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How is faith illogical when you exercise it every day?

Posted by: accountant_4_Jesus (a.k.a del_SJW_accountant_4_Jesus) on Mar 27, 16:54 in response to edzep - Port Monkey!'s post No, no, you're ALL wrong (agnostics excepted)

When you go to sit on a chair you have faith that the chair will support your weight. That faith is based on what you understand of the chair. When you ring a friend you have faith that they will pick up the phone. That faith is based on what you understand of your friend. When you walk down the street you have faith that you'll be safe from muggings etc. That faith is based on what you understand of the people in the area you're walking in. In a similar way, you can believe in a higher power and have faith that they exist. That faith is based on what you understand of the higher power from your observance of the world around you, etc.

Time to drop the Atom Bomb in here: All Christians are basically atheists BSmurf Mar 26, 21:34

Over the line. Harassment. Time to scrub. Against code of conduct. {nm} RocketYTD2013 Mar 26, 22:33

Harassment to who? BSmurf has valid points. Why is it ok to make religious arguments, but not atheist ones? eyescovered Mar 27, 06:13

Noted. There is a limit to what kind of discussion is acceptable. This is NOT. We got on A4J's back pretty hard PVL Admin Mar 27, 10:55

PS, by not scrubbbing this post, we all now know Antibody's position on the matter. Pro"thumping is not allowed but Anti"thumping" is OK. {nm} PVL Admin Mar 27, 11:00

Have I scrubbed any of A4J's posts? {nm} Antibody Mar 27, 11:05

Maybe not...but at least you admonished the behavior. silence means consent dear boy, and you silence in spades. {nm} PVL Admin Mar 27, 11:27

I think if you're taking BSmurf's post seriously, you've failed the test. {nm} RogerMore Mar 27, 12:09

You removed A4J from managing the AWARD Fund without notice. {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2013 Mar 27, 15:40

This unwarranted action caused Tanker to quit HSX (18OCT2012). {nm} RotoHockeyYTD2013 Mar 27, 15:41

Psst Antibody Mar 27, 15:52

I'm relieved someone equating homosexuality with rape and pedophila is no longer a fund manager. {nm} Antibody Mar 27, 15:57

Kinsey did it, so why aren't you railing on him too? accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 17:05

If Kinsey played this game, you'd have a point - but not until then {nm} JDolphin Mar 28, 00:20

Stop falling back on Kinsey everytime someone refers to science, there have been plenty of studies, all more convincing, since {nm} lapuckfan Mar 28, 16:26

Who are you calling an idiot? The scientific evidence for homosexuality is growing and will be proven in time. Antibody Mar 27, 11:01

Hey, that's great. Thanks for clarifying. next I want to discuss the US's foreign policy and how it amounts to bullying of other countries {nm} RocketYTD2013 Mar 27, 11:20

Then we can discuss gun control, medicare, the flaws in the American constitution, US's altering of actual history in schools, Argo...etc. RocketYTD2013 Mar 27, 11:23

While we're at it,could you please post next week's winning lottery numbers? {nm} PVL Admin Mar 27, 11:26

Shrug. Progress will eventually show who's been standing on the right side of history. {nm} Antibody Mar 27, 11:33

Yep, check out the scientific research of XQ28. I mentioned it to A4J and he never responded because it's hard to beat fact vs fiction. {nm} skamanfu Mar 27, 11:28

I'm still reading about it. Don't assume that just because I don't answer immediately it means I can't respond. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 14:27

Scientific evidence for homosexuality? What does that mean? Scientific evidence that it exists? forlorne Mar 27, 12:39

You believe that there are fellow human beings who are born undesirable? Wow. {nm} Antibody Mar 27, 12:52

that's a silly, inflammatory statement. Cystic fibrosis is genetically based. Does anyone desire it? forlorne Mar 28, 09:19

But saying being born gay is a genetic defect similar to cystic fibrosis isn't? The person didn't chose to be born that way either case. {nm} Antibody Mar 28, 10:56

I did NOT say cystic fibrosis was equivalent to hemosexuality. I said having a genetic predisposition to something does not forlorne Mar 28, 12:42

Who's to say that there may some gay gene(s) that have deseriable evolutuionary traits, like maybe creativity in arts, that benefit society? {nm} Antibody Mar 28, 12:49

No one. I merely said it was not conducive to replicating itself. {nm} forlorne Mar 29, 12:53

No, you originally said beinng genetically predisposed to be homosexual is not desirable. Nothing about replicating. {nm} Antibody Mar 29, 16:34

If you're going to state that, try at least getting to know the circumstances behind a person's decision before you shoot your mouth off. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 14:36

Stephen F Roberts quote avandelay Mar 27, 06:04

+1 {nm} eyescovered Mar 27, 06:13

You should post this quote as the heading. It perfectly sums my opinion. I was going to post this till I read your post. {nm} JDolphin Mar 28, 00:15

You're right, but it was too long. {nm} avandelay Mar 28, 07:35

Here's a good example of BSmurf's point. Go to the 7:20 mark. eyescovered Mar 27, 06:34

Interesting only because this is the crime Rome convicted early Xians of when they wouldn't acknowledge other gods. {nm} forlorne Mar 27, 09:16

As an exercise in logic, utter rot. Claiming all religions get equal %, even if they have 2 adherents as opposed to 2 billion, forlorne Mar 27, 09:21

Your argument is full of conclusions (not facts, but opinions) with no fact to support them. A = C? (where is the +B). PVL Admin Mar 27, 10:58

My final thoughts on all this: you have the freedom to believe what you want to believe and love who you want to love. skamanfu Mar 27, 11:35

In some parts of the world only. Regrettably. {nm} forlorne Mar 27, 12:42

Bashing Christianity is perfectly within the TOS of HSX. Others religions, not so much. Samuel_L_Bronkowitz Mar 27, 14:08

Time to respond with an atom bomb: All atheists are simply agnostic. accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 14:10

No, no, you're ALL wrong (agnostics excepted) edzep - Port Monkey! Mar 27, 16:38

How is faith illogical when you exercise it every day? accountant_4_Jesus Mar 27, 16:54

You're conflating faith with knowledge based on interactions (learning) with real people and real objects. edzep - Port Monkey! Mar 27, 17:22

I think there's a difference between faith and trust. {nm} RogerMore Mar 27, 17:26

Oh dear....I hate to burst your bubble.... BUY BONDS 20 Mar 27, 17:27

Blind faith is illogical. Faith based on evidence is not. Perhaps I have evidence you do not? Or have interpreted the forlorne Mar 28, 09:25

You can call it evidence all you want -- I call it willingness to wear rose-colored glasses. edzep - Port Monkey! Mar 28, 11:07

( ^ reply to forlorne) {nm} edzep - Port Monkey! Mar 28, 11:08

You call WHAT wearing rose-colored glasses? how can you deny the validity of evidence you are not even aware of? forlorne Mar 28, 12:45

I know how the believers' evidence game is played. Sorry. {nm} edzep - Port Monkey! Mar 28, 13:19

Wanna wager on that? {nm} forlorne Mar 29, 12:53

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