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Most Hollywood movies have all-white or nearly all-white casts. You just don't notice because you think it's normal. {nm}

Posted by: parthm_ on Aug 01, 09:51 in response to Chimpmuck's post I didn't mean an all-white cast for this movie, just...

THR on the making of [CRASN] author turned down a gigantic payday and greenlighted trilogy from Netflix so it would be seen in theaters Antibody Aug 01, 08:58

No Caucasians, blacks, Latinos, or visibly disabled in this movie. Where's the outrage? {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:05

Umm, no Asians in 95% of other Hollywood movies. {nm} Antibody Aug 01, 09:08

If it was an all white cast you'd be rioting in the streets, but an all Asian cast is A-OK because diversity {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:10

There have been all-white cast for decades. Hilarious how 1 in 25 years get you all riled up. {nm} Antibody Aug 01, 09:15

Amusing how you ignore your own hypocrisy and dodge the questions that expose it {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:18

Nope. You're the one exposing your own prejudice and racism. {nm} Antibody Aug 01, 09:21

Typical SJW drone. When you have exhausted the script, shut down the conversation and call them a racist {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:27

Typical racist, seeing diversity as a threat to their supremacy. {nm} Antibody Aug 01, 09:31

When did this board fall to race bating harassment? The first reply from this guy was to start this garbage. Are there no mods anymore? {nm} TerenceHill Aug 01, 09:33

It all started with Baron_Darcon2017. Mercifully it seems he has maybe been banned. People like him and this idiot make the board unusable. {nm} MiyazakiFan Aug 01, 09:40

I've been coming here for 15 years and I don't recall it ever being this bad. It feels like every other post now. {nm} TerenceHill Aug 01, 09:50

I apologize for posting this subject to the Movies forum. It belongs in the Life forum. {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:54

not really {nm} slipping jimmy Aug 01, 10:03

its never been this bad, they just feel empowered b/c the GOP allows this extremism to stay in power. These morons have always been morons {nm} Moviesnob Aug 01, 10:34

You sound like a stale-thinking, disaffected bigot, Chippie. Quit whimpering. {nm} DTXbro Aug 01, 09:42

Circular argument...Limbaugh has used this for years. So, because you utilize a racist viewpoint and get called out for it, you attack the Catzan Aug 01, 12:41

SJWs strike again by [checks notes] faithfully adapting a popular novel about Asian families! {nm} slipping jimmy Aug 01, 09:20

Given it's a story about Asians, ya, an all-white cast should lead to riots in the streets. {nm} dubord.s Aug 01, 09:21

I didn't mean an all-white cast for this movie, just movies in general {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:28

Movies 'in general' should have casts that represent the population 'in general'. {nm} dubord.s Aug 01, 09:41

Most Hollywood movies have all-white or nearly all-white casts. You just don't notice because you think it's normal. parthm_ Aug 01, 09:51

The outrage is it took 25 YEARS for a major studio to make another movie about Asian-Americans. {nm} Antibody Aug 01, 09:10

Sigh. Look at this person's post history. Please ban them. Why are there no moderators on here? {nm} MiyazakiFan Aug 01, 09:39

Ban me? Am I not allowed to have an opinion? {nm} Chimpmuck Aug 01, 09:41

Disaffected, spectrum-inhabiting, intolerant, half-educated, backward right-wing goobers have speech rights, too {nm} DTXbro Aug 01, 09:43

ill-informed racist opinions? yes. a platform to spew them online? no {nm} slipping jimmy Aug 01, 10:04

So you and Antibody can spew any political or SJW opinions you want, but if I offer an opinion I am attacked, called names... Chimpmuck Aug 01, 10:14

Maybe change your opinions? Since they’re like wrong. {nm} islndr Aug 01, 10:44

they're not even opinions. just ****posts made in bad faith to "own the libs" on an internet movie board slipping jimmy Aug 01, 11:33

its scary that we have to think that way now {nm} Moviesnob Aug 01, 11:38

Echo chambers gotta echo Pepe_Nolan Aug 01, 14:29

I don't think this is true. Here's the quote from his interview with the Guardian RogerMore Aug 01, 16:09

+1 {nm} dubord.s Aug 01, 09:41

the thing is, if this one makes bank, some channel/network will probably still pay for a series {nm} slipping jimmy Aug 01, 09:13

I hope we all reward their decision. Great way to see any comedy - on the big screen as a shared experience with lots of laughter. {nm} PhoneHome Aug 01, 10:42

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