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This strikes at the heart of the potential artistry of film trailers as well. Yet another drum I've beaten for years.

Posted by: goodvibe61 on Jan 22, 11:23 in response to Flash's post These kind of people need to get a life.

To cite an example; the first 60 seconds of this trailer. Perhaps on my short list of the most effective use of original material, with the actors, that puts the hook in you to SEE THIS MOVIE, and yet, none of that 60 seconds is in the movie: 


So what are you going to do, sue because that wasn't actually in the film? 


I think the one thing i'd say about these people that are suing; they obviously don't care one bit about the movies. 

TMZ: Two consumers sued Universal for having ADARM in the Yesterday trailer, but not in the final film as advertised Antibody Jan 22, 08:42

These kind of people need to get a life. {nm} Flash Jan 22, 08:44

Disagree. What if it's a star you cared about? Universal should have cut a new trailer. {nm} Antibody Jan 22, 08:46

Few people knew who Ana de Armas was before Knives Out ... just give them back their 4 bucks. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jan 22, 09:16

Now they do after watching JB25, so they rented Yesterday epxpecting to see her. {nm} Antibody Jan 22, 09:18

So they litigate? Seriously? Give them their money back. Jesus. {nm} goodvibe61 Jan 22, 11:18

Yes, otherwise, Universal will keep fooling people who rent Yesterday thinking ADARM is in the movie. {nm} Antibody Jan 22, 12:33

Someone in my Twitter feed made a joke that they should be thankful cause the edits also cut out JCORD {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Jan 22, 15:08

I imagine anyone that crazy about her would've seen Knock Knock long before Knives Out ;-) Tallwonder Jan 22, 09:20

* people {nm} Tallwonder Jan 22, 09:21

Likely a settlement where everyone who rented Yeterday could gopt for a $4 credit on Prime Video. {nm} Antibody Jan 22, 09:31

People sue over the silliest things...OK, here's your rental $ back + you get a free rental certificate..sheesh. {nm} Flash Jan 23, 11:52

You like being lied to by companies that a product doesn't contain what's advertised? {nm} Antibody Jan 24, 07:43

No.... but is it really worth 'suing' over it? Seems silly, that's all. {nm} Flash Jan 24, 09:19

This strikes at the heart of the potential artistry of film trailers as well. Yet another drum I've beaten for years. goodvibe61 Jan 22, 11:23

Aren't many trailers made before the final cut is made? {nm} DTravel Jan 22, 20:05

Definitely. Hey, Bradley Cooper doesn't smash any car windows in Licorice Pizza....time for a class action lawsuit! {nm} goodvibe61 Jan 23, 09:19

The comparison would be Hey, Bradley Cooper is not in Licorice Pizza! {nm} Antibody Jan 24, 07:42

The trailer may be viewed as misrepresentation, which infringed upon consumer rights. {nm} extepan Jan 22, 16:48

Only in America. {nm} goodvibe61 Jan 22, 17:05

Comparison to commercials is apt. If the product doesn't deliver what the commercial advertises a lawsuit isn't unreasonable. {nm} MattW Jan 23, 17:59

even assuming that's true (I don't) the only damages is the price of the ticket. {nm} fat bernie Jan 24, 11:37

wasn't her scene like two minutes long anyway? {nm} tealfan Jan 22, 11:56

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