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Please update LSKNG with the new release date. {nm} DTravel Aug 13, 10:33

Todays IPO's not trading yet. (Aug 11). {nm} Grunt Aug 11, 08:15

I don't know what I was smokin'! {nm} Grunt Aug 11, 10:33

The exhaust from the Delorean you are driving? :) {nm} DTravel Aug 13, 10:14

TBRID.OW is not yet active {nm} The Weekend Warrior Aug 10, 09:04

Could we get an ET, Jaws, and Avatar re-release OW option? And maybe No Way Home? {nm} bsbbtnh Aug 06, 13:57

I like this idea, even if it's just an OW derivative. {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Aug 07, 12:45

Spider-Man MFSV will get a OW. ET and JAWS may not be wide. {nm} Antibody Aug 08, 16:56

Formula for when a limited release movie goes wide... JHFHockey Jul 30, 13:35

If you are asking about opening weekend adjusts, those were discontinued some time ago. {nm} DTravel Jul 30, 14:29

That's what I was asking. JHFHockey Jul 30, 16:55

you are doing well for 2 months. {nm} Grunt Jul 31, 12:40

Welcome Back! {nm} HorrorFund Aug 03, 22:31

The Name Of Michelle Pfeiffer (MPFEI) Is Spelled Incorrectly In The Description For 'WILD FOUR O'CLOCKS' (W4OCL). RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jul 27, 15:37

New week's Market Calendar only showing 3 days {nm} Tallwonder Jul 26, 12:03

It was in the middle of updating. {nm} Antibody Jul 26, 17:56

Here's some feedback: The Weekend Warrior Jul 26, 10:59

is it not an issue anymore?...hasn't been an update in awhile from the three board members (inside) tealfan Jul 26, 13:16

Well, I'm guessing Moviesnob has been busy with his day job and festivals and such. {nm} The Weekend Warrior Jul 26, 13:18

My understanding is that Cantor wanted BIG bucks to sell HSX. Far beyond the abilities of the board members or any realistic fundraising. {nm} DTravel Jul 26, 16:09

this is basically the case. it was 90% lobo making sure it didn't die. He raised money through the community to keep things going Moviesnob Jul 29, 00:02

if no one's worried anymore, then I'm not worried =P {nm} tealfan Jul 26, 18:13

I just hope it's not a situation where Antibody is sneaking into Cantor every day through a back entrance and no one knows he's there. :) {nm} The Weekend Warrior Jul 26, 18:20

Money well spent on the FEDEX Uniform. {nm} Captain Obvious Jul 26, 18:49

Cantor is in NYC, I believe Antibody is in California. {nm} DTravel Jul 27, 18:20

Cantor HQ is in New York City, but it has multiple offices throughout the country, including one in Los Angeles. (See their website for all) {nm} project Jul 28, 17:02

TJAME hasn't halted, but is on tomorrow's adjust list. {nm} Patient Player Jul 25, 18:39

Will Index Funds return this year? {nm} project Jul 25, 00:21

Antibody posted some time ago, that the funds can come back if there is/are people willing to manage these funds. {nm} extepan Aug 01, 03:39

With Los Angeles officially preparing to resume COVID indoor mask requirements, there is another as-yet unanswered queston: Will there also project Jul 16, 13:31

A Covid reprieve: Case numbers reportedly fell enough that L.A. Health Dept was able to back off renewed mask requirement. (At least for now {nm} project Jul 30, 19:29

would it be possible to add the ability to search the forum to the search box?...since posts are all archived anyway {nm} tealfan Jul 14, 13:28

You can google search the forums like this (search term is 'tealfan'): "tealfan site:hsx.com/forum" {nm} Nobody Jul 15, 08:32

for sure, but it's hit and miss for me {nm} tealfan Jul 15, 09:07

IIRC the issue would be needing to replace for forum software and then customizing the replacement, basically a "no-go". {nm} DTravel Jul 15, 13:29

aww...I was hoping it just involved adding code to the existing search engine {nm} tealfan Jul 15, 16:36

I doubt it would be that simple. I suspect the existing search function is customized code built as part of the site/game rather than DTravel Jul 15, 21:35

Joyride with Olivia Colman shelact Jul 12, 06:41

Thanks. {nm} Antibody Jul 12, 09:26

New Fund IPO today again doesn't have movies attached, price won't move tomorrow I guess w/o it {nm} Tallwonder Jul 06, 10:24

