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io9 saw [EUROP] and got the poster

Posted by: Antibody on May 06, 17:07


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io9 saw [EUROP] and got the poster Antibody May 06, 17:07

The article also confirms the previous report that it's going VOD first. Has a VOD-first movie ever done more than, say, $100K in B.O.? {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:14

all the time {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 17:18

agree. was Margin Call first VOD and then theater? {nm} Oleg Max May 06, 17:21

I can't find any reference to VOD first at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margin_Call_(film) {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:24

Margin Call was day and date with theatrical {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 17:40

thx {nm} Oleg Max May 06, 17:45

Any lists online, e.g. on Box Office Mojo or elsewhere? Not simultaneous release, but VOD first. In this case > than a month earlier. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:22

most Magnolia and almost all IFC releases are ultra VOD. {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 17:37

Magnolia usually wont do ultra for docs and a few films they'll push for oscars, but everything else, especialy their magnet label is ultra {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 17:39

again, the difference is subscription (HBO, netflix) and transactional (cable). In the most simplest terms, Moviesnob May 06, 21:19

http://blog.moviefone.com/2010/09/01/why-video-on-demand-might-save-movies-and-movie-theaters/ says vast majority are day and date. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:54

That article was referring to Magnolia. I haven't checked on IFC but I'm not sure why it would be different. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:57

well, you can believe me when i say things do change over three years. {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 18:05

not to be an ass, but my credentials are pretty strong. I speak on panels with IFC and Magnolia about this model {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 18:06

here's the last one Moviesnob May 06, 18:07

Facts (and lists with numbers and facts!) trump credientials every time, and the link says nothing about the issue. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:16

Why would the vast majority be day and date 32 months ago, and flip to, say, theatrical 5 weeks after VOD since? {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:18

Why, for example, would theatre owners put up with that on any kind of significant scale? Even day and date will be a tough sell. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:19

because magnolia owns their own theaters (landmark) {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 18:33

Ah, so we're making some progress then. You're conceding, for starters, that it is inherently a very tough w/o an insider element? {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:43

because the price point is $9.99 vs $6.99 and the placement is significantly better {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 18:33

Price points need a market, and I'm still looking for even a $100K B.O. example. Does Magnolia own cable companies too, for VOD? :-/ {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:48

Melancholia is the biggest recent example of an ultra VOD release. No Magnolia does not own cable companies Moviesnob May 06, 18:53

And the one example you've now given, Melancholia had a theatrical release in LA three months earlier! Geez. {nm KalElFan May 06, 19:02

that was to qualify for best actress for the oscars and the vod providers didnt care {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 19:36

Yes, I read that in the source article I found it in, but nevertheless it eliminates Melancholia as VOD first. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:42

The sarcastic :-/ reflected my thoughts on Magnolia owning cable, but it also gets to your $9.99 and $6.99. Cable gets its cut. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:16

50%-40%, better than theatrical {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 19:33

3 years in distribution is a lifetime. its kinda like using a release from the 70's to predict box office this year, nudge nudge {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 18:35

Equating 32 months to 38 years if funny indeed, and maybe funny math is better than no math, as in no $100K example yet. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:52

Look, Moviesnob, no hard feelings on this end and if you or Magnolia or IFC can make this work then great. There should be $ examples. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 18:54

thank you, no hard feelings on this end either. Example above given (you actually never asked for an example) Moviesnob May 06, 18:58

Well I asked for lists, which by definition contain many examples, and I set a low $100K bar further up. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:10

There's also Wiki reference to HDNet carrying Magnolia releases the first week (both Mark Cuban owned). Is that being called VOD here? {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:26

its different, thats pay tv, but mag has a deal with netflix and showtime for those rights, than they havent cared about the early one day Moviesnob May 06, 19:34

The distinction can become blurred though, with many pay tv services having their own on demand channel. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:50

Really, PPV may be a better term than VOD if we're talking theatrical box office versus video on demand equivalent. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 19:51

Out of curiosity, KalElFan, are you unable to post IMs? {nm} Paul2k May 06, 20:25

Haven't been able to do that since IE8, at least since last I tried a few months back. The HSX site never updated the board for it. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 20:40

I'll try again, if nothing appears except this header it still doesn't work... {nm} KalElFan May 06, 20:43

Nope. (I'd put "Testing" in the Additional Message). So that's why it's like I'm Tweet-bound when posting. :-) {nm} KalElFan May 06, 20:48

it may be VOD, but the difference is subscription vs transactional. those rights are sold separately. {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 20:57

Fine, but what Magnolia categorizes as VOD based on the rights it sells, isn't necessarily what the market or industry will call VOD. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:09

In a sense, Netflix and HBO On Demand are every bit as much VOD to the market, as a PPV cable channel is. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:10

what magnolia calls VOD and what the market and industry call VOD are exactly the same {nm} Moviesnob May 06, 21:16

reposting from above. again, the difference is subscription (HBO, netflix) and transactional (cable). In the most simplest terms, Moviesnob May 06, 21:21

And acronym splitting it into SVOD and TVOD only reinforces the point that it's *ALL* VOD to the market. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:38

it is all VOD. But I'm not sure why you think the market has a different definition for VOD than the distributors. They don't. Moviesnob May 06, 21:44

The VOD market is composed of 100M+ homes, Moviesnob. HBO On Demand exists, and Netflix is an On Demand pitch. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:30

but the difference is subscription (i pay (7.99 a month for netflix) vs transactional (i pay $4.99 to watch this movie on cable) Moviesnob May 06, 21:40

I got your rights categorization of it at 'Fine..." above, but the market does "see it all as VOD" as you concede." {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:49

cool. glad we reached a point of understanding. Again, i think your original point is valid, but basing it on a $100k line isnt a good Moviesnob May 06, 21:58

I think/hope simultaneous VOD is the wave of the future, so I'd be interested in those stats too. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 17:26

To reboot the SVOD / TVOD issue, it's all VOD if and when day-and-date is widely available, as opposed to Magnolia's .1% of box office. {nm} KalElFan May 06, 21:58

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