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Film titles under the Credits section on StarBond pages are crammed together and overlapping for me...Chrome on MacOS {nm}

Posted by: Jeff910 on Nov 15, 17:18 in response to jeffbacon's post UPDATE: 2020-11-15 12:30pm EST - Major HSX Site Interface...

UPDATE: 2020-11-15 12:30pm EST - Major HSX Site Interface Update jeffbacon Nov 15, 09:32

Inconsistency in MovieStock page views DTravel Nov 15, 09:58

What browser are you using? (I can't reproduce) jeffbacon Nov 15, 10:08

Sorry, meant to include that info. Firefox 82.0.3 on Windows 10 19041.630 {nm} DTravel Nov 15, 15:51

ah, forgot to re-check w Firefox. I think I can fix that tomorrow {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 17:20

Seems to be working the same for both now. *shrug* Maybe some other additional change you did covered it. {nm} DTravel Nov 15, 19:42

I can confirm I'm also seeing these inconsistencies in Firefox {nm} sloopsjohng Nov 15, 10:53

WHOA. Turrible update. Portfolio Page & all other Screens blasted 17" wide. Chrome. Turrible. Thx for trying but this is Horrible. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 15, 10:08

reduce the width of your browser and it will scale back the width of the content similar to the spacing before {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 10:10

That's unacceptable. A user should never have to adjust their browser or its settings to view a website. {nm} sloopsjohng Nov 15, 10:13

Agreed. It's actually crappier doing that. Update sucks badly. Please fix. Thx for your efforts. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 15, 10:16

I agree it's different that the past design, and still needs some tweaks... jeffbacon Nov 15, 10:20

A quick temporary fix would be to set a max-width (1200px?) on #bodywrap .column-row and the right & left margins to auto. {nm} sloopsjohng Nov 15, 10:29

I've been trying something like that but can't get it to take (CSS is all manual and not clean... will keep trying today) {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 10:57

Latest update to the portfolio page is much more tolerable now. Thanks. sloopsjohng Nov 15, 12:39

That's true. Now all that I have to do is adjust every other website that I go to to look better in a smaller window. Jedi_Force Nov 15, 10:53

Just refreshed. Looks much better. Keep up the good work. {nm} Jedi_Force Nov 15, 11:57

Unable to do a shrink or expand when on iPhone 6s w/ iOS 13.3 (Planning to install iOS 14.1 in next few days;will update this post then. {nm} project Nov 15, 20:41

what do you mean by 'shrink or expand'? {nm} jeffbacon Nov 16, 06:50

Referring to ability to read a line end to end w/o scrolling - such as in portfolio, ability to ... project Nov 16, 20:21

portfolio table is too big to fit on a mobile screen without scrolling in portrait... jeffbacon Nov 17, 10:41

I Agree. Absolutely Terrible Update. These can't be the final changes?!! mencius Nov 16, 09:47

Seems good to me on iPhone/safari and kindle fire/silk so far. {nm} islndr Nov 15, 11:05

IM links don’t seem to be clickable. sell all only sells 99999 out of 100000 {nm} islndr Nov 15, 11:43

What are "IM" links? {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 14:44

IM = Internal Message aka Additional Message. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Nov 15, 14:54

IM: Do you mean in the forum posts? jeffbacon Nov 15, 17:22

Doesn't look good on my Kindle Fire/Silk. Stock Trading is now on the left side of the screen, Moviestocks page is centered with Pennystocks2 Nov 15, 21:17

It's not so bad. Just takes some getting used to. Please disregard previous post. Thanks {nm} Pennystocks2 Nov 16, 22:43

Havent played around too much from Droid phone but functionality on Safari/Mac worse than before TheWeekendWarrior Nov 15, 11:22

Trading is MUCH much better on phone though. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Nov 15, 11:24

I have lost the access to tamper monkey in the Portfolio page..Chrome on Windows 7 Pro. Grunt Nov 15, 13:34

Not sure what you used Tamper Monkey for but any scripts modifying the page code would need to change to deal with the new page code {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 14:46

That's what I thought. It just mapped the portfolio screen a little different and added a couple of handy tools. Grunt Nov 16, 09:12

Any chance for a "classic mode" option? {nm} FrozenDude Nov 15, 14:01

The site structure had to be changed too much to handle mobile so it's not something that can be toggled on/off for classic mode {nm} jeffbacon Nov 15, 14:45

Film titles under the Credits section on StarBond pages are crammed together and overlapping for me...Chrome on MacOS Jeff910 Nov 15, 17:18

I'll have a fix for that today {nm} jeffbacon Nov 16, 06:47

Update is fine barring minor tweaks except some movie pages show as left-right horizontal frames & some as top-bottom vertical frames Tallwonder Nov 15, 19:04

Repositioning is playing havoc with me. wice Shorted by mistake instead of Sell {nm} Tallwonder Nov 16, 06:30

*Twice. Dont know how that got posted bef I completed & sent & that too with an auto "{nm}" attached {nm} Tallwonder Nov 16, 06:32

what do you mean by 'repositioning'? {nm} jeffbacon Nov 16, 06:50

It should be the info that used to be on the right side, is now on left side. Main move info on right-side. jeffbacon Nov 16, 06:49

Just pls change the code @ 1 go, am having to login every few minutes last 30min Tallwonder Nov 16, 09:06

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