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Mostly, yeah. I know the movie looks absolutely awful and everything, and I would not be surprised if it opens lower than your average

Posted by: Ruthian23 on Nov 07, 12:59 in response to Jay_Beezy's post Are you only really skeptical on Jack and Jill just...

Sandler movie (especially ones with better release dates), but when he does a straight comedy movie he seems to draw pretty consistently. He hasn't been that low on a straight comedy movie in a long time. Of course, I'm pretty new to the whole box office thing, so my opinion should be taken with multiple grains of salt (if not a whole box.)

Mtc Edgar 15 jack 19 Immortals 24 {nm}   notfabio on Nov 07, 11:34

Interesting {nm}   xiayun on Nov 07, 11:54

Would be more interesting if we knew what RS was.   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 12:11

Nice... Looks like Sensei was on to something... {nm}   VictorY on Nov 07, 12:23

Really don't see Immortals doing that well. Just lokes like the Conan the Barbarian remake! {nm}   numbersix_99 on Nov 07, 12:31

I think it looks incredible. I agree with Sensei in that there really hasn't been a movie of this genre for quite some time... {nm}   PRodQuanta on Nov 07, 12:34

Of what genre does he speak? What about Centurion or The Eagle or Clash of the Titans or Prince of Persia or Conan? {nm}   Paul2k on Nov 07, 12:42

I have to admit to not reading his site, so I'm looking to be enlightened on the arguement. {nm}   Paul2k on Nov 07, 12:42

Ancient Greek. You hit the nail on the head. I would consider myself (and my sig. fig.) a fan of the genre and are excited for this. {nm}   PRodQuanta on Nov 07, 13:28

Tarsem can certainly make a script look cool. Its appears to be way more visually stunning than Conan {nm}   dioneta on Nov 07, 12:34

I wouldn't be shocked. I'm having a tough time getting a read on that one. However, regarding MTC this week, I'm a bit   Ruthian23 on Nov 07, 12:36

Are you only really skeptical on Jack and Jill just because it's Sandler? Is that your only reason? {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 12:45

Mostly, yeah. I know the movie looks absolutely awful and everything, and I would not be surprised if it opens lower than your average    Ruthian23 on Nov 07, 12:59

But him doing a family comedy has questionable drawing power. Bedtime Stories' BO performance felt pretty underwhelming.   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 13:11

Perhaps. You could well be right. {nm}   Ruthian23 on Nov 07, 13:31

It also opened the weekend before Christmas which is never a good week for anything.    TheWeekendWarrior on Nov 07, 14:08

Bedtime Stories opened on Christmas Day actually. And that should have been a good thing. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 14:13

Have you thought that the marketing has really been that kid movie oriented? I vaguely remember the marketing for Bedtime Story and I    Ruthian23 on Nov 07, 14:26

That's exactly what I've been saying. The ads looks like they can't decide who to cater to. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 14:40

Tagging for posterity: [HOOVR] [JAJIL] [IMRTL] {nm}   Paul2k on Nov 07, 12:37

MTC isn't taking into account that JAJIL is a family film and kids will eat up the crappy crossdressing humor   TheWeekendWarrior on Nov 07, 14:07

Kids punching adults at the dinner table? What Mom is taking her kids to that? I think you must mean "teens" will eat it up {nm}   dioneta on Nov 07, 14:16

Parents are more likely to take their kids to Puss in Boots. Zookeeper tracked similarly. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 14:16

I can literally do a 1:1 comparison between the two movie if it helps (but don't have time to do it right now)   TheWeekendWarrior on Nov 07, 14:22

Zookeeper had a summer release date. I'd think that gave it a better advantage than Jack and Jill.   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 14:32

Even so, you're comparing apples (Sandler) to oranges (Kevin James) {nm}   TheWeekendWarrior on Nov 07, 15:03

So what if the two stars are different? That doesn't mean the two films have nothing in common. Kids usually eat up talking animals, too. {nm}   Jay_Beezy on Nov 07, 15:08

Sandler has much more drawing power than James.   accountant_4_Jesus on Nov 07, 18:06

Zookeeper had a summer release date, and there was word of positive test scores that prompted the summer move.   Jay_Beezy on Nov 08, 05:24

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