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Well, AQUMN will succeed/fail on its own merits. But in terms of competition for screens, marketing, audience interest etc it's got

Posted by: RogerMore on Jul 10, 14:37 in response to -JPV-'s post Well, we'll find out when the trailer debuts at SDCC. I...

the advantage over every other late December release except Poppins, which has a different audience.

If AQUMN doesn't do well, it's not going to be from too much competition. It's because people just aren't interested in seeing it, and no release date change is going to affect that.

THR: Disney dates Jungle Cruise Oct. 11, 2019, Maleficent 2 May 29, 2020, Indiana Jones 5 July 9, 2021 Antibody Jul 10, 10:14

Wreck It Ralph 2 is now just RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, MARY POPPINS RETURNS moved up from 12/25 to 12/19 {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 10:41

those two weeks are gonna be a disaster for four of those titles. Maybe 5. {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 10:51

There was a rumor Warner might move AQUMN up (likely December 7). {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 10:55

It would lose its holiday IMAX run if it moves. {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:04

Ya I agree, AQUMN should move to either Nov 30 or Dec 7 {nm} Randy Jul 10, 11:57

I excluded November since Warner has Fantastic Beasts 2 coming out on the 16th. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 12:01

Fantastic Beast only opened with $74M OW, so I can't see Fantastic Beast 2 Opening much bigger Randy Jul 10, 13:06

WB is not going to cannibalize on itself. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:19

yeah, only universal does that {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 13:26

Well if WB doesn't move AQUMN it's going to get cannibalized by it's competition. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 13:30

AQUMN is the HIGHEST priced of the weekend. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:33

Ya but there's just way to much competition on Dec 21 there all just going cannibalize each other, Randy Jul 10, 13:46

The weak moves. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:49

DC isn't exactly strong, so might be wise to move it. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 14:05

Exactly. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 14:08

Look at the competition though... RogerMore Jul 10, 14:15

Well, we'll find out when the trailer debuts at SDCC. I just know a few had put out the rumor that it could move. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 14:21

Well, AQUMN will succeed/fail on its own merits. But in terms of competition for screens, marketing, audience interest etc it's got RogerMore Jul 10, 14:37

Moving AQUMN would actually be a sign of weakness to fanboys. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 14:21

Whether or not it moves, fanboys will find something to complain about. {nm} -JPV- Jul 10, 14:22

Why would WB give up the strongest box office over the holidays? {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 14:22

Moving it up a couple of weeks might actually make the Fanboys happy especially if they do it at Comic Con. {nm} Randy Jul 10, 15:15

They used to a lot, with New Line, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wedding Crashers same weekend, for example {nm} austpow Jul 10, 13:52

That's a family film vs. a R-rated film. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 13:54

In addition to the other arguments against this, the 2 weeks after Thanksgiving is a dead zone. No one is going to risk moving a movie there RogerMore Jul 10, 14:06

Someone needs to move up to Nov 2 against NUTFR. S411 heard bad buzz even after reshoots Antibody Jul 10, 10:57

Disney has an IMAX commitment on NUTFR currently. Bumblebee (but female lead too) and Holmes & Watson would seem to make the most sense {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:03

I was gonna say ALITA, but it has IMAX. WFARR has success with Christmas, so Bumblebee seems most logical. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 11:09

We haven’t seen any footage or pics of Holmes, so it could easily be the one to move {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:11

Holmes is the only comedy that doesn't really compete with all the effects driven films. {nm} Antibody Jul 10, 11:15

Perhaps, but I remember Walk Hard all too well. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:24

i have. it played well for the crowd, and I 'm big fan of Step Brothers, but it looked unfunny to me. Again, it played well to the crowd {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 11:16

If it’s ready, they should move up, perhaps as early as October 17, Halloween and Mowgli should be easier competition. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:30

There has been success in Early October with broad comedies, but Sony has VENOM to worry about then. Halloween is a dead zone besides Madea {nm} notfabio Jul 10, 11:42

I dunno, I think the only one this hurts is perhaps Marwen, the rest seem to be playing to different audiences. {nm} austpow Jul 10, 11:10

7 of those movies are big budget with likely $200mil or more domestic greenlights. The market doesnt expand THAT much {nm} Moviesnob Jul 10, 11:18

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