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Looks like #7 Memorial Day and BOM says Soylo cost $300 before P & A... It might not even break 400M globally! Losing over 200M for Disney.

Posted by: Baron_Darcon2017 on May 28, 00:37 in response to CSStrowbridge's post That's at worse. It's likely top 3. Is that still a low...

If it cost 300M and P&A were say 150M and it takes nearly double that to break even of 900M .... think abou that... making 500M less than necessary and Disney losing 250M!!!

Hard to judge globla but a 65M international in every major market but one is horrendous! 

Can't wait to see how the BO for this ends.


D: Deadline sources (not Disney) are estimating $13m-$15m for Solo previews tomcat90 May 24, 18:25

JL made 13M in previews, only went on to earn 93.8M for OW... called it. Soycott is on. The fans are speaking.... {nm} Baron_Darcon2017 May 24, 19:01

Can someone please ban this ****? {nm} MiyazakiFan May 24, 19:38

+1 {nm} Fechin May 24, 20:34

He’s not wrong, this is looking like a colossal disappointment. {nm} skunkrunner May 24, 20:40

How? It looks like it will open with more than $100 million domestically. CSStrowbridge May 25, 03:46

"Top 10 Memorial Day Opener" is a really low bar for success given that it's a major tentpole film. {nm} parthm_ May 25, 08:27

That's at worse. It's likely top 3. Is that still a low bar? {nm} CSStrowbridge May 25, 08:38

Yes I would say so. This movie cost $250 million and yet it might not beat an X-Men movie from 12 years ago. parthm_ May 25, 10:56

Looks like #7 Memorial Day and BOM says Soylo cost $300 before P & A... It might not even break 400M globally! Losing over 200M for Disney. Baron_Darcon2017 May 28, 00:37

How would you define colossal disappointment? {nm} numbersix_99 May 25, 05:16

<150 poor <140 bad <125 colossal <110 franchise killing {nm} skunkrunner May 25, 07:02

This is all sorts of wrong. {nm} CSStrowbridge May 25, 08:25

Solo's 4-day making less than Rogue One's 3-day is poor and bad. {nm} Antibody May 25, 08:37

It's going to make a profit, even after being almost entire reshoot. It's a success. {nm} CSStrowbridge May 25, 08:42

I don't know. $250M production plus another $100M+ in marketing. {nm} Antibody May 25, 08:47

Studios don’t make movies to barely clear a profit, they have an expected rate of return. {nm} RogerMore May 25, 12:33

In whose terms, though. Yours or disney's? Because as long as it makes over $800m worldwide it's a profitable film {nm} numbersix_99 May 25, 08:44

It's looking like under $400M for domestic. Double that for WW is $800M.. {nm} Antibody May 25, 08:52

I 2nd this! {nm} JDolphin May 24, 20:43

Ban for truth? The previous film is having a big negative effect on the current film {nm} Fitch3k May 24, 20:48

No, banned for being a Nazi. CSStrowbridge May 25, 03:42

...and you just exemplified why many of us reject Solo Pepe_Nolan May 26, 11:05

Seriously making fun of hipsters makes someone a Nazi? Soy the new metro sexual slang word {nm} Fitch3k May 28, 02:43

Couldn't care less about whether he is right or wrong. No reason to give a platform to someone is regularly racist and uses inflammatory MiyazakiFan May 25, 07:30

this. {nm} CSBD May 25, 08:01

Exactly. CSStrowbridge May 25, 08:29

People who won't support divisive ideology propagandized in escapist fare are incels. Got it. Logically consistent. Pepe_Nolan May 26, 12:28

It's new slang which you have no right to censor. You have worse problems to deal with if you can't handle Fitch3k May 28, 02:45

+3 STONYRN May 24, 21:06

I agree. It's pointless, causes unnecessary drama, and does zero to benefit this (or ANY) community. He's constantly toxic for the sake of BSmurf May 24, 23:44

