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I strangely remember this - it was Scary Movie 4's Friday number, which came in at 19M instead of 20M.

Posted by: Jelly on Jul 21, 18:44 in response to notfabio's post It was like the Friday - Sunday multiplier, by a few...

One of the producers actually came to HSX to apologize. :)

have no idea how Straight Outta Compton is tracking, but the interest I'm seeing from friends and neighbors lobogotti Jul 21, 14:47

What. . . second gary Jul 21, 14:52

a matchbox car, of course ;) lobogotti Jul 21, 15:05

A summer cold this week. . . second gary Jul 21, 15:14

loved all the films you mentioned! I was a big fan of Dope, also Me & Earl & The Dying Girl. I have a buddy lobogotti Jul 21, 15:42

I've meant to see "Dope," and also "Mr. Holmes" and "Amy." second gary Jul 21, 16:05

saw Amy, it was great. Mr. Holmes, missed that one. lobogotti Jul 21, 16:50

"Mr. Holmes" is just out this past weekend: IMCKE as retired Sherlock, thinking through his last case. {nm} second gary Jul 21, 17:32

this title comes off as a movie that everyone will be talking about, but not really going to go see it. Like, The Interview. {nm} adrenalin112 Jul 21, 16:27

too much back and forth with The Interview of do we release it or don't we or should we just VOD it or not? lobogotti Jul 21, 16:54

that demographic is known to talk alot about a movie but not actually show up. adrenalin112 Jul 21, 21:58

It's posting very strong Twitter numbers considering the target demo. {nm} RollingThunder Jul 21, 14:55

it's going to touch 3 quadrants, and that's saying something for this film {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:06

Meh, sorry, two strong quadrants {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:07

I think reseting your portfolio is the standard guarantee here. {nm} Antibody Jul 21, 14:58

Consider it a bet. If it doesn't open over $40M I'll reset! {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:03

This will be AWESOME! So, what's Anti got to do if it DOES?? {nm} Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin Jul 21, 15:09

Ah, that's an easy one: reset all other active ports. :) {nm} second gary Jul 21, 15:15

Lobo would be the most hated man on this board! haha. {nm} masonacj Jul 21, 15:34

Oh crap! {nm} Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin Jul 21, 16:21

Talk about playing for blood! {nm} Chateau_du_Mal_Voisin Jul 21, 16:21

keep us out of this! {nm} tealfan Jul 21, 17:06

closet rap fans coming out of the woodwork? {nm} tealfan Jul 21, 17:07

doh!...meant as reply to original post {nm} tealfan Jul 21, 17:07

You have chosen the form of the destruction. :) {nm} second rooftop demon Jul 21, 17:31

I tried to think of the most innocent thing! {nm} tealfan Jul 21, 23:47

I wonder what the largest port value reset was? I assume I'll hold that record when it opens to $39.99M (or $40M for that matter)! {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:35

I think it was probably me, I was probably around 600 million when I did a port reset bet over Scary Movie 3 or 4. {nm} notfabio Jul 21, 15:51

that's ballsy. do you remember the bet details and how much you missed by? {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:54

It was like the Friday - Sunday multiplier, by a few million. {nm} notfabio Jul 21, 16:10

I strangely remember this - it was Scary Movie 4's Friday number, which came in at 19M instead of 20M. Jelly Jul 21, 18:44

ban ROTO & mike255 from posting ever again {nm} adrenalin112 Jul 21, 16:23

just did some searching online and found this. who's tracking sheet is this? lobogotti Jul 21, 15:49

That's Reel Source {nm} notfabio Jul 21, 15:50

doh! you just had to rain on my parade didn't you fabs? {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:50

and btw, though obviously this means nothing because none of us know anything, but how cool is seeing that number (for me)? {nm} lobogotti Jul 21, 15:50

It's generating a lot of conversation on black radio even before any coordinated marketing efforts. leo21 Jul 21, 19:14

closet rap fans coming out of the woodwork? {nm} tealfan Jul 21, 17:08

in my case, yes. lot of them. people I'd never think are talking to me about it. lobogotti Jul 21, 17:26

Someone asked last week for an underpriced stock and I said this one. It is going to open to 8 Mile type numbers. $40m - $50m+ opening {nm} nilephelan Jul 21, 17:43

The one negative is that it is pretty long. 2 hours 24 minutes final estimated run time. {nm} nilephelan Jul 21, 17:46

nice nile, hope you're right. lot of buzz around me for it, let's see if they support it OW {nm} lobogotti Jul 22, 06:07

I am with you, I think it will be the surpriser of the summer...I predict it to beats Mission #6 result {nm} tatoufan Jul 21, 18:02

now that would be impressive! {nm} lobogotti Jul 22, 06:06

I'm really looking forward to this flick lobo. However, as far as BO goes, I think it will fall in the bi-op range. I am thinking the... Willroast Jul 22, 04:59

hey Will, nice to see you buddy. take a look at this, here's an example of what I mean... lobogotti Jul 22, 06:05

Nice to see you too lobo. I actually think this movie will be well made, well received, and underseen. I hopefully (and probably) will be... Willroast Jul 22, 07:30

yeah, can see some Linklater in there. but certainly a lot of the director himself in Gary Gray. I hope the 8 Mile crowd shows up lobogotti Jul 22, 07:42

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