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Praying isnt the height of tolerance because you're asking for conformity on your terms, not theirs

Posted by: Moviesnob on Mar 01, 12:37 in response to RollingThunder's post I am tolerant - you don't get more tolerant than...

It's ok for folks not to follow your beliefs. If you're right, you'll be rewarded for it and they wont be.

It's tricky when dealing with absolutes. I'm guessing the way you feel empathy for others is wanting them to be saved. I'm a big fan of empathy so I applaud it. The problem comes when the person you're praying for (in this case, for someone to follow god's literal words and not be gay) gains strength from validating their feelings. The only real choice we have is how we deal with our feelings. Openly gay people are acting on their feelings. By and large, they don't want to change because that would denying their feelings. 

People want validation. Mostly from themselves but we also need validation from others. Thats part of tolerance. Praying for them to deny their feelings isnt validation and therefore isnt tolerance. 


Attitude: Played by US actor Josh Gad, the character of LeFou is set to make history with Disney’s first ever “exclusively gay moment”. Antibody Mar 01, 09:38

I've been concerned Disney would go this route eventually. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 09:42

Concerned? Should be celebrated. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 09:44

Not if you're a genuine (non-superficial) Christian. There will be plenty in the world system who will view this as a milestone, though. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 09:47

speaking a genuine Christian, I am glad to see all of God's Kingdom represented in movies. I trust Disney to handle it graciously Epiphany Mar 01, 09:59

It's not representation that concerns me - that's a good thing. It's the message being sent to our children. RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:03

It's a good message to send to gay kids that it's okay to be gay and there are others like you. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 10:08

Okay by what standards, though? The media? World is trending way too much towards everything being acceptable. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:09

Secular. One isn't born Christian (religion is taught), but one is born gay. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 10:11

Disagree, it is a choice, just like everything in life. {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:45

You don't get to choose your race/ethnicity in life. {nm} Antibody Mar 01, 11:52

Being gay is NOT a choice. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:53

We can agree to disagree {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 12:01

That platitude makes sense when you're discussing opinion, not here. Did you "choose" to be straight? I can tell you with certainty I did pmb Mar 01, 12:46

Society. {nm} JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:19

Outcomes. People who are accepted by society for who they are are less likely to commit suicide, for example. {nm} RogerMore Mar 01, 11:06

But luckily not homophobic statements like yours. {nm} Spawn Mar 01, 11:37

I'm sorry, do you know me? Do you know my heart, who I pray for, etc? If not, keep such comments to yourself. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:39

Knowing you or not doesn't change the fact that you're making bigoted, homophobic statements here. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:56

Actually, it does. We are not called to judge one another. Did you say that in the hopes I would somehow be affected? {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:59

Exactly how are you not judging others by your statements? Isn't that the point. People are calling you out for judging others based on pmb Mar 01, 13:04

If you want tolerance for yourself and the people you care about, practice it for others, ALL of them. {nm} FranklynStreet Mar 01, 11:57

I am tolerant - you don't get more tolerant than accepting and praying for others. I still have a right to not agree with their choices. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 12:01

Praying isnt the height of tolerance because you're asking for conformity on your terms, not theirs Moviesnob Mar 01, 12:37

+1 and thank you for saying that. {nm} Stonyrn Mar 01, 10:21

Sad to see people not be understanding of peoples faith and views. {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:57

I was in 4th grade when i knew i was gay, i wish there were positive gay role models in the late 70's and 80's during my childhood years. {nm} Stonyrn Mar 01, 11:19

and speaking as another genuine and non-superficial Christian who is looking forward to this film I concur wholeheartedly. Good for Disney. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:05

Your endorsement is not at all surprising. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:10

Your antiquated bigotry is unsurprising as well. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:25

Just because you have made notable strides to become consistently competitive doesn't mean you have to belittle fellow players. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:28

You could always just stop posting bigoted things about movies. Gameplay doesn't have anything to do with that. {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:36

Having an HSX-unpopular opinion does not make it bigoted. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:39

true, being bigoted makes it bigoted {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:41

The anger on these boards is palpable sometimes, making it impossible for a civil conversation. Such a sad situation. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:44

then i guess you better stop {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:48

heh-heh... {nm} CSBD Mar 01, 10:56

I will offer my opinion whenever I feel like, but thanks. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:56

Agree with you 100% {nm} St Blink Mar 01, 11:48

I'm all for tolerance but I'm also sympathetic to devout religious beliefs. But I want to point out to you that Moviesnob Mar 01, 10:58

I appreciate that, Moviesnob. Just like texts, posts can have a way of rubbing people the wrong way. RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:00

I think everyone welcomes your insight into box office. But the internet struggles with our current cultural divide Moviesnob Mar 01, 11:07

Easy enough to keep my posts strictly to box office data. Clearly I find strength in numbers elsewhere. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 11:11

preach, sister! {nm} slipping jimmy Mar 01, 10:30

If you apply genuine Christian thought to what is suitable movies, you end up with little to watch JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:05

I concur. Again, it's about messages being sent to impressionable kids, not adults capable of making well-founded decisions. {nm} RollingThunder Mar 01, 10:06

Well, the message hopefully sent to impressionable kids is that there's to be ashamed of in being whoever you are! You want something else? {nm} ladybegood Mar 01, 10:14

Supposed to be a "nothing" in there. "Nothing" to be ashamed of. {nm} ladybegood Mar 01, 10:18

Tolerance for differences should always be taught to kids. The world is what it is, no matter how the intolerant want it otherwise. {nm} JoeMetz Mar 01, 10:18

I'd rather my kids get positive messages like this then close minded bigoted messages. {nm} AJRimmer Mar 01, 11:00

So why do you feel that you, as a genuine non-superficial Christian, should have your prejudices reflected in media consumed around the lunare Mar 01, 17:28

The movie is primarily about bestiality (woman/animal) and you're worried about a gay scene? {nm} ßionicℳoron™ Mar 01, 13:03

It's something to celebrate clearly {nm} yelton Mar 01, 10:02

Can we stop using "children" as an excuse, they are much more liberal then we give them credit. {nm} Mala-Droi Mar 01, 10:07

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAj26rVWK14 {nm} MattW Mar 01, 10:52

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