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Now that we have another developer. . . Abraxas Jan 11, 12:38

I'll queue up a fix for that for the next release {nm} jeffbacon Jan 12, 06:16

Sorry unrelated but didn't deserve a new topic..the little pop-up (notification) trade confirmation is cool! First time doing one in awhile. {nm} MiyazakiFan Jan 12, 08:35

I love this new feature! {nm} ndmaster Jan 18, 22:53

BBRAT's delist price DTravel Jan 08, 13:24

Strange problem in IE....When I list all SBO's there is a blue back arrow that does not respond, but no forward scroll arrow..... mrbinns Jan 01, 09:30

It all works in Edge but I prefer IE; the previous...Next are missing in IE....the MSO'x did populate. {nm} mrbinns Jan 01, 09:52

IE was removed from the browsers HSX tests/supports in Nov 2020 jeffbacon Jan 03, 10:14

"Strange problem in IE" ... THERE's your problem! :-P {nm} DTravel Jan 01, 13:02

One thing I would like to see are the pictures back on the StarBonds pages. Or at least know why they were removed. Grunt Dec 28, 12:30

The trade confirmation popup is showing the pictures for some Starbond trades. DTravel Dec 28, 13:11

I believe todays cash outs should include DOORM {nm} tallbridge Dec 28, 10:32

History of HSX I think deserves an update :) unaturalx Dec 26, 16:18

"Change Today" displays random values after a trade. For example, if that value is say up $100,000 then after a trade it may Nobody Dec 26, 11:49

Which page are you looking at to see 'change today'? (it's on a few pages so I want to know where to look in the code) {nm} jeffbacon Dec 28, 07:38

How long does it take post delisting for a movie to show up again in an actor's history? Tallwonder Dec 23, 10:05

Not sure if I understand the question, but you can search delisted securities using Advance Search Antibody Dec 23, 12:24

The movie should not leave the list of credits unless there was no BO reported. Then is is omitted because it doesn't affect their value. {nm} Grunt Dec 23, 13:50

Maybe if you can provide a specific Movie<->Starbond example? As Grunt says, movies that delist without reporting any Box Office (inside) DTravel Dec 23, 15:00

The wording of the question is confusing. I will try to give you a full answer..... StarBondFund Dec 24, 09:31

On Future Release Schedule, a sort by Release Date puts months in alphabetic, not chronologic, order.8 {nm} Patient Player Dec 21, 17:15

Clarification: Month order anomaly does not occur when one first goes to the psge. Only after one clicks on the "Release Date" header Patient Player Dec 21, 18:38

(Why do that? To restore chronological order after one has sorted in some other order) {nm} Patient Player Dec 21, 18:42

thanks - found the bug, should be fixed in next release {nm} jeffbacon Dec 22, 07:39

This week, I see that HSX will not open with Apple's Safari browser... but it opens with Google Chrome. Any ideas? {nm} trkrecord Dec 18, 18:01

this was the message I received when trying to access HSX via Apple's Safari browser... trkrecord Dec 18, 18:06

Is that one a Mac computer or on an iPhone? {nm} jeffbacon Dec 20, 09:36

It opens fine w/ Safari on my 6S and ios 13.3 - which I’m using to do this (although I do prefer Firefox when available). {nm} project Dec 24, 03:43

Still unable to select previously used symbols in the drop down box when trading under the portfolio tab. Is this not fixable? {nm} mjwill2424 Dec 17, 20:12

That's your browser saving values you entered not the site. jeffbacon Dec 17, 20:26

The problem is not what is in the box. The problem is that I cannot select them. When I try, the box disappears. {nm} mwbigyank Dec 17, 21:15

HSX is not generating that box, your browser is. {nm} DTravel Dec 19, 15:18

Interesting, since it was working fine until the major site redo. {nm} mjwill2424 Dec 20, 20:02

As far as I know, the only control I have over that is to ask the browser not to provide suggestions jeffbacon Dec 21, 07:11

I want the suggestions, but changing the layout has rendered the box unusable. Guess it's a shortcut I will no longer be able to use. mjwill2424 Dec 21, 20:25

It's your personal browser that is the problem. I can access the suggestions on both Firefox and Chrome. I would clear out the cookies and JDolphin Dec 21, 23:46

Try using cursor keys not mouse to select them jeffbacon Dec 22, 06:50

Can we increase the login timeout a bit? It seems like I have to log back quite often throughout the day. {nm} Initech Dec 17, 15:47

Jeffbacon has previously posted that updates and patches will frequently require people to log in again. {nm} DTravel Dec 17, 15:53

Sorry, this week was due to some releases to fix issues behind the scenes jeffbacon Dec 17, 15:53

on the bright side, thanks for the regular updates {nm} tealfan Dec 17, 17:28

No apology necessary, you are doing great. Logging in a lot is a small price to pay for the updates. Thanks! {nm} Initech Dec 17, 20:32

Price history charts aren't loading for me on individual MovieStock pages Jeff910 Dec 16, 14:30

I'm having the same issue, Firefox on Win10 {nm} DTravel Dec 16, 14:53

Sorry, bug in the release today. Should be fixed. {nm} jeffbacon Dec 16, 16:46

Working for me now. Thank you. {nm} DTravel Dec 16, 16:52

isn't posting "WHY NOT TRY ONE OF THESE POPULAR MOVIESTOCKS" on port pages basically a call to action?... AFRAM The African-American Fund Dec 13, 16:07

