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I pick the 2nd one, failed 3 times in a row so should be due for a win soon! {nm}

Posted by: gibster420 on Jul 15, 23:31 in response to gibster420's post I always pock the

Classic Cash & You strange Jul 15, 14:29

Nope, doesn't work {nm} JDolphin Jul 15, 15:06

I always pick Sunset Blvd., just because {nm} daveart Jul 15, 15:13

Not always, I pick The Birds Every time and am lucky to win once a week...if that. {nm} aggie2145 Jul 15, 15:18

I always pock the {nm} gibster420 Jul 15, 23:30

I pick the 2nd one, failed 3 times in a row so should be due for a win soon! gibster420 Jul 15, 23:31

I once did an experiment and picked the last one 30 days straight and didn't win once {nm} JDolphin Jul 16, 02:08

once i won it 3 days in a row....i'll never see that kind of luck again...now if i win once a month i throw a party lol! {nm} horrorfanatic Jul 16, 13:11

Law Of Large Numbers says that you should be winning about 3x a month... RazorHawk Jul 16, 14:57

He have about a 1per chance3 to lose 30 times in a row {nm} mishra Jul 16, 15:24

Never heard of that law, and, I'm no statistician. But, shouldn't wins average out to 4x a month, with 1 in 7 chance each time? {nm} edzep - Port Monkey! Jul 17, 04:31

It's basically just a law that says that given a large enough set of data (in this case, plays as Classic Cash), that the expected average.. Willroast Jul 17, 05:38

Yes - or 4.34523809524 per Month (on Average) to be a bit more Precise. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jul 17, 05:39

OOPS - 6.46 is Average Number of Days for a Win. RotoHockeyYTD2014 Jul 17, 05:43

I'm no statistician either.... RazorHawk Jul 17, 06:04

To answer the end, 1 in 7 each day. {nm} DTravel Jul 17, 12:55

it should average out to that but if you know statistics....sometimes you could win 3 or 4 times in a row or go through steak of losing. {nm} mishra Jul 17, 14:38

It might be a fluke, but I seem to win more if I pick the first poster that pops up. {nm} avandelay Jul 17, 10:40

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