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DC isn't exactly strong, so might be wise to move it. {nm}

Posted by: -JPV- on Jul 10, 14:05 in response to Antibody's post The weak moves.

THR: Disney dates Jungle Cruise Oct. 11, 2019, Maleficent 2 May 29, 2020, Indiana Jones 5 July 9, 2021 Antibody Jul 10, 10:14

Wreck It Ralph 2 is now just RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, MARY POPPINS RETURNS moved up from 12/25 to 12/19 {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 10:41

those two weeks are gonna be a disaster for four of those titles. Maybe 5. {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 10:51

There was a rumor Warner might move AQUMN up (likely December 7). {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 10:55

It would lose its holiday IMAX run if it moves. {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:04

Ya I agree, AQUMN should move to either Nov 30 or Dec 7 {nm} Randy Jul 10, 11:57

I excluded November since Warner has Fantastic Beasts 2 coming out on the 16th. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 12:01

Fantastic Beast only opened with $74M OW, so I can't see Fantastic Beast 2 Opening much bigger Randy Jul 10, 13:06

WB is not going to cannibalize on itself. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:19

yeah, only universal does that {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 13:26

Well if WB doesn't move AQUMN it's going to get cannibalized by it's competition. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 13:30

AQUMN is the HIGHEST priced of the weekend. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:33

Ya but there's just way to much competition on Dec 21 there all just going cannibalize each other, Randy Jul 10, 13:46

The weak moves. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:49

DC isn't exactly strong, so might be wise to move it. -JPV- Jul 10, 14:05

Exactly. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 14:08

Look at the competition though... RogerMore Jul 10, 14:15

Well, we'll find out when the trailer debuts at SDCC. I just know a few had put out the rumor that it could move. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 14:21

Well, AQUMN will succeed/fail on its own merits. But in terms of competition for screens, marketing, audience interest etc it's got RogerMore Jul 10, 14:37

Moving AQUMN would actually be a sign of weakness to fanboys. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 14:21

Whether or not it moves, fanboys will find something to complain about. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 14:22

Why would WB give up the strongest box office over the holidays? {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 14:22

Moving it up a couple of weeks might actually make the Fanboys happy especially if they do it at Comic Con. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 15:15

They used to a lot, with New Line, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wedding Crashers same weekend, for example {nm} austpow Jul 10, 13:52

That's a family film vs. a R-rated film. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:54

In addition to the other arguments against this, the 2 weeks after Thanksgiving is a dead zone. No one is going to risk moving a movie there RogerMore Jul 10, 14:06

Someone needs to move up to Nov 2 against NUTFR. S411 heard bad buzz even after reshoots Antibody Jul 10, 10:57

Disney has an IMAX commitment on NUTFR currently. Bumblebee (but female lead too) and Holmes & Watson would seem to make the most sense {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:03

I was gonna say ALITA, but it has IMAX. WFARR has success with Christmas, so Bumblebee seems most logical. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 11:09

We haven’t seen any footage or pics of Holmes, so it could easily be the one to move {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:11

Holmes is the only comedy that doesn't really compete with all the effects driven films. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 11:15

Perhaps, but I remember Walk Hard all too well. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:24

i have. it played well for the crowd, and I 'm big fan of Step Brothers, but it looked unfunny to me. Again, it played well to the crowd {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 11:16

If it’s ready, they should move up, perhaps as early as October 17, Halloween and Mowgli should be easier competition. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:30

There has been success in Early October with broad comedies, but Sony has VENOM to worry about then. Halloween is a dead zone besides Madea {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:42

I dunno, I think the only one this hurts is perhaps Marwen, the rest seem to be playing to different audiences. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:10

7 of those movies are big budget with likely $200mil or more domestic greenlights. The market doesnt expand THAT much {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 11:18

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