. {nm}   DTXbro on Jun 20, 17:41

Just virtue signaling, like most leftists hypocritcal snowflake to the core, don't want diversity of opinon, just echo depravity. {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 19:46

Can we please ban this Nazi? He's driving away actual human beings. {nm}   CSStrowbridge on Jun 21, 02:45

Trying asking some regular folk why they didn't see Solo. You'll be surprised to hear they've no idea who KK or Rian Johnson are {nm}   numbersix_99 on Jun 20, 15:45

Until Disney apologizes many won't come back if ever. MCU apologized after Iron man 3 for the Mandarin {nm}   Baron_Darcon2017 on Jun 20, 12:49

Anyone who thinks Kennedy should be fired...   CSStrowbridge on Jun 21, 02:45

She doubled down on ignoring the Star Wars fanbase, and the result was a sub-Justice League Solo {nm}   Pepe_Nolan on Jun 21, 09:32

Hiring, then firing Lord/Miller, for doing exactly what they have a track record of successfully doing, is all on her. {nm}   Pepe_Nolan on Jun 21, 09:37

it's okay to say it's not working, stop, and redo the whole thing until you get it right...just ask Pixar {nm}   tealfan on Jun 20, 12:13

How accurate is this report? Seeing a few SW fansites get very defensive as no official comment from Disney yet {nm}   Shirtavius on Jun 22, 03:38

Also noticed Lucasfilm issuing a denial and saying theyre continuing to develop SW movies {nm}   Shirtavius on Jun 22, 03:44

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