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Well, you most surely know him better than I do, so I'm not gonna argue with that. Perhaps the comment was purely motivated by enthusiasm an

Posted by: Facto on Apr 11, 01:03 in response to Catzan's post His documentation of his statement is that he has the...

d honest helpfulness - a genuine, selfless utterance. One can get too cynical, hanging out on these boards, at times. On the other hand, one should always substantiate a little. He mentions xiayun in his bio, and I fail to see xiayun making a post like that. The latter is more measured and stoic.

Again, you know him much better than I do - but in that case, my view would be more representative of the average player, perhaps. What if everyone made posts like that? Perhaps that would be good, perhaps not? (Or perhaps these boards would look more and more like the box office challenge discussions over at BOM? =))


RS: Scream high 40s, Rio mid 30s (really?), Conspirator 2 secretstalker Apr 10, 14:50

Is the really? for RIO surprise because it should be higher or lower cp6ap Apr 10, 14:59

Higher. {nm} secretstalker Apr 10, 15:10

I agree the RIO targeting, marketing and reviews have been first class - it will be no 1 next week cp6ap Apr 10, 15:31

You have no IM.. Of course, movies opening at 30+, outside of the summer/Xmas seasons, quite often become no 1 for that weekend.. Facto Apr 10, 16:41

I won't be surprised to see MTC come in quite a bit higher with RIO, which could point to $45m+. {nm} Rolling_Thunder Apr 10, 15:30

That's pure speculation (you probably hold long and want to cut your losses?). The box office forecast sites had Rio at a slowish start, but Facto Apr 10, 16:26

(not sites, but site - the one with forecasts for all bigger movies opening the next few months) {nm} Facto Apr 10, 16:27

Speculation is welcome here - I have enough experience to know what I'm talking about, Facto. {nm} Rolling_Thunder Apr 10, 18:48

You have a crystal ball, you mean.. ? :-) Tell me instead whether you were holding the stock long at the time of posting Facto Apr 10, 19:54

(judging the worth and weight of your post, I mean - for my own personal use) Facto Apr 10, 19:55

Btw, before anyone asks (or since some may wonder without asking) Facto Apr 10, 20:26

Case in point (for Rio predictions) Facto Apr 10, 20:40

Aww comon...Rolling T has been around for ages and I think his bio speaks enough. You want a factor that will be interesting to watch...we Catzan Apr 10, 23:50

Eh, seems you're missing my point :-) Did you read all I wrote? Facto Apr 10, 23:56

His documentation of his statement is that he has the experience to make that statement. He has seen it in the past. So have I. Hence it is Catzan Apr 11, 00:28

Well, you most surely know him better than I do, so I'm not gonna argue with that. Perhaps the comment was purely motivated by enthusiasm an Facto Apr 11, 01:03

I'm more surprised by Prom, but this is RS after all {nm} Moviesnob Apr 10, 15:07

RS Futures have only been 42% accurate in the last 3 weeks. I'm still working on the entire 2011, but for now I wouldn't count on RS Future {nm} PVL Admin Apr 10, 16:29

Yes, I still don't understand why people bother reacting much to RS figures. Still, as long as they do, active traders will always have the Facto Apr 10, 16:30

RS can be used in combination with other tools to get at least a sense of the direction. Confirmation tool vs. action tool. {nm} PVL Admin Apr 10, 16:32

That's true, of course - but requires expertise/some skill. This is a note to new/casual players that they should not attach too much signif Facto Apr 10, 16:36

Exactly! What I am trying to add is that even though I am totally anti-RS, it can still serve a purpose of some kind. {nm} PVL Admin Apr 10, 16:38

Yes - also in keeping us alert, reflecting and social.. {nm} Facto Apr 10, 16:42

Not sure who is going to watch Prom; I think twas DMac who wrote: jane_citizen Apr 10, 22:22

I'd bet my whole port that Rio does more than that in the OW. {nm} MiyazakiFan Apr 10, 20:16

Really? :-) Facto Apr 10, 20:28

Re Conspirator, it could do a lot in 12 weeks if it did $2mil in its OW jane_citizen Apr 10, 22:19

That one is a real curiosity piece...looks like all the makings of a big distrib release and yet it isn't w/one of the big boys...there is a Catzan Apr 10, 23:54

My understanding is that it wasn't super-well-received at festivals jane_citizen Apr 11, 00:19

Ok, thanks...I mean it has the earmarks of a "passion project"...I don't think I am booked for it, I'll find out tomorrow. {nm} Catzan Apr 11, 00:55

Except that there is a better than good chance that 550 is low if it's being considered a wide release by RS. secretstalker Apr 11, 07:25

You forgot to tag [WELPH] for this RS post. {nm} accountant_4_Jesus Apr 13, 20:15

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