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Failure at filming action sequence? How? (some spoilers)

Posted by: nicadmous on May 14, 10:56 in response to goodvibe61's post Who would've figured that Whedon would be such a failure...

I rewatched the film with my parents. I kept looking and scrutinizing everything that the complainers of this board mentioned.

(spolier)That comment about filming action sequences makes no sense! From the superhero fight amongst three of the characters which is very comic book like and exactly how it should be, to the combined teamwork battle on the street, ie Iron Man blasting at Captain Americas shield! Which looks like something pulled out of the video game, and to Hulk and Thor fighting atop the alien creature...then Hulk punching Thor...that is exactly something Hulk would do!(spoiler)

Was it the camera work?!  Should it have been more shakey cause that's exactly what was missing when I rewatched it. Somebody said it was too TVesque and didn't have Michael Bays signature style...I don't know what that meant but I can only guess it was the shakey and off centered camera work, the commenter didn't say. I agree some shakey camera work could have been used, but I liked being able to see the action!  And again after seeing it the second time around, there was far more fancy camera work than what I have seen on TV...so the TVesque comment came from ignorance or a hater of Whedon.

And that comment about the character development is a joke right?! Each of the main superheroes already had their own movie, what more character do you need?!  You already know who they are!  The whole idea of putting together all the main superheroes in one movies is to jump straight into the action without having to retell their characters and their backstory. Am I the only one who saw it that way?!?! I did however noticed during my second time around, each of the main heroes mentioned little bits of their past...only ignorance would not notice that.

As for Loki, he may have been a weak villain, but I never thought of him being such a dangerous character in the comics. From my comic book geek point of view, I always thought he was the weakest villain in comics. He was much scarier in the film. Unless there are other comic book geeks that have a different point of view on him, this is my own opinion. He did his job well in instigating the heroes and being the reason they joined forces. I still didn't see him as a true villain, he was just a pawn piece...used by the true villain that stayed in the shadows...if you actually saw the movie, you'd know who I was talking about.

That last comment about The Avengers should be about a couple characters...ummm....yeah...I don't know if you thought that through since it's an Avengers film and not a couple super heroes film...umm...right...moving on...if you want more character, go rewatch each of their own films and their upcoming sequels

As for set pieces...that flying ship...that was'nt iconic enough? I guess I'm not sure what you mean...

Unmemorable...that's...I don't know how to respond to that...I look back at each of the main characters and still clearly remember some of their funny/action scenes...I suppose ignorance is just plain ignorance and haters are just plain haters

Who would've figured that Whedon would be such a failure at filming the action sequences? Or developing any characters at all? goodvibe61 May 13, 02:05

from the creator of Firefly? mickpix May 13, 02:20

Finally, someone else understands. {nm} Dave3626 May 13, 02:22

Tempted to call some people here stupid.. idrom May 14, 05:10

It truly is a dull film. Especially the first half hour. But we're in the wrong... It's a hit :-) {nm} JMT-NL May 13, 03:51

Bet you guys will love Battleship {nm} austpow May 13, 08:38

haha... the thing is: I really liked Battleship. Saw it two weeks ago (NL). Superior to Avengers IMHO