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I'm probably the only one, but I think SW16 is horribly misguided. It won't rock the gravy boat for Disney--but it doesn't add much for fans

Posted by: chosenone2oo5 on Apr 07, 16:27

It's kind of like a "what if?" and by definition, What If's are arbitrary. It doesn't matter "what if?" because THE DEATH STAR IS ALREADY GONE (and we've known that since 1977!). So "A Star Wars Story" is just fluff. It's pointless. Irrelevant. "Let's go back and look at that same section of the story--now from a different angle!" That's what we call a "gimmick."

This is just another way for Disney to profit off Star Wars while, feeling as though they needed a contingency plan in case Episode VII flopped for no reason. Each time they make a new Story, they risk the newly revived integrity of the franchise we JUST got back 4 months ago. Each little side Story is just another chance to blow the whole Enterprise (Star Trek pun intended), and it's only a matter of time before the spin-offs begin negatively affecting the Episodes--which are the only part of the franchise that matter to ME, as a LIFELONG fan of Star Wars.

Since when were the Episodes NOT enough for anyone? That's all we've had, 7 (VII) Episodes over almost 39 years, and we only complained when the quality faltered in the prequel era. That's all. We never asked for MORE. We only wanted one-at-a-time, and only if they held to the integrity of the originals--and we JUST finally got that back after 32 years of patience.

So again, I say unto Disney: What the hell is this "A Star Wars Story" business, and what makes you think you know any better than US lifelong fans on the matter?

I'm probably the only one, but I think SW16 is horribly misguided. It won't rock the gravy boat for Disney--but it doesn't add much for fans chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:27

sure its for profit, but its a good story done well, I'll go see it. {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:34

The Invitation isn't on iTunes or Xfinity. On VOD tomorrow? {nm} lobogotti Apr 07, 17:32

yes tomorrow (or midnight tonight EST for iTunes) {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:36

okay, thanks {nm} lobogotti Apr 07, 17:57

Yes, releases April 8th through Drafthouse Films. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:37

Disney is giving the public EXACTLY what they want: more Star Wars movies. DTshakes Apr 07, 16:38

More Merchandise Opportunties for Darth Vader! {nm} notfabio Apr 07, 17:10

this is like saying because we know who won WWII, no WWII movie can ever be dramatically compelling {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 16:42

I've seen "Schindler's List." But the genocide of the Jewish people doesn't compare to some Bothans dying to get Death Star plans. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:46

ok, that went over even my head {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:47

Scratch it, reverse it. Bothans dying doesn't compare to millions of Jews getting murdered. "Rogue One" is no "Schindler's List." Bad comp. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:49

How is it that when the Holocaust is mentioned it's only the jews getting murdered that gets a mention. How about the millions of Russians.. hyperzeitgeist Apr 08, 02:06

well, the Bothans actually stole the plans for the 2nd Death Star, and his point was that its about the journey, not the destination Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:52

Swords (at least, the laser-y kind), martial arts, Eastern folklore, etc. have always been a part of SW's DNA. Swordsmen didn't surprise me. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:54

youre still missing the point. Most people like a bigger universe. Its fine if you don't, but most people do. {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:57

I do--in ways true to the series. Marvel can spin-off w/ an endless host of potential protagonists. SW can't, because of ONE reason: chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:01

thats just your opinion though. Its fine, but I dont share it. I've been a a fan of the games and Clone Wars and now Rebels. I enjoy it. Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:04

I've played the games, and watched ALL of "The Clone Wars" (including season 6), and "Rebels." But if the Episodes go, they ALL go. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:09

Rebels isn't really about the Skywalkers. Both are set around the same time. How can you say Rebels is okay, but Rogue One isn't? {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 17:17

That's fair. I was invested before "Episode VII." After, I realized Episodes were all we needed. And technically, Anakin/Vader are in both. chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:29

you lose all credibility with the "true fan" crap. it's still your opinion what's important and what isn't. You don't define "fan" for anyon JDolphin Apr 07, 19:48

The masses do it for us, don't they? I'm just following suit. Don't we all follow mass distributed "dictionaries" for our definitions? {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:21

"But that's just, like, your opinion, man." And besides, after watching and playing all those--how much did they really add to the story? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:13

"Watch it dude, there's a beverage here!" Here's my advice, don't be worried until theres actually a reason to be worried. Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:19

Thinking the glass is half empty makes sure you don't get caught with an empty glass. Disney should've known better before they cause damage {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:46

Maybe you don't underatand {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 23:37

Both glass half full and glass half empty know it can be empty. The point is seeing the positive upside or not {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 23:38

We knew the Avengers would prevail over Loki, Indiana Jones would win and Kirk would defeat Khan too. Still were great films to watch. {nm} mrbeankc Apr 07, 18:11

We didn't know the repercussions of defeating Loki (& STILL don't in full). How'd you know Indy would win...?? And yeah, maybe the 2nd time! {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 18:15

