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The Basics

Hollywood Stock Exchange

Welcome to the Hollywood Stock Exchange® -- where Wall Street meets Hollywood! The Hollywood Stock Exchange is an entertainment stock market where you can trade movies, stars, and more, just as you would stocks and bonds. The Hollywood Stock Exchange has a Movie Market™ for all of your favorite movies and stars. You can trade for FREE and earn Hollywood Dollars®, check out the latest news, chat with other entertainment buffs, and more!

Joining the Hollywood Stock Exchange

Joining the Hollywood Stock Exchange is fast and free. When you join, you'll get two million Hollywood Dollars that can be used to buy and sell your favorite movies and stars.

Privacy Policy

Please read the Hollywood Stock Exchange Privacy Policy.

What is an "Exchange"?

When you think of the word "Exchange", picture a place that allows people to buy and sell things. In the case of the stock market, an exchange allows you to buy and sell securities. Securities, more commonly known as stocks and bonds, are traded every day, all over the world with goal of making money. In this case, its stocks and bonds in Mel Gibson rather than precious metals or Japanese Yen.

Movie Market

This is your chance to own a little piece of Hollywood. The Movie Market is the part of the Hollywood Stock Exchange where you can trade movies and stars, just as you would stocks and bonds. On the Movie Market, the movies are MovieStocks®, the stars are StarBonds®, and Hollywood Dollars are your ticket to fame, fortune, and fun. You receive two million Hollywood Dollars to start out with when you join the Hollywood Stock Exchange, which you use to build up your portfolio. The Movie Market also offers market info, message boards, sweepstakes, and enough movie news to satisfy Hollywood gossipmongers everywhere.

What is "trading"?

Trading is the act of buying or selling a particular item on the Exchange. For example, if you are interested in buying Vanessa Hudgens because you think she will be the next big thing, you place a trade to buy her StarBond at a given price. However, if you hated High School Musical 3: Senior Year or you think she's overrated, you can short her StarBond, effectively allowing you to profit by any downward movement in her price. The act of trading is completed when buyers and sellers are brought together in the marketplace.

What are "Hollywood Dollars"?

Hollywood Dollars are the official currency of the Hollywood Stock Exchange. When you join the Hollywood Stock Exchange, you are given two million Hollywood Dollars for the Movie Market. Your job is to use the money to the best of your abilities on the Exchange and profit from it. There are hundreds of traders on HSX that have taken their initial stake and turned them into a billion Hollywood Dollars! That has given them the chance to become leaders in the HSX community. If you play your dollars wisely, you too can become the next HSX mogul.


Help & All About HSX

Learn more about trading on the Exchange and HSX by exploring the links below.

The Starling (STARL) 25 1.95 (-0.05)         Halloween sequel (HALW4) 100000 82.62 (+6.47)         Holmes & Watson (HLMWT) 100000 30.83 (-0.30)         N9: The Favourite - Original (N9OFAV) 20 9.09 (0.00)         An Acceptable Loss (ACPLS) 100000 1.50 (-0.07)         Immortals II (IMRT2) 50 1.10 (-0.06)         An Acceptable Loss (ACPLS) 99999 1.50 (-0.07)         N9: Elizabeth Debicki - Widows - (N9SEDE) 20000 3.63 (-0.01)         N9: Margot Robbie - Mary Queen o (N9SMRO) 20000 4.47 (-0.21)         Greta (TWIDW) 20 3.71 (-0.08)         N9: Thomasin McKenzie - Leave No (N9STMC) 20000 2.89 (-0.10)         How to Train Your Dragon: The Hi (HTYD3) 7 147.02 (+0.84)         N9: Nicole Kidman - Boy Erased - (N9SNKI) 20000 3.13 (+0.01)         N9: Vice - Original (N9OVIC) 20 10.45 (+0.07)         N9: Regina King - If Beale Stree (N9SRKI) 20000 9.82 (+0.12)         Alita: Battle Angel (ALITA) 10 67.43 (-0.63)         FOX: Proven Innocent (PRVNOC) 20000 8.00 (0.00)         N9: Rachel Weisz - The Favourite (N9SRWE) 20000 9.55 (+0.12)         Tilda Swinton (TSWIN) 20000 58.09 (+0.66)         Everybody Knows (EVBDK) 600 1.41 (+0.08)         N9: Marina de Tavira - Roma - Su (N9SMDT) 20000 3.24 (0.00)         The Prodigy (PRDGY) 38 23.69 (+0.84)         Tilda Swinton (TSWIN) 20000 58.09 (+0.66)         The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Par (LEGO2) 10 175.96 (-1.22)         N9: Green Book - Original (N9OGRN) 30 9.50 (-0.02)         All the Old Knives (AOKNV) 33 2.50 (+0.08)         N9: Amy Adams - Vice - Sup Actre (N9SAAD) 20000 10.72 (+0.18)         Red Sea Diving Resort (RSDRS) 26 1.53 (+0.04)         N9: Eighth Grade - Original (N9O8TH) 20 8.52 (+0.07)         Four Kids and It (4CHIT) 500 11.63 (+0.03)         N9: Ryan Coogler - Black Panther (N9DRCO) 20000 3.87 (-0.10)         Road House (ROADH) 22 1.39 (+0.03)         21 Jump Street spinoff (21JS3) 100000 28.59 (-0.10)         The Lifeboat (LIFBT) 44 1.09 (-0.05)         Glass (GLASS) 100000 124.42 (-4.06)         Greta (TWIDW) 24 3.71 (-0.08)         Official Secrets (OFSEC) 500 2.21 (-0.10)         N9: If Beale Street Could Talk - (N9PIBS) 20000 9.37 (-0.06)         Finding Steve McQueen (FSMCQ) 44 1.54 (-0.07)         N9: If Beale Street Could Talk - (N9EIBS) 30 8.88 (+0.13)         Shadows (MSHDW) 24 1.24 (-0.03)         The Upside (NTCHB) 23570 54.92 (+0.76)         Vox Lux (VOXLX) 2 0.92 (-0.09)         N9: Emily Blunt - A Quiet Place (N9SEBL) 20000 4.06 (-0.06)         Gwendoline Christie (GCHRI) 19999 115.16 (+1.07)         Halloween sequel (HALW4) 100000 82.62 (+6.47)         N9: Crazy Rich Asians - Picture (N9PCRA) 20000 4.31 (+0.05)         The Little Mermaid (MERMD) 62 1.24 (-0.08)         N9: Crazy Rich Asians - Picture (N9PCRA) 1 4.31 (+0.05)         The Odyssey (ODYSY) 71 2.13 (-0.16)