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Posted by: accountant_4_Jesus (a.k.a del_SJW_accountant_4_Jesus) on Apr 27, 00:26 in response to secretstalker's post MTC: FFUR5 78 (whoa!), PROM 10, Hoodwinked 8, Dylan Dog 3


MTC: FFUR5 78 (whoa!), PROM 10, Hoodwinked 8, Dylan Dog 3 {nm} secretstalker Apr 25, 10:42

what do you mean 'whoa'? You think it's a HIGH estimate ??? {nm} SequelsFund Apr 25, 10:44

he definitely is surprised :) .... however i think Fast Five has commedable amount of buzz for a ripping opening... {nm} b4bad Apr 25, 11:29

If this number is realistic, then several of the attached star bonds don't really reflect it yet (whereas a few more or less do). {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:41

That depends. If this number is realistic, nothing says the movie has any legs. {nm} ty97 Apr 25, 11:44

Very true {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:50

According to the formula that means Fast 5 should open well above 78 mil right? {nm} BionicMoron Apr 25, 10:46

That's the "rule" and 78 is well above 60. {nm} secretstalker Apr 25, 10:54

let me rephrase the question; Do YOU think it's a high estimate. ( I think it is. Ridicolously high ! ) {nm} SequelsFund Apr 25, 11:16

Why? Can you break it down in numbers, and support your notion with comparisons, referance to weekend potential in general, etc? {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:24

(just curious - cause if one feels as strongly about a figure, there must be some rational reason somewhere - and then it should be possible Facto Apr 25, 11:26

I posted some numbers below your previous post asking about theaters counts facto {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:28

Thanks - I see it now {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:38

I think I can explain my reasoning on this vindiesel/carhitmovie. But let´s do these things in a certain order ) Secret may answer first {nm} SequelsFund Apr 25, 11:35

Why does SS need to offer his opinion before you give a reasoning on why you think it's 'ridiculously high'. {nm} Antibody Apr 25, 11:44

because - woooow... this FF5 thread could be the biggest ever in recent hsx-history - but still; because.... SequelsFund Apr 25, 12:08

SS is not obligated to offer an 'opinion'. But you volunteered your opinion and we're curious to your reasoning. {nm} Antibody Apr 25, 12:15

??? SequelsFund Apr 25, 12:23

The discussion is movies and you say you said you can explain your reasoning re FFUR5. {nm} Antibody Apr 25, 12:34

offcourse I can. But at what point do I have to ? I prefer to wait for SS-answer, as I stated before. I feel you are pressuring me to... SequelsFund Apr 25, 12:53

So 74 million is doable, but 78 million is high. Gotcha. :) {nm} Antibody Apr 25, 13:04

No you don't. 74 is way too high. But that's my humble opininon. What's yours ? :-) {nm} SequelsFund Apr 25, 13:20

no way in hell it does that. just my opinion, though {nm} ndmaster Apr 25, 10:52

I saw the trailer in a movie theatre on Saturday - it does look quite good. If people are hungry for a blockbuster popcorn flick right about Facto Apr 25, 11:00

I think the trailers look awesome {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:13

I was hoping for plus 75 for FFUR5. I love my, I love my, I love my MTC {nm} MTC your my hero Apr 25, 10:52

78? Thanks MTC, I needed a good laugh! {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 10:55

it has been out opening the last one in every territory so unless the bo malaise is unique to US... {nm} notfabio Apr 25, 11:03

We'll see. I'll believe it when I see it. I'll happily eat my crow if I'm wrong, but.. eyescovered Apr 25, 11:08

WoW really?? Is that because of the movie or how the market has been? {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:14

BO has been down and it's not summer. I don't think TROCK is that much of a draw. Having original cast helps, though. {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:18

BO has been down because the movie selection year-to-date has sucked. That changes this weekend. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 25, 11:20

I can't see anything breaking out until maybe PIRT4. I know FFUR4 did 70m in April of 2009, but it was the only new movie and there wasn't eyescovered Apr 25, 11:30

But you are basing all this on pure instinct/gut.. ? Can you break it down in numbers, please? Facto Apr 25, 11:31

What numbers do you want? Just because a seuqel comes out and MTC goes ga-ga over it, doesn't make it true. Just look at IRNM2. {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:37

