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Get down from your bloody cross already. {nm}

Posted by: hawkfanatic2 on Jun 19, 16:18 in response to hyperzeitgeist's post Tell that to the arms manufacturers.

'Star Trek' star Anton Yelchin dead. Buckee Jun 19, 11:30

That's sad. {nm} second gary Jun 19, 11:44

True. He was very young. {nm} Buckee Jun 19, 11:48

i was REALLY hoping that was a hoax but no...2016 has claimed another great talent. Rest in Peace {nm} horrorfanatic Jun 19, 12:46

I lost money on his tag. A lot of people will be upset. {nm} mike255 Jun 19, 13:28

Fake money means nothing in the context of a human life. {nm} hyperzeitgeist Jun 19, 13:37

Even real money means nothing in context of human life. {nm} Oleg Max Jun 19, 13:43

Tell that to the arms manufacturers. {nm} hyperzeitgeist Jun 19, 13:54

Get down from your bloody cross already. hawkfanatic2 Jun 19, 16:18

Blessed are the peacemakers :D {nm} hyperzeitgeist Jun 19, 17:05

For they shall Inherit the Earth. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 17:56

They will inherit the Earth right after the rest of us leave to conquer the stars!!! {nm} DTravel Jun 20, 12:47

+1 {nm} chosenone2oo5 Jun 19, 14:01

Priorities man. {nm} ty97 Jun 19, 13:51

Shame on you, creepy person {nm} JMT-NL Jun 19, 14:13

Disgusting troll gonna troll. Disgustingly. {nm} CSBD Jun 19, 15:20

I hope you choke on that fake money you lost... troll. {nm} pennystocks2 Jun 19, 15:25

how are you not banned for life yet? {nm} Anniebecca Jun 19, 17:02

Mike I know you like to stir things up, but how does posting that comment make you look like anything like the ultimate di*k! I mean really? {nm} BelizeIt Jun 20, 00:29

Came here just to post this: When I found out about AYELC, I was shaken to the core. Was phenomenal in ALPHA, and in the TREK films. eallensbp Jun 19, 14:32

I woke up to the news. That wakes a person out of a hungover stupor fast. Rest in peace. A talent full of promise and heart. {nm} chosenone2oo5 Jun 19, 19:52

I remember from the Taken miniseries. He had a remarkable career despite his young age. {nm} leo21 Jun 19, 19:58

Rough way to go too if you read about how it happened. This past week has been rough with deaths. {nm} Hersheybar Jun 19, 14:58

The Sh*tty Part of the Game - Read about S/B's Death - Get Confirmation - Go to S/B Page - Make Adjustments. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 17:14

There were 942,203 Shares Traded before Halt. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 17:26

You can chose out of respect not to play that part of the game and take the small loss {nm} JDolphin Jun 19, 19:52

You can Choose to Play the HSX Game however you want. Got Nothing to do with Respect / Disrespect. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 20:22

You're the one that called it "the Sh*tty Part of the Game". I agee and therefore chose not to play even if it is only a game. {nm} JDolphin Jun 19, 20:34

Your Call - Play however you Want. 942,203 Shares Traded. No Disrespect Shown there. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 20:47

This Website should really Bend-You-Out-Of-Shape. Captain Obvious Jun 19, 20:47

Would it work to delist the Starbond at the price that it was at corresponding to their time of death? bonds_star_bonds Jun 19, 23:30

The star bond delists at the tag - so in this case that's below the current price because Star Trek was going to increase his tag {nm} JDolphin Jun 19, 23:45

Yes, I understand how it currently works. I'm asking if just delisting at price of time of death wouldn't be better. 8perf Jun 19, 23:59

+1 {nm} Andre C Jun 19, 23:47

You are Wrong - the Delist Price would be EXACTLY the same (1.08) even if there were no Trades. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:14

I'm asking why the delist price shouldn't just be the market price at best known time of death instead? bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 00:29

What 'Problem' do you think Exists? do you think the Current Rules are UNFAIR? If so, why? {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:36

I think delisting at the coroner's estimated time of death would be the fairest price. bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 00:52

Keep Hearing the Word 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'. Stop using it - it's got Nothing to do with this. What's UNFAIR? {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 01:03

Why does something need to be "unfair" for an alternative to be considered which could be even more fair? bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 01:19

Keep Hearing the Word 'F-A-I-R'. How is your Proposal 'More Fair'? To Whom? Just Adds Confusion & Uncertainty. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 05:52

Delisting at the price at time of death is confusing? I don't know what could be easier. bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 07:49

Delisting at price at time of death would also address the case of someone dying after OW while the stock is still active. bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 01:31

HSX StarBonds are based on the TAG System. You are proposing a non-TAG-based Deviation. Adds Uncertainty. Captain Obvious Jun 20, 05:46

Starbond market pricing incorporates the value of upcoming releases. Why change that when someone dies? bonds_star_bonds Jun 20, 08:22

What you are Proposing is Unworkable - it would Require HSX to Adjust ALL Trades made Before Halt. Captain Obvious Jun 20, 06:06

The ONLY Thing your Proposal Accomplishes is to Reduce the Profits of those that made Trades before Halt. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 06:59

And to Minimize the Losses of Those that Didn't. Smacks of Self-Interest. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 07:00

You are Wrong - any Trades have Zero (0) Effect on the eventual Delist Price. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:15

How would anyone know the EXACT Price at the EXACT Time of Death? {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:15

What if Authorities could not Determine the EXACT Time of Death (e.g.- Prince)? Or take Weeks to Answer? {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:17

Millions Benefit every Day from Someone's Death - Most are called 'Beneficiaries'. Some 'Enemy Combatants'. {nm} Captain Obvious Jun 20, 00:18

What horrible news. {nm} tatoufan Jun 20, 03:55

Very sad news - RIP {nm} joeoftexas Jun 20, 06:36

So sad, I loved him in the trek movies. Great successor to mr. Koenig. {nm} eternal warrior Jun 20, 09:46

According to Jalopnik.com the Jeep Grand Cherokee he was driving was included in the 1.1million jeeps included in a recall for bad shifters. Choray911 Jun 20, 17:47

I've been reading up on his family. They've been through way too much. {nm} leo21 Jun 20, 19:16

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