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Moving this up the list again for a repost - HSX FUTURE EP. 3: A NEW YEAR A message for the HSX community

Posted by: lobogotti on Jan 06, 17:51

The HSX Future Community Board’s project to enable the Hollywood Stock Exchange to survive and thrive continues, recent movie industry turbulence notwithstanding. In this message, we have (1) a brief report concerning current circumstances; (2) continuing cause for optimism about the HSX gamesite’s future; and (3) a summary for those who wish to learn how we got here.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: ​We are still alive, over six months later. Cantor Fitzgerald is actively engaged in seeking a long-term solution for HSX, so we have decided not to ask for a second contribution of pledged funds from HSXers.
Over six months after HSX seemed destined to disappear, HSX is still alive after being rescued by the HSX community! We possess operational control of the gamesite; we have a stable foundation of traders and trading activity; we have maintained market integrity and continuity; and we have successfully and carefully managed contributions from HSXers to fund gamesite expenses.
The HSX Future Community Board, a group of volunteers, continues to work collaboratively with Cantor Fitzgerald, which has owned and operated the HSX gamesite for two decades. The current result of those efforts appears to be some breathing room for HSX – we no longer fear imminent demise.
Every HSXer is indebted to Antibody (now a volunteer, no longer a Cantor Fitzgerald employee), who has provided first-rate gamesite content management; and Jeff Bacon, whose website technical services are indispensable and courteous. The HSX site has improved its overall functionality and become more accessible on mobile devices.
You can continue to help, in the near term, by (1) trading regularly, (2) persuading your friends, colleagues, family members, or even just randos at the grocery store line to create an HSX account, (3) checking the boards to stay informed, and (4) sending your ideas for improvements at HSX to HSXfuture@gmail.com 
Cantor Fitzgerald is now actively engaged in seeking a long-term solution for HSX, so there is a strong cause for optimism. We expect (and hope) to have more information we can share with the entire HSX community in January. ​For that reason, we have decided not to ask HSXers to provide the planned second installment of pledged funds at this time.
However, while Cantor Fitzgerald is funding the hosting and technical costs of the HSX gamesite, Cantor Fitzgerald has been unwilling to commit additional funding for the creation of new content and the maintenance of existing securities on the gamesite.
Antibody left Cantor Fitzgerald’s employment a half-year ago, but he is still serving the HSX community each day -- updating the site content; monitoring the boards; handling offerings, adjustments, and delistings; working on market innovations; and enabling HSX traders to enjoy our shared pastime.
The HSX Future Community Board has established a GoFundMe account as a virtual tip jar for Antibody this holiday season. You wouldn’t have been able to ride the recent market crash (on the short, ideally) without him! Please consider visiting [link] to express appreciation for Antibody’s effort and skill throughout a challenging year.
We want to be VERY CLEAR here, none of the past 7 months of trading would have been possible without Antibody.  As the donations have run out and there is no plan in place to hire him back currently (as far as we know), the only real way to keep things moving in the short term is to show some appreciation for all he’s done (and continues to do). Everyone here knows he was doing much more than the 15 hours a week maintenance we asked for.
Please consider a donation here:
Our project was born in late May, when Cantor Fitzgerald abandoned HSX. A few longtime traders assembled to try to identify and solve the problems confronting the HSX community, creating the HSX Future Community Board. A successful crowdfunding – requesting payment of half of pledged funds for the second half of 2020 and expecting the other half for 2021 – generated enough funds to avoid closure and maintain operations to this day.
Working with Cantor Fitzgerald, we obtained control of the gamesite; put Antibody back at the controls of content and market integrity; arranged uninterrupted website maintenance.
Thank you for your interest, your participation, and your support. We will keep everyone posted – and expect to have more details soon -- as the HSX Future Project continues its progress.
--The HSX Future Community Board
Clayton Thompson, James Emanuel Shapiro, Cris Hoel

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