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Moby's "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" during the final scene of Heat

Posted by: LonePirate on May 31, 16:22 in response to lobogotti's post Movie Poll: Use of a song that made a movie scene flat...

Granted, that scene was already stellar but the song and it's wistful, dirge like quality cemented the scene as simply spectacular (in a film with several other remarkable scenes).

Movie Poll: Use of a song that made a movie scene flat out perfect in your eyes. lobogotti May 31, 13:23

Roy Orbison's Candy Coloured Clown in Blue Velvet {nm} numbersix_99 May 31, 13:24

so great {nm} lobogotti May 31, 13:27

Song is actually called In Dreams, of course! {nm} numbersix_99 May 31, 14:28

Hurdy Gurdy Man in Zodiac. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 13:26

oh dear me, haunting. loved it. {nm} lobogotti May 31, 13:27

Slow clap. thx for that {nm} ryeontherocks May 31, 14:50

The End in Apocalypse Now {nm} tatoufan May 31, 13:35

Start with a bang! Also great starts are Fight the Power in Do the Right Thing and Lust for Life in Trainspotting {nm} Moviesnob May 31, 13:46

Sounds of Silence in the Graduate, The Seeker in The Limey {nm} Moviesnob May 31, 13:47

Those are all awesome. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 14:18

+1 on both of those. {nm} numbersix_99 May 31, 14:24

Recent one: The Mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You in Room russ1 May 31, 13:39

Loved that sequence too. {nm} numbersix_99 May 31, 14:25

This Will Destroy You has some cold hard classics that they've done. The music works perfectly in Friday Night Lights {nm} skamanfu May 31, 14:59

Mrs. Robinson. {nm} Simon & Garfunkel May 31, 13:39

A thousand years - at the end of breaking dawn part 2 {nm} JMT-NL May 31, 13:40

Upon 110th street - The beginning of Jackie Brown {nm} JMT-NL May 31, 13:43

That old time rock and roll - Risky business {nm} JMT-NL May 31, 13:48

AC/DC's Thunderstruck in Battleships getting-the-old-ship-ready-for-battle scene islander May 31, 13:43

Agreed. That was perfect {nm} JMT-NL May 31, 13:45

Yep, there are many great things in the 'ear scene' in RD, but Stealers is the mucilage locking it all together. I'm wowed every time. {nm} tatoufan May 31, 14:13

this list is kinda old from a dead website, but hard not to argue with a lot of their picks Moviesnob May 31, 13:43

3 way tie: A Real Hero - Drive, Hip to be Square - American Psycho, Where is My Mind - Fight Club MrZero May 31, 14:53

yes, Drive! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:32

Animals- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Kill Bill Vol 1 {nm} bennyg1985 May 31, 13:50

it doesnt matter have often I see that movie, this always gives me goosebumps, especially this shot Moviesnob May 31, 14:38

Actually that was Santa Esmerelda's version of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood {nm} Bubba_Fett May 31, 15:24

Singing in the Rain in A Clockwork Orange, improvised by Malcolm McDowell. {nm} the_treachery_of_images May 31, 13:50

But of course! {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 14:18

Danger Zone - Top Gun ~JPV~ May 31, 14:10

kenny loggins is the ****... Meet me Halfway - Over the Top! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:33

Danger Zone- Archer {nm} ndmaster May 31, 21:57

Jumpin Jack Flash in Mean Streets. Girl, you'll be a woman soon in Pulp Fiction. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 14:19

yes!! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:34

Oh yeah! {nm} Billy Bob May 31, 15:38

Scorcese films in general have great tunes. I prefer the opening sequence in Mean Streets. Be My Baby. {nm} tradermark May 31, 23:06

My Boyfriend's Back by The Angels in Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising (1963) {nm} joeoftexas May 31, 14:26

get together from fear and loathing in las vegas {nm} horrorfanatic May 31, 14:48

so great {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:33

Unchained Melody in Ghost. I never work on my pottery without it. {nm} stolberg May 31, 14:53

Lou Reed's Perfect Day in Trainspoting is pretty awesome too. {nm} stolberg May 31, 14:54

Oh, Wait! Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous!!!! Do I get three picks? {nm} stolberg May 31, 14:55

classic! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 14:56

In Your Eyes from Say Anything... {nm} stolberg May 31, 14:56

Awesome! {nm} Billy Bob May 31, 15:39

The drug deal gone wrong scene in Boogie Nights. {nm} skamanfu May 31, 14:54

thats one of the best scenes ever filmed IMO {nm} Moviesnob May 31, 14:55

Agreed. {nm} skamanfu May 31, 14:55

Watching this scene back when I worked at a theater was one of the moments that made me want to try working in the film biz {nm} skamanfu May 31, 14:57

scenes gives me chills. that's such a great film. {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:03

that is a perfect scene {nm} lobogotti May 31, 14:56

That's Sister Christian by Night Ranger. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 15:10