Fund Managers can't trade the fund immediately, have to wait a day IIRC. {nm} DTravel Jul 06, 12:06

Just *wonder*ing: How would you have put stocks in that fund before it had started receiving any money? Mgr has to use only the monies project Jul 06, 18:35

WRONG. The MovieFund immediately starts with 20 MILL from HSX & does not Receive Funds from Investors. Your Statements are Patently FALSE. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jul 06, 18:53

AH! I was looking at the situation like a real world fund and failed to take into account that this is the project Jul 07, 20:49

The price of a fund is based on just the value of its holdings. Players trading the fund has NO effect of the funds price/value. {nm} DTravel Jul 07, 22:02

How HSX Funds work AFRAM The African-American Fund Jul 08, 04:55

That capitalization is illiterate; those interpersonal skills are . . . no comment {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Jul 08, 11:44

Oblivious? {nm} DTravel Jul 10, 16:13

IPO Needed For Combat Control [JGYLL] OSKAR Jul 01, 12:35

The Name Of John Corbett (JCORB)) Is Spelled Incorrectly In The Description For 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3' (MBFG3). RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jun 29, 07:14

Have you alerted the media, the police, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the UN, and Q? If not, why not? {nm} SenJohnBlutarsky Jul 02, 09:47

MUNST glitch/reset? penguin77 Jun 27, 00:14

stock page didn't show drop either. Just showed 5.00 with change today {nm} penguin77 Jun 27, 00:24

*no change today {nm} penguin77 Jun 27, 00:24

At what time yesterday was it at $5.09? (And in what time zone.) Remember that the price movements and shares traded reset to zero at DTravel Jun 27, 13:27

At midnight pacific time. it went from 5.92 to 5.00 with zero trade activity. penguin77 Jun 27, 15:50

Send an email to support@hsx.com If you have screen captures include them. Give as much detail as you can. {nm} DTravel Jun 27, 16:50

Wrong. The 1st (MUNST) Transaction was at 12:10 AM 150,000 Shares at 5.04. The 2nd (MUNST) Transaction was at 12:10 150,000 Shares at 5.08. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jun 27, 17:06

Nope. It was not longer $5.90 at 23:12:01, and was $5.00 at 23:18:00 {nm} Antibody Jun 27, 17:15

huh, Maybe I had a old tab open or something. Thanks for looking into it. {nm} penguin77 Jun 27, 17:41

Just did 150K of Spinal Tap post reset, total volume right now's just 150K, zero price movement {nm} Tallwonder Jun 26, 00:13

And the expected punishment has happened {nm} Tallwonder Jun 26, 00:51

As DTravel said "The Secret Sauce is secret." {nm} Antibody Jun 27, 17:16

That's how they keep you *wonder*ing {nm} project Jun 27, 18:43

Last hour or so 150K shares bought/sold (of price >$20 too) is barely changing price by 1c (sometimes not even that) Tallwonder Jun 23, 11:05

The Secret Sauce is secret. {nm} DTravel Jun 23, 14:13

maybe thee are others trading those shares too ... not necessarily in same direction as you {nm} project Jun 23, 17:40

If so those shares should have been added to the daily volume listed. {nm} DTravel Jun 23, 21:08

Perhaps they were (I don't know since I wasn't involved/watching this situation) - this post did not address that possibility. {nm} project Jun 24, 20:21

Tallwonder's original post says 150,000 shares traded with no other trades. So, no, I don't think there were other trades. {nm} DTravel Jun 24, 21:20

Looks like I failed to read the entire original text. It appears that the problem is a time lag of some sort. {nm} project Jun 26, 19:36

I don't think that's it, he does mention that the price _did_ move, just by 1 cent only when he expected a greater price change. {nm} DTravel Jun 26, 20:01

One more possibility which should have occurred to me sooner: A transaction of 150,000 shares will not have as much effect on a stock with project Jun 27, 14:05

I don't know about that. As I recall the higher a moviestock's price the more it will be shifted by a trade <inside> DTravel Jun 27, 21:50

Which I do. There appear to perhaps be some people here, however, who are obsessed with constantly trying to trade every little project Jun 28, 17:37

Sorry for the long delay responding. I'm not understanding your point about # of shares already held. I don't think that affects DTravel Jul 06, 21:03

Please correct spelling for Waititi in STRW1 IPO title & description. {nm} Qix Jun 21, 12:51

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