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And the first one did a respectible 144m international {nm}

Posted by: Dorfman on Jul 18, 06:06 in response to Dorfman's post If no one outside the US knows about the chipmunks than...

RS: [CAPAM] high 40s [FWBFT] low 20s   TheWeekendWarrior on Jul 17, 17:48

high 40s??? really??? {nm}   David_Francis on Jul 17, 17:56

Could Potter's dominance of all things cinema cause the tracking for Captain to be pushed lower than it should be? {nm}   David_Francis on Jul 17, 17:57

I asw the trailer for CAPAM, in front of TF3, and found it utterly uninteresting. {nm}   Facto on Jul 17, 18:01

i agree, looks rly bad and boring. {nm}   kalelanalang on Jul 17, 18:12

^ +1 but then I'm not much for superheroes. Prefer to watch ape revenge! :) {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 17, 18:26

they should play moar trailers that make u feel sad for the ape (the reason he gets put in a cage) and less apes going wild in the city. {nm}   kalelanalang on Jul 17, 18:35

The trailer in Australia shows the reason he gets put into a cage, but the one on HSX doesn't seem to.   Jane_Citizen on Jul 17, 18:44

i disagree. looks like an excellent action packed film. marvel is on a roll afterall. {nm}   Nightfury82 on Jul 17, 19:43

I think it looks horrible. Chris Evans is terrible as well. What a horrible pick. {nm}   Juiced on Jul 18, 04:36

I'm surprised they have the Apes going higher than Captain and Cowboys. {nm}   Paul2k on Jul 17, 17:59

Hasn't predicted the Apes opening considerably stronger than CBALN for a long time.. ? {nm}   Facto on Jul 17, 18:02

Their long-term page currently guesses 33M for CBALN and 32M for RSAPE. {nm}   second gary on Jul 17, 18:13're right, up until this week, they did have the damn dirty apes far outpacing the Cowboys. I just think that recent trailers and   Paul2k on Jul 17, 18:17

But "comedy" isn't a genre in the same way that "superhero-with-cape, forgetting-the-warning-of-Edna-Mole" is a genre. So, ....   second gary on Jul 17, 18:40

Oops. How did this get here? {nm}   second gary on Jul 17, 18:41

completely agree. as long as they remain funny, people will go. laughs don't get tired like genre conventions can. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 17, 18:45

The trailer for Apes looks pretty great to me. {nm}   Jane_Citizen on Jul 17, 18:15

Planet of the Apes adjusts to a $95m OW. Nothing unreasonable about RS's number. {nm}   Rolling_Thunder on Jul 17, 19:08

does it come out on a holiday weekend? (Apes)   Jane_Citizen on Jul 17, 20:48

go RSAPE...and thanks for the numbers {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 17, 18:16

Im definitely more interested in RSAPE than the cowboys and aliens movie. {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 17, 18:27

yeah, I find myself wanting to see it (Apey) for the CGI....similar to Avatar. though I will see CBALN, just not really digging it. {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 17, 18:29

that number is bad for CHNUP imo. FWBFT of course is playing to a younger, hipper crowd, but still. {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 17, 18:27

My question is, is there such a thing as "comedy fatigue", where too much of a particular genre in too short a timespan lowers BO? {nm}   Paul2k on Jul 17, 18:33

if it is FWBFT, CHNUP and 30MOL will suffer (at least one). they all look equally decent....i think 30MOL looks better than the other two. {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 17, 18:36

No; see above. Audiences are pretty good at tuning in to the difference between generic features and derivative features. {nm}   second gary on Jul 17, 18:45

Interesting numbers for both Cap and FWBFT, but I want to see MTC before I say anymore. As for CHNUP I'm betting the low tracking numbers    wrongturn687 on Jul 17, 18:54

I'm a little surprised that CAPAM dropped from last week (high 50s), as I'd thought this phase of the ad-campaign was doing a good job.   second gary on Jul 17, 20:11

Or will the summer of comedies keep rolling with FWBFT, CSLOV, CHNUP etc...haven't the long-range estimators been low on all the comedies? {nm}   Paul2k on Jul 17, 18:35

normally, but i think MTC was very close on HRBOS, way off on BRDSM and a bit low on BDTCH {nm}   lobogotti on Jul 17, 18:38

Could Smurfs be the next Alvin and the Chipmunks? Seems like Smurfs have been around longer and have more awareness than the Munks.   skamanfu on Jul 17, 21:02

Chipmunks have been around since the late 50's {nm}   stevenj1127 on Jul 17, 21:23

Had no idea the Chipmunks had been around that long. {nm}   skamanfu on Jul 17, 22:22

They've both been around since the late 50's {nm}   owen111 on Jul 18, 08:15

Donnie Darko never pointed out the illogic of the chipmunks. So, no, the Smurfs could not be the next Alvin and the Chipmunks, despite...   second gary on Jul 17, 21:54

The Smurfs cartoon has been in regular rotation on Boomerang for awhile   alfpaul on Jul 17, 23:59

No one outside the US knows the chipmunks, the smurfs have a bigger international audience   petz on Jul 18, 01:20

If no one outside the US knows about the chipmunks than how come the squeakqual did 4m more international than domestic? {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 18, 06:05

And the first one did a respectible 144m international {nm}   Dorfman on Jul 18, 06:06

I meant prior to the films, it doesn't mean that they couldn't have been a success {nm}   petz on Jul 18, 06:56

n 3 grammys had a platinumPrior to the films back in the 50's and 50's they wo record. 4 gold records in the 80's. I'm sure they were known.   Dorfman on Jul 18, 07:54

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