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LOL. Yes, my name is a joke, i am a big joke, but the comment i made was really not a joke - however u can sue me for generalising

Posted by: Teabagger on Jul 01, 02:53 in response to Facto's post Uh-oh........

I was just looking through my portofolio the other day.. I only been playing this game a few days. I been doing pretty **** so far, but so has my portofolio of funds which i have invested some dollars in.. so i took a little closer look at them to see who has been doing a good job over the long term and who have been wanking around the last half a year or so... Laughing


Anyways look at these numbers below, because if there was something such as a HSX bank, I rather put my money safely at a steady interest rate than lending it to these funds:


Universal Studio Fund - Monthly average interest 6.25%

If you gave them 10 dollars 8 months ago, you would have been left with 15 dollars today

The Original Idea Fund - Monthly average interest 2.5%

If you gave them 20 dollars three months ago, you would have only 21.5 dollars today

Warner Bros. Studio Fund - Monthly average interest 0.5%

If you gave them 10 dollars eight months ago, you would have 10.4 today

Paramount Studio Fund - Monthly average interest 0.6%

if you gave them 17 dollars twelve months ago, you would have 18.4 today

Foreign Directors Fund - Monthly average interest 1.83%

If you gave them 50 dollars twelve months ago, you would have 61 dollars today


I mean, obviously there should be some very smart people running these funds with a great interest in the film business who would know something about gaining capital. But.. in fact they are not making a monthly average higher than a average player does in one or two weeks..  n if you look at the leaderboards on those who actually seem to understand how to invest their dollars - they make these funds look like they are in the middle of a financial crisis. However it does not apply to all funds on HSX, but in general I was kind of expecting people running to be a tad more succesful??YellYellYell


Included in the post:



Why do HSX have Funds to invest in?? who runs them? and why do they perform so incredible bad? {nm}   Teabagger on Jul 01, 01:49

Uh-oh........   Facto on Jul 01, 01:58

LOL. Yes, my name is a joke, i am a big joke, but the comment i made was really not a joke - however u can sue me for generalising   Teabagger on Jul 01, 02:53

FIRDR   greenmonkee on Nov 19, 09:12

FRDIR   greenmonkee on Nov 19, 09:16

Funds   jrgaz2 on Jan 19, 20:50

there are a ton of explanations are a few   bunty_ketti on Jul 01, 04:10

Still doesnt make sense to me after reviewing what they actually been performing taking in account the kind of inflation that exist on HSX {nm}   Teabagger on Jul 01, 05:27

Several of the funds are run by traders with relatively small ports, and who don't figure much in the weekly top 100   Facto on Jul 01, 06:13

Dont disrespect my name handsome, dude i been playing this game for ten days and seems to beat the **** out of the funds here..    Teabagger on Jul 01, 09:37

Certain Fund "Themes" are easier to run than others. With the restrictions on some of the funds, E.g. the Studio Funds   Scorpion [FOXX Fund] on Jul 01, 06:20

Exactly one bad call in a studio fund can really become a bear to overcome. And then you are left stuck hoping the studio has a decent slate   UNIVXFund on Jul 21, 12:40

you expect us to take you seriously with "teabagger" as a name and member of "Brokeback Mountain Lovers League" and "Scandinavian Erection"? {nm}   BANALFund on Jul 01, 06:50

Gay-bashing!!! :-P {nm}   Facto on Jul 01, 07:31

Trade restrictions hamper funds ability to generate wow profits. Back in the days...   Wolfythunder on Jul 01, 13:50

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