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That is correct, except that the American public .....

Posted by: TJNFL1 on Feb 09, 00:02 in response to BSmurf's post Why don't the Repubs set up a special counsel to find...

Didn't know Bill Clinton brokered the UrAsia Energy Ltd. sale to Kazatomprom, then to Uranium One, then to Rosatom, owned by the Russian atomic energy agency - now we know.
Didn't know Hillary and had signed off on the U.S. uranium sale to Russia - now we know.
Didn't know Bill Clinton received $500,000 as a speaking fee while in Moscow - now we know.
Didn't know the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Russian contributors - now we know.
Didn't know Hillary bought out the DNC debt for control of the party - now we know.
Didn't know Hillary ordered the DNC to end all support for Bernie Sanders - now we know.
Didn't know Hillary & the DNC paid Fusion GPS to pay Christopher Steele to seek Russian sources in creating a Trump dossier - now we know.
Didn't know that Christopher Steele spread the dossier information to Yahoo BuzzFeed news, who then spread the news as fact, for which Christopher Steele was then fired from the FBI payroll - now we know.
Didn't know that the Russian dossier was used by the DOJ & FBI to obtain a FISA warrant for surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page - Now we know.
Didn't know Andrew McCabe said there would be no FISA warrant without the Steele/Fusion GPS/Russian dossier - now we know. 
Didn't know that the FISA warrant application did not even include information that the Steele/Fusion GPS/Russian dossier was paid for by the Hillary controlled DNC - now we know.
Didn't know that the FISA surveillance warrant against the Trump Campaign Staff and the Trump Presidential Transition Team would be renewed 4 times by former FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, and former Attorney General Sally Yates - now we know.
Didn't know that Hillary was using an unsecured private email server to conduct Secretary of State business including the transfer of then classified government information - now we know.
Didn't know that Hillary wiped clean this server when it was discovered through a bleachbit software program, and smashed at least one of her cell phones with a hammer - now we know.
Didn't know that there were going to be 33,000 emails, that were subpoenaed by congress, with classified information on them, that would never be recovered - now we know.
Didn't know former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal was asked if there was an effort to deliberately mislead the public about Hillary Clinton classified emails? McMullough answered, "Absolutely" - now we know.
Didn't know Charles McCullough also stated that, "Had the information in Hillary's emails been released there would have been harm to National Security", even though Hillary said nothing in her emails was classified. The emails on her private server which she forwarded more classified emails to Clinton Foundation employees, and used bleachbit on to destroy 33,000 emails worth of evidence - now we know.
Didn't know that Bill Clinton met with DOJ head Loretta Lynch at an airport to determine the outcome of the FBI investigation into Hillary's emails before interviews were conducted - now we know.
Didn't know that Hillary aids Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin were going to lie to the FBI, but since they were interviewed by Peter Strzok, they were given immunity instead of being charged - now we know.
Didn't know Justin Cooper, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton who helped set up Hillary's server, was going to admit that someone was trying to break into the Clinton server because it was vulnerable to cyber attacks - now we know.
Didn't know that when confronted with the private server attacks Hillary Clinton lied that only the DNC and the government State Department servers were hacked - now we know.
Didn't know that the New York FBI office was denied the Hillary email investigation so that Washington FBI headquarters could take sole control of the investigation and it's outcome - now we know.
Didn't know FBI supervisor Peter Strzok would be conducting the Hillary interviews regarding her private email server and the Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Russian dossier after FBI head James Comey stated that no charges would be brought against Hillary, and then conduct the Michael Flynn interview - now we know.
Didn't know that Peter Strzok changed the wording on the Hillary email press release from "Grossly Negligent", which is criminally liable, to Extremely Careless", which is not criminally liable saving Hillary from prosecution expanding the FBI conspiracy to obstruct justice - now we know.
Didn't know that FBI head James Comey would make a DOJ call that upon FBI evidence Hillary was not going to be charged and that DOJ head Loretta Lynch would do nothing as this was announced - now we know.
Didn't know the DOJ would be unmasking, through the FISA warrant, US citizens that were part of the Trump campaign and improperly disclose non-public information to the Clinton campaign - now we know.
Didn't know that Peter Strzok was appointed to Special Counsel Mueller's investigation into President Trump before he was dismissed due to anti-Trump bias - now we know.
Didn't know James Comey would leak 7 unauthorized classified memos kept on his government laptop to the New York Times, through a friend, just like Wikileaks, so that a Special Counsel would be appointed against President Trump - now we know.
Didn't know that the timing of the FBI's release of certain Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents were influenced by political bias - now we know.
Didn't know that Robert Mueller when he was FBI director gave a pass to the Fast & Furious guns to Mexico drug Cartels, the Clinton Foundation money that came from Russia, and the Uranium One deal that gave up 20% of America's uranium to Russia.
Didn't know that Robert Mueller would then be appointed special counsel, staffed with the same old Obama administration hold overs left around to cover their illegal tracks and investigate President Trump on Russia collusion charges that came from the Hillary owned DNC - now we know.
Gateway Pundit compiled a long list of bad actors and actresses participating in this cover-up - now we know.
Didn't know Democrats would lash out at Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee for releasing their summery memo over grave concerns that the memo would compromise intelligence methods and sources which then only exposed Andrew McCabe for his part in the FISA application process and was immediately let go - now we know.
Didn't know Eight high ranking Department of Justice and FBI officials have been removed, reassigned or are rumored to be leaving. They include the top FBI agents who worked on two of the agency’s most high-profile investigations in the past two years: the probe into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information as secretary of state, and the Trump-Russia collusion investigation - now we know.
Fired: Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General
Departed: Peter Kadzik, Department of Justice liaison to Congress, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.
“Retiring”: Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director. McCabe’s wife also received $700,000 for her unsuccessful Virginia senate campaign from close Clinton ally Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who is under an FBI investigation regarding campaign contributions from a Chinese businessman.
“Reassigned”: James Baker, FBI General Counsel in contact with a reporter who published the first story about an anti-Trump “dossier” alleging ties between Trump and Russia. The dossier was presented shortly before the election as if it were an intelligence investigative file, but it turned out to be political opposition research funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
“Transferred”: Peter Strzok, the top FBI agent on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, watered down key findings in the Clinton email probe, sent anti-Trump text messages with FBI attorney Lisa Page whom he was having an affair.
Shifted: Lisa Page, FBI lawyer and McCabe senior adviser was on the FBI Mueller team investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion. She had exchanged anti-Trump text messages

NBC: FBI texts: Obama 'wants to know everything we're doing'   TJNFL1 on Feb 07, 18:55

Why don't the Repubs set up a special counsel to find out? Oh yeah - anyone who's paying attention knows there's no smoke, much less fire {nm}   BSmurf on Feb 08, 10:38

actually, they want to {nm}   slipping jimmy on Feb 08, 11:01

That is correct, except that the American public .....   TJNFL1 on Feb 09, 00:02

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