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If you want tolerance for yourself and the people you care about, practice it for others, ALL of them. {nm}

Posted by: FranklynStreet on Mar 01, 11:57 in response to RollingThunder's post I'm sorry, do you know me? Do you know my heart, who I...

Attitude: Played by US actor Josh Gad, the character of LeFou is set to make history with Disney’s first ever “exclusively gay moment”. Antibody Mar 01, 09:38

I've been concerned Disney would go this route eventually. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 09:42

Concerned? Should be celebrated. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 09:44

Not if you're a genuine (non-superficial) Christian. There will be plenty in the world system who will view this as a milestone, though. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 09:47

speaking a genuine Christian, I am glad to see all of God's Kingdom represented in movies. I trust Disney to handle it graciously Epiphany Mar 01, 09:59

It's not representation that concerns me - that's a good thing. It's the message being sent to our children. RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:03

It's a good message to send to gay kids that it's okay to be gay and there are others like you. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 10:08

Okay by what standards, though? The media? World is trending way too much towards everything being acceptable. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:09

Secular. One isn't born Christian (religion is taught), but one is born gay. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 10:11

Disagree, it is a choice, just like everything in life. {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:45

You don't get to choose your race/ethnicity in life. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 11:52

Being gay is NOT a choice. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:53

We can agree to disagree {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 12:01

That platitude makes sense when you're discussing opinion, not here. Did you "choose" to be straight? I can tell you with certainty I did pmb Mar 01, 12:46

Society. {nm} JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:19

Outcomes. People who are accepted by society for who they are are less likely to commit suicide, for example. {nm} RogerMore Mar 01, 11:06

But luckily not homophobic statements like yours. {nm} Spawn Mar 01, 11:37

I'm sorry, do you know me? Do you know my heart, who I pray for, etc? If not, keep such comments to yourself. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:39

Knowing you or not doesn't change the fact that you're making bigoted, homophobic statements here. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:56

Actually, it does. We are not called to judge one another. Did you say that in the hopes I would somehow be affected? {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:59

Exactly how are you not judging others by your statements? Isn't that the point. People are calling you out for judging others based on pmb Mar 01, 13:04

If you want tolerance for yourself and the people you care about, practice it for others, ALL of them. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:57

I am tolerant - you don't get more tolerant than accepting and praying for others. I still have a right to not agree with their choices. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 12:01

Praying isnt the height of tolerance because you're asking for conformity on your terms, not theirs Moviesnob Mar 01, 12:37

+1 and thank you for saying that. {nm} Stonyrn Mar 01, 10:21

Sad to see people not be understanding of peoples faith and views. {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:57

I was in 4th grade when i knew i was gay, i wish there were positive gay role models in the late 70's and 80's during my childhood years. {nm} Stonyrn Mar 01, 11:19

and speaking as another genuine and non-superficial Christian who is looking forward to this film I concur wholeheartedly. Good for Disney. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:05

Your endorsement is not at all surprising. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:10

Your antiquated bigotry is unsurprising as well. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:25

Just because you have made notable strides to become consistently competitive doesn't mean you have to belittle fellow players. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:28

You could always just stop posting bigoted things about movies. Gameplay doesn't have anything to do with that. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:36

Having an HSX-unpopular opinion does not make it bigoted. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:39

true, being bigoted makes it bigoted {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:41

The anger on these boards is palpable sometimes, making it impossible for a civil conversation. Such a sad situation. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:44

then i guess you better stop {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:48

heh-heh... {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:56

I will offer my opinion whenever I feel like, but thanks. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:56

Agree with you 100% {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:48

I'm all for tolerance but I'm also sympathetic to devout religious beliefs. But I want to point out to you that Moviesnob Mar 01, 10:58

I appreciate that, Moviesnob. Just like texts, posts can have a way of rubbing people the wrong way. RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:00

I think everyone welcomes your insight into box office. But the internet struggles with our current cultural divide Moviesnob Mar 01, 11:07

Easy enough to keep my posts strictly to box office data. Clearly I find strength in numbers elsewhere. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:11

preach, sister! {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:30

If you apply genuine Christian thought to what is suitable movies, you end up with little to watch JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:05

I concur. Again, it's about messages being sent to impressionable kids, not adults capable of making well-founded decisions. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:06

Well, the message hopefully sent to impressionable kids is that there's to be ashamed of in being whoever you are! You want something else? {nm} ladybegood Mar 01, 10:14

Supposed to be a "nothing" in there. "Nothing" to be ashamed of. {nm} ladybegood Mar 01, 10:18

Tolerance for differences should always be taught to kids. The world is what it is, no matter how the intolerant want it otherwise. {nm} JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:18

I'd rather my kids get positive messages like this then close minded bigoted messages. {nm} AJRimmer Mar 01, 11:00

So why do you feel that you, as a genuine non-superficial Christian, should have your prejudices reflected in media consumed around the lunare Mar 01, 17:28

The movie is primarily about bestiality (woman/animal) and you're worried about a gay scene? {nm} ßionicℳoron™ Mar 01, 13:03

It's something to celebrate clearly {nm} yelton Mar 01, 10:02

Can we stop using "children" as an excuse, they are much more liberal then we give them credit. {nm} Mala-Droi Mar 01, 10:07

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAj26rVWK14 {nm} MattW Mar 01, 10:52

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