That section only appears for empty portfolios jeffbacon Dec 14, 07:47

I logged into the site on my phone while waiting at the dr the other day. Thank you so much for the mobile improvements! {nm} SNLFund Dec 13, 12:43

Thanks for the feedback! {nm} jeffbacon Dec 14, 07:48

LUPIN was a two-days-only release on Oct 18. Why does it (and other few-days-only releases) have to hang around for months after its last Patient Player Dec 11, 16:34

IMO to be fair to all the players the rules have to be consistent. All Limited releases delist after 12 weekends. {nm} DTravel Dec 12, 15:12

That legalistic argument doesn't address the reality that a release that officially specifies in advance that it will be shown for only a Patient Player Dec 12, 19:53

If you want the cash to invest in other things sooner, cash out before it delists. {nm} DTravel Dec 12, 22:10

I'm arguing for a rule change to bring fairness to investors in 1-, 2-, and 3-day releases. (nm) Patient Player Dec 12, 19:57

I provided more info by listing 2-day. I could easily just put "limited". {nm} Antibody Dec 13, 11:59

Very well {nm} Patient Player Dec 13, 18:08

I'll revise my thinking about the few-day events. {nm} Patient Player Dec 13, 18:26

It cuts both ways (inside) DTravel Dec 14, 13:19

Ugh remove those up/down arrows you added today. It's just noise and the red/green color is sufficient. For that matter, you can Nobody Dec 11, 12:05

I suspect the up/down arrows were an attempt to address Flash's request (below) {nm} DTravel Dec 11, 12:53

Arrows changed style, but they were always there jeffbacon Dec 11, 14:25

Yabut we were so used to the old arrows that we had censored them out of our brains! :-P {nm} DTravel Dec 11, 15:38

What you really need are some sweet SVGs [/nerd-speak] {nm} sloopsjohng Dec 11, 16:43

yeah, my art skillz are not as good as my coding skillz =) {nm} jeffbacon Dec 12, 13:36

Finally looked great on my phone...until the arrows were added. Can't see my much info anymore. {nm} jimilitos Dec 12, 06:38

the arrows were always there - just styled differently. But I think the new ones don't stay inline with the numbers on mobile (will fix) {nm} jeffbacon Dec 12, 13:41

oh speaking of...how about a tiny arrow next to the change in your rank on the port page?...rather than a plus/minus...more intuitive {nm} tealfan Dec 12, 18:21

How about Grunt Dec 12, 19:12

I disagree - OFFIC taught us that cents can be very, very important. sloopsjohng Dec 13, 10:27

Seems valid to me. May make it more cell phone friendly. {nm} baconmaker Dec 13, 10:49

Suggestion (Since players run the show now) Flash Dec 07, 14:35

I could get used to that. {nm} DTravel Dec 07, 16:14

What i would like to see more clearly on the portfolio is which movies are in wide release. When sorted by release date, we can easily ... project Dec 08, 19:47

Use 'IN THEATERS NOW'. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Dec 08, 21:50

that still doesn’t distinguish which are the wide releases among the movies on a particular date {nm} project Dec 08, 23:46

You only have to scroll down at most 3 weekends. The imminent delist then appears on the Calendar for Next Week. {nm} Antibody Dec 09, 08:26

Any extra clicks help HSX. :) {nm} Antibody Dec 09, 08:32

I was thinking of something like * or >. First considered W but that would tend to visually blend with the movie trading symbol. {nm} project Dec 08, 23:50

Share price is still a pretty good indicator. Even now, wides are almost always priced above $5.00, limiteds below {nm} Patient Player Dec 09, 14:59

If a movie does not have a release date I buy or short 149,999 shares. If it does have a date I buy or short 150,000 and then sort by Neilthor Dec 29, 10:50

thanks for bringing back the link button :) {nm} tealfan Dec 07, 11:56

9 films just disappeared from the release calendar from 12-18 to 2-26. Any idea what happened? {nm} Neilthor Dec 07, 11:04

also - they did not show up in concept, development, production or wrap either - they are just gone! {nm} Neilthor Dec 07, 12:10

check out the calendar from last friday (it was a delist day) is that what you mean? islndr Dec 07, 12:45

I don't think any of those had release dates attached to them. The ones we lost did and they just disappeared this morning {nm} Neilthor Dec 07, 14:20

Maybe if you told us what films they were...? {nm} DTravel Dec 08, 10:08

I don't know the names - I had them by date and quantity on my worksheet {nm} Neilthor Dec 08, 13:07

I found one WHTGR - Dec 25 2020 release not showing on future release page {nm} Neilthor Dec 08, 13:30

also, DSDNT 12-18, POAWM 12-30, THDIG 1-15 TFRND 1-22, FALIN and MALCM 2-5. SISTE 2-12, GJBEL 2-19 and CHRRY 2-26 Neilthor Dec 08, 13:53

Inside DTravel Dec 08, 14:12

They should still be on the "Upcoming Movies" page - which they were until sometime Monday {nm} Neilthor Dec 08, 15:10

Antibody or Jeff will have to address that. {nm} DTravel Dec 08, 15:11

also DSDNT still has Dec 18th release on its page {nm} Neilthor Dec 08, 15:12

perhaps these films had "2020" as a generic release, and then, as they apparently won't be released in 2020, they left release calendar ? {nm} daveart Dec 08, 10:40

bug: should have a fix Dec 9th jeffbacon Dec 08, 20:17

Thank You! {nm} Neilthor Dec 09, 09:32

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