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speaking of Valkyire, I dare Gareth to give this the same ending as that movie...well, except they accomplish their mission first :) {nm}

Posted by: tealfan on Apr 07, 17:25 in response to tealfan's post I tthink Star Wars fans love the in-between...

I'm probably the only one, but I think SW16 is horribly misguided. It won't rock the gravy boat for Disney--but it doesn't add much for fans chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:27

sure its for profit, but its a good story done well, I'll go see it. {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:34

The Invitation isn't on iTunes or Xfinity. On VOD tomorrow? {nm} lobogotti Apr 07, 17:32

yes tomorrow (or midnight tonight EST for iTunes) {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:36

okay, thanks {nm} lobogotti Apr 07, 17:57

Yes, releases April 8th through Drafthouse Films. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:37

Disney is giving the public EXACTLY what they want: more Star Wars movies. DTshakes Apr 07, 16:38

More Merchandise Opportunties for Darth Vader! {nm} notfabio Apr 07, 17:10

this is like saying because we know who won WWII, no WWII movie can ever be dramatically compelling {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 16:42

I've seen "Schindler's List." But the genocide of the Jewish people doesn't compare to some Bothans dying to get Death Star plans. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:46

ok, that went over even my head {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:47

Scratch it, reverse it. Bothans dying doesn't compare to millions of Jews getting murdered. "Rogue One" is no "Schindler's List." Bad comp. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:49

How is it that when the Holocaust is mentioned it's only the jews getting murdered that gets a mention. How about the millions of Russians.. hyperzeitgeist Apr 08, 02:06

well, the Bothans actually stole the plans for the 2nd Death Star, and his point was that its about the journey, not the destination Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:52

Swords (at least, the laser-y kind), martial arts, Eastern folklore, etc. have always been a part of SW's DNA. Swordsmen didn't surprise me. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:54

youre still missing the point. Most people like a bigger universe. Its fine if you don't, but most people do. {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 16:57

I do--in ways true to the series. Marvel can spin-off w/ an endless host of potential protagonists. SW can't, because of ONE reason: chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:01

thats just your opinion though. Its fine, but I dont share it. I've been a a fan of the games and Clone Wars and now Rebels. I enjoy it. Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:04

I've played the games, and watched ALL of "The Clone Wars" (including season 6), and "Rebels." But if the Episodes go, they ALL go. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:09

Rebels isn't really about the Skywalkers. Both are set around the same time. How can you say Rebels is okay, but Rogue One isn't? {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 17:17

That's fair. I was invested before "Episode VII." After, I realized Episodes were all we needed. And technically, Anakin/Vader are in both. chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:29

you lose all credibility with the "true fan" crap. it's still your opinion what's important and what isn't. You don't define "fan" for anyon JDolphin Apr 07, 19:48

The masses do it for us, don't they? I'm just following suit. Don't we all follow mass distributed "dictionaries" for our definitions? {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:21

"But that's just, like, your opinion, man." And besides, after watching and playing all those--how much did they really add to the story? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:13

"Watch it dude, there's a beverage here!" Here's my advice, don't be worried until theres actually a reason to be worried. Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:19

Thinking the glass is half empty makes sure you don't get caught with an empty glass. Disney should've known better before they cause damage {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:46

Maybe you don't underatand {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 23:37

Both glass half full and glass half empty know it can be empty. The point is seeing the positive upside or not {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 23:38

We knew the Avengers would prevail over Loki, Indiana Jones would win and Kirk would defeat Khan too. Still were great films to watch. {nm} mrbeankc Apr 07, 18:11

We didn't know the repercussions of defeating Loki (& STILL don't in full). How'd you know Indy would win...?? And yeah, maybe the 2nd time! {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 18:15

You honestly thought Indiana Jones might not win? {nm} mrbeankc Apr 07, 18:50

Nothing says Hollywood ending like victory for the Nazis {nm} RogerMore Apr 07, 19:02

He could've died in the big finale--and then later discovered by American military, and the Ark could've still ended up in American hands. chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:23

so since we know Brando is the Godfather in The Godfather, we dont need to see Deniro become him in The Godfather 2 islander Apr 07, 16:42

That story was compelling. But I really don't need to know how Rebels got Death Star plans, or how Han Solo became a smuggler. chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:47

but how do you know this story wont be compelling? im willing to give it a try and if it winds up disappointing me, oh well my love of the islander Apr 07, 16:49

It will diminish mine. Instead of wondering "Wow, I wonder what terrible fate befell those poor Bothans..." it'll be "Oh right, I know that" {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:52

+1 I don't see how the nostalgic older crowd are going to find their enthusiasm for the spin-offs in the long run. RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:05

EXACTLY thank you! One or two Star Wars Story's are not all I'm concerned about: what will this excess look like 10 years from now? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:08

I'm following you chosenone2oo5/ Merchandise sales will still be good in 10 years, story quality I'm not so sure about. {nm} RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:18

Story quality's what I'm concerned with. Marvel's been incredibly lucky. Realistically Star Wars could look like the DCEU if they keep it up chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:32

the easiest way to stop studios from making these movies is to not pay to see them {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 17:10

Then don't pay to see "A Star Wars Story," but save it to see "Episode VIII." Win-win for everyone, in my honest opinion. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:14

So very true - I haven't paid to see a single Marvel movie ever, can't remember the last reboot, and I snuck into STAR7 RickandMorty Apr 07, 17:16

Though I don't agree with ignoring Marvel, & the last reboot was Batman's in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," I admire you greatly sir! {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:34

LucasFilms has always Expanded the Universe. Countless books, videogames and animated series Clone Wars, The Clone Wars, Rebels {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 16:44

But only the NEW stuff applies. They wiped the slate clean, only to messy it up again with "Rogue One," "Rebels," and the other excess. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:51

I'm saying the idea of an Expanded Universe didn't originate with Disney. {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 16:53

And I'm saying running a merchandise mill is one thing--but this is so pervasive and permeating, it'll eventually harm the Episodes. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 16:55

spoilers: most of what Lucas did with the original trilogy and the prequels was driven by merchandising, not storytelling {nm} slipping jimmy Apr 07, 17:00

And the original trilogy stood the test of time regardless: because there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it. This is excessive. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:02

And the original trilogy stood the test of time regardless: because there's a right way, and a wrong way to go about it. This is excessive. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:02

if the Star Wars Holiday Special didn't harm the Episodes, then nothing will. ;) {nm} Antibody Apr 07, 17:12

It never was canon, anyways. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:14

I tthink Star Wars fans love the in-between stories...Clone Wars took place b/w Eps 2 and 3...Star Wars Rebels takes place b/w Eps 3 & 4... {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:12

plus this trailer plays like a wartime, secret operation movie...like Valkyrie or (as Moviesnob mentioned) The Dirty Dozen... tealfan Apr 07, 17:14

They were only used to make kids pay to go see the Episodes...! And now that they understand the Rebel Alliance, can we cancel "Rebels" now? chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:17

tell that to all the adults who love the series...myself included :) {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:20

I like Rebels (a lot acutally) but its only going to be a three season thing. They'll be a new one for the new time period {nm} Moviesnob Apr 07, 17:21

+1 replace it w/ "Star Wars: Resistance." Figured that was coming anyways. After "Rogue One" is over, there's no necessity for the synergy. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:36

"secret operation to steal the Death Star plans" may not look impressive on paper to some, but it's all in the execution {nm} tealfan Apr 07, 17:21

speaking of Valkyire, I dare Gareth to give this the same ending as that movie...well, except they accomplish their mission first :) tealfan Apr 07, 17:25

Don't we assume there's a "300"-esque ending where--"oh good, the plans are safe...it's okay if we die now as martyrs for the cause." chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:39

[EXT. SPACE -- NIGHT -- Bothan ship EXPLODES, Imperial Super Star Destroyer HUMS away as "Firefly" violins creep into the silence. FADE OUT] {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 07, 17:40

you're the only assuming that. Try thinking about the best case scenario instead and be happy for the next 8 months {nm} JDolphin Apr 07, 19:31

I loved it. Looks amazing! I want more Star Wars and I enjoy the new take on it. {nm} NotaTroll Apr 07, 18:34

Said who? Force Awakens sucked even though it made a ton of money. SW16 looks gritty and realistic and I wish all SW movies the same. {nm} AgentEvil Apr 07, 18:45

Well that explains your portfolio size. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:25

I think people have wanted origin stories for so many of these characters for a long time. Expanded universe gave some in books, but people Dorfman Apr 08, 07:19

Why not the small screen, then? Why does it have to be the big screen? This is as auxiliary as television as a whole. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 10:24

Money {nm} JDolphin Apr 08, 14:24

Which, if rocking the creative integrity of the entire franchise to get more money, could result in the Episodes then making LESS MONEY. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Apr 08, 22:21

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