What was MTC on IRNM2? IRNM2 opened at $128M, higher than IRMN at $102M. {nm} Antibody Apr 25, 11:41

I have MTC at 150 for IRNM2 {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:42

By that measure, MTC is conservative with this sequel... {nm} Catzan Apr 25, 11:46

I found it now, too - posted by notfabio on May 3, 2010 Facto Apr 25, 11:50

Searching and haven't found it yet - found the MTC for the weekend after.. {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:47

Woah.. What competition is this movie gonna have?? Dylan Dogg? Hoodwinked?? {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:33

There wasn't a kids movie like RIO this time last year. Only down 31% from opening weekend, that will take away some biz from FFUR5 {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:36

I doubt it overlaps much. Urban audiences go for Rio over OW Fast 5? Don't see it. Blockbuster auds already saw Rio, mostly, I'd think. Facto Apr 25, 11:40

and we are looking at a PG-13 flick and a G rated movie {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:42

We'll see! Either way I hope it makes me some H$! {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:43

Thats the important thing {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:44

Monsters Vs. Aliens competed against the last FFUR. I think that one is relevant. My opinion on #4 is that they really did a good job in Catzan Apr 25, 11:45

Everyone here is making good points! eyescovered Apr 25, 11:48

Call it a gut instinct then. That's about all I can say! {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:49

lol...who needs a gut when halt is on Saturdays usually. ;-) {nm} Catzan Apr 25, 11:53

And not just Saturdays but saturday evening..... well for reg stock {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:54

EXACTLY! I hope it either bombs or breaks out b/c I will be right there making profits! {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:55

I think last years F&F could have down well more than almost 71 mil if not for Monsters Vs Aliens. Dorfman Apr 25, 11:49

this, I think (hope) {nm} Facto Apr 25, 12:06

And looking back at this time last year, there were a LOT of shorts... {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:23

May I suggest that you go back two years, and calculate what you would've lost if you went short on Fast 4? Facto Apr 25, 11:29

Don't have records that far back. What did it halt at? {nm} eyescovered Apr 25, 11:31

Less than 130, it seems - adjusted to 195 {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:36

I think that may be a lil high for dylan dogg IMO. Thats 3000 per theatre. {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 10:59

LMFAO @ 78. Way off. {nm} stevenj1127 Apr 25, 11:00

Fast and Furious 2 years ago took (almost) everyone here on HSX by surprise. Do you remember? {nm} Facto Apr 25, 11:01

Why is that so way off? BO was saying 70mil and that was before the weekend showing what a breakout Fast 5 is having overseas. {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:01

I can imagine that there's some "cognitive dissonance" in effect, here(?) Facto Apr 25, 11:09

Last week Antibody posted that Fast5 could get 3500+ Dorfman Apr 25, 11:20

My 2011 Easter though for you... maybe don't put all your eggs in one basket {nm} JMT-NL Apr 25, 11:27

lol oh i don't {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:28

I put all my Easter eggs in the same burlap sack. They were fine. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 25, 11:54

While it's high, I too am confused why everyone is laughing. 70 for the last one + the addition of The Rock + like last time, no competition dsbman Apr 25, 11:08

Also, IMAX, which will inflate prices even more. {nm} dsbman Apr 25, 11:09

The Rocks popularity has been on the rise with his return to doing promos at WWE. I'm sure he's gonna bring in quite a few fans too. {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:09

Yeah, I don't get it. It may or may not be a bit high, but in no way is it laughably so. {nm} BionicMoron Apr 25, 11:21

Much to Thor's chagrin, this is also the first 'Summer Movie' ("April" be damned) ty97 Apr 25, 11:21

Looking at last years F&F movie numbers and theater counts its definitely doable {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:23

Even if you take 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS' number and account for inflation + an IMAX bump, you're looking at around $68m minimum. In no way is 78 dsbman Apr 25, 11:32

Wrong movie. Look at Fast & Furious from 2009 not 2 fast 2 furious {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:36

Fast and Furious 2009... Dorfman Apr 25, 11:41

Read your post wrong dsbman. Thought u were saying 78 was laughable. my bad {nm} Dorfman Apr 25, 11:55

Tagging [FFUR5], [PROM], [DEADN], [HDWN2]. accountant_4_Jesus Apr 27, 00:26

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