How about speaking in English? You are en elf......uncontrollably...i think.....the bcott is on....boarde has spoken...toldya!! {nm} goodvibe61 May 25, 00:33

using XMEN7 79.8/8.2 = 9.73 x 13-15 = 126-146 4-day. Antibody May 24, 19:28

I meant XMEn6 {nm} Antibody May 24, 19:30

Ep7 had a 3-day:Preview multi of 4.35; Ep8 was 4.89; R1 was 5.35. I have a hard time seeing Solo get up to Xmen's level, 8.0 MattW May 24, 20:11

Avg it 4.86 x 15=72.9 that'd be devastating... There is a push to support Deadpool 2 as to stick it to Disney.... if Baron_Darcon2017 May 24, 20:31

fake news {nm} Fechin May 24, 20:35

Solo has a Sunday within a holiday weekend. {nm} Antibody May 24, 20:36

Those numbers are highly doubtful XMEN6 is the best comparison. {nm} Randy May 24, 20:50

Memorial Day vs. Christmas Holiday release. You can't compare the two. CSStrowbridge May 25, 03:45

Pirates did more than 11x its previews for the 3-day, seems like a poor comparison for star wars IMO {nm} MattW May 25, 07:27

X-Men: Apocalypse did 8x over 3 days. ... CSStrowbridge May 25, 08:31

Ouch.. That is surprising {nm} VictorY May 24, 19:31

Whatever the **** happens at the box office this weekend I really enjoyed this movie. A solid addition to the franchise. {nm} Wellespring May 24, 20:23

It was fantastic!!! {nm} Fechin May 24, 20:35

The film is good, i've really enjoyed it, but i will be glad if it tanks at least in the OW. Kathleen Kennedy needs to be out soon. {nm} Filmstardust May 24, 20:56

Because.... ? {nm} BSmurf May 24, 22:35

She's a successful woman... CSStrowbridge May 25, 03:47

Because she hates the fan base, because she turn the franchise into a SJW agenda, and because she sucks at managing. She sucks {nm} Filmstardust May 25, 07:22

I don't care if she's a man, a woman, gay, trans, or a robot, she's terrible at her job. She received the biggest franchise in history and.. Filmstardust May 25, 07:25

except she didnt. 3 films $4.4B ww, which is hey look $1B more than the prequel trilogy did ww adjusted! {nm} islndr May 25, 08:26

To islndr : Except i don't care. the had a F1 Ferrari and crashed it. TFA and RO did great, once people saw what she was doing, it start to Filmstardust May 26, 17:52


Toy sales down 80%....Toys selling for 3 cents!!!!! SW on clearance all over... Video games underselling by hundreds of millions... {nm} Baron_Darcon2017 May 25, 09:31

Links? No game ever has sold hundreds of millions of copies. You are a liar. Period. A liar. {nm} BSmurf May 25, 10:54

heh. deceptive and fraudulent posts are bannable under the tos. :) {nm} islndr May 25, 11:14

A pethora of links for your perusal... Baron_Darcon2017 May 25, 17:32

Thank you for providing the links showing that you are a liar. Makes it easy. Not a single one demonstrates that any game has sold 100s of m BSmurf May 26, 00:05

Your blind here's the link again! I never said the game sold hundreds of millions of copies. It undersold by hundreds of millions of $$$$ Baron_Darcon2017 May 26, 20:28

BattlefrontII undersold by 7 million copies.. 7million x59.99=$419Million lost revenue..some editions were $100+ some $2 {nm} Baron_Darcon2017 May 25, 17:38

What is SJW {nm} goodvibe61 May 25, 08:53

social justice warrior. mostly used by insecure white men when diversity in entertainment is thrust upon them. {nm} CSBD May 25, 09:00

Go make your own diversity franchise, don't use the biggest franchise in history to show how progressive you are. {nm} Filmstardust May 26, 17:48

SJW are hypocrits who are anti-male, anti-white, anti-family, anti-law and order, communist, anti-free speech, fascist, anti-meritocracy, Baron_Darcon2017 May 28, 00:20

I had a blast watching it. Starts a little slow but once it kicks in it's just non-stop. Visuals were fantastic -- loved the look of the pic {nm} MiyazakiFan May 25, 07:32

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