You honestly thought Indiana Jones might not win? {nm} mrbeankc Apr 07, 18:50

Nothing says Hollywood ending like victory for the Nazis {nm} RogerMore Apr 07, 19:02

He could've died in the big finale--and then later discovered by American military, and the Ark could've still ended up in American hands. chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:23

so since we know Brando is the Godfather in The Godfather, we dont need to see Deniro become him in The Godfather 2 islander Apr 07, 16:42

That story was compelling. But I really don't need to know how Rebels got Death Star plans, or how Han Solo became a smuggler. chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:47

but how do you know this story wont be compelling? im willing to give it a try and if it winds up disappointing me, oh well my love of the islander Apr 07, 16:49

It will diminish mine. Instead of wondering "Wow, I wonder what terrible fate befell those poor Bothans..." it'll be "Oh right, I know that" {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:52

+1 I don't see how the nostalgic older crowd are going to find their enthusiasm for the spin-offs in the long run. RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:05

EXACTLY thank you! One or two Star Wars Story's are not all I'm concerned about: what will this excess look like 10 years from now? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:08

I'm following you chosenone2oo5/ Merchandise sales will still be good in 10 years, story quality I'm not so sure about. {nm} RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:18

Story quality's what I'm concerned with. Marvel's been incredibly lucky. Realistically Star Wars could look like the DCEU if they keep it up chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:32

the easiest way to stop studios from making these movies is to not pay to see them {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 17:10

Then don't pay to see "A Star Wars Story," but save it to see "Episode VIII." Win-win for everyone, in my honest opinion. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:14

So very true - I haven't paid to see a single Marvel movie ever, can't remember the last reboot, and I snuck into STAR7 RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:16

Though I don't agree with ignoring Marvel, & the last reboot was Batman's in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," I admire you greatly sir! {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:34

LucasFilms has always Expanded the Universe. Countless books, videogames and animated series Clone Wars, The Clone Wars, Rebels {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 16:44

But only the NEW stuff applies. They wiped the slate clean, only to messy it up again with "Rogue One," "Rebels," and the other excess. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:51

I'm saying the idea of an Expanded Universe didn't originate with Disney. {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 16:53

And I'm saying running a merchandise mill is one thing--but this is so pervasive and permeating, it'll eventually harm the Episodes. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:55

spoilers: most of what Lucas did with the original trilogy and the prequels was driven by merchandising, not storytelling {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 17:00

And the original trilogy stood the test of time regardless: because there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it. This is excessive. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:02

And the original trilogy stood the test of time regardless: because there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it. This is excessive. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:02

if the Star Wars Holiday Special didn't harm the Episodes, then nothing will. ;) {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 17:12

It never was canon, anyways. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:14

I tthink Star Wars fans love the in-between stories...Clone Wars took place b/w Eps 2 and 3...Star Wars Rebels takes place b/w Eps 3 & 4... {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:12

plus this trailer plays like a wartime, secret operation movie...like Valkyrie or (as Moviesnob mentioned) The Dirty Dozen... tealfan Apr 07, 17:14

They were only used to make kids pay to go see the Episodes...! And now that they understand the Rebel Alliance, can we cancel "Rebels" now? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:17

tell that to all the adults who love the series...myself included :) {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:20

I like Rebels (a lot acutally) but its only going to be a three season thing. They'll be a new one for the new time period {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:21

+1 replace it w/ "Star Wars: Resistance." Figured that was coming anyways. After "Rogue One" is over, there's no necessity for the synergy. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:36

"secret operation to steal the Death Star plans" may not look impressive on paper to some, but it's all in the execution {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:21

speaking of Valkyire, I dare Gareth to give this the same ending as that movie...well, except they accomplish their mission first :) {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:25

Don't we assume there's a "300"-esque ending where--"oh good, the plans are safe...it's okay if we die now as martyrs for the cause." chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:39

[EXT. SPACE -- NIGHT -- Bothan ship EXPLODES, Imperial Super Star Destroyer HUMS away as "Firefly" violins creep into the silence. FADE OUT] {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:40

you're the only assuming that. Try thinking about the best case scenario instead and be happy for the next 8 months {nm} JDolphin Apr 07, 19:31

I loved it. Looks amazing! I want more Star Wars and I enjoy the new take on it. {nm} NotaTroll Apr 07, 18:34

Said who? Force Awakens sucked even though it made a ton of money. SW16 looks gritty and realistic and I wish all SW movies the same. {nm} AgentEvil Apr 07, 18:45

Well that explains your portfolio size. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:25

I think people have wanted origin stories for so many of these characters for a long time. Expanded universe gave some in books, but people Dorfman Apr 08, 07:19

Why not the small screen, then? Why does it have to be the big screen? This is as auxiliary as television as a whole. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:24

Money {nm} JDolphin Apr 08, 14:24

Which, if rocking the creative integrity of the entire franchise to get more money, could result in the Episodes then making LESS MONEY. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 22:21

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