Fight Club - Where is My Mind {nm} lobogotti May 31, 14:55

yes! go out with a bang! More boogie nights - Living Thing from ELO {nm} Moviesnob May 31, 14:59

loved it! also Rushmore - The Who!! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:01

omg, Donnie Darko - Head Over Heels {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:03

From the oral history of Boogie Nights (RIP Grantland) about that song Moviesnob May 31, 15:08

epic! someone posted a great read (maybe a year back) from all the different perspectives of the crew. that was an amazing piece. lobogotti May 31, 15:11

yup, it was that same grantland piece. I miss grantland {nm} Moviesnob May 31, 15:16

Simmons 30 second introduction running on HBO is catchy. wonder if it'll take off? {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:35

Totally. It's A Quick One, by The Who. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 15:11

Purple Rain by Prince in the movie Purple Rain. {nm} pennystocks2 May 31, 15:03

Let's Hear it for the Boy in the original Footloose. {nm} pennystocks2 May 31, 15:06

one of my all time favorite songs {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:06

Great music all around, but Beautiful One will always be my favorite {nm} skamanfu May 31, 15:09

Totally. {nm} goodvibe61 May 31, 15:11

That whole sequence: Purple Rain, I would die 4 U and Baby I'm a Star. What a way to end a movie! {nm} leo21 May 31, 18:55

Tiny Dancer Elton John. Tour bus scene Almost Famous {nm} ryeontherocks May 31, 15:08

+1 {nm} Bubba_Fett May 31, 15:23

Fire and Rain. James Taylor. Kitchen scene in Running on Empty {nm} ryeontherocks May 31, 15:09

Some directors just know how to redefine pop music: Tarantino, PTA, Lynch, Demme, Hughes Wes Anderson... numbersix_99 May 31, 15:22

Gimme Shelter in Good Fellas. as Henry is on a coke-fuelled paranoid jag. {nm} Bubba_Fett May 31, 15:22

All the songs used during that incredible sequence, includes: Monkey Man by the Stones, Jump into the fire! by Nilsson, and goodvibe61 May 31, 16:17

Running on Empty - Forest Gump {nm} Billy Bob May 31, 15:37

a top 10 soundtrack of all time.... IMO {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:43

Mad World (Donnie Darko) and The Unanswered Question (Lola rennt) {nm} second gary May 31, 15:40

both top notch! {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:42

Ella Fitzgerald's cover of "Get Thee Behind Me Satan" and Jo Stafford's cover of "No Other Love" are also on my longlist. {nm} second gary May 31, 15:52

Both in "The Master," of course. {nm} second gary May 31, 15:53

hit or miss films, but Cruel Intentions - Bitter Sweet Symphony and Deadpool - Juice Newton completely sets the tone for that film. {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:52

Magnolia, opening scene! One is the Lonliest Number {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:52

I'd go with "Save Me," but all her songs are so important to "Magnolia." {nm} second gary May 31, 15:54

100% agree about her songs importance to the film {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:59

how could I ever forget Garden State - Let Go {nm} lobogotti May 31, 15:57

500 Days of Summer - You Make My Dreams {nm} lobogotti May 31, 16:00

ending scene of Trainwreck was a perfect song - Matter of Trust {nm} lobogotti May 31, 16:03

Kingsman - Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd {nm} lobogotti May 31, 16:54

You beat me to it. It's been a while since I saw that Magnolia though so I thought if was later in the movie {nm} Willroast May 31, 18:35

Oh, and "Salisbury Hill" in the parody trailer, "Shining." :) second gary May 31, 15:58

Scott Joplin, "The Entertainer" in "The Sting." {nm} second gary May 31, 16:11

Moby's "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" during the final scene of Heat LonePirate May 31, 16:22

That IS epic, as is the ending of Traffic, the music playing over the final scene at the baseball field. Electric. {nm} goodvibe61 Jun 01, 00:23

Tuesday's Gone in Dazed & Confused...Falling Slowly in Once {nm} capitolfi May 31, 16:50

Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce: X Men DOFP {nm} DanU May 31, 16:55

There can be only one for me. Mirwais - Disco Science from "Snatch" Willroast May 31, 18:38

A close second is Ordinary World (Duran Duran) from "Layer Cake" (again, link inside) Willroast May 31, 18:45

I'm smiling from ear to ear. "I'm sorry about that. I won't be around for awhile.".... so freaking awesome {nm} lobogotti May 31, 18:53

I watched Snatch at Lafayette Square Mall, opening night with no heat in the theater. It was 40 degrees and there were lobogotti May 31, 18:59

Eurotrip - Scotty Doesn't Know {nm} lobogotti May 31, 20:09

Stand By Me - Final Scene {nm} lobogotti May 31, 20:10

I'll give a shoutout to Gaurdians of the Galaxy soundtrack in general. The soundtrack was a huge part pf the sucess. {nm} tradermark May 31, 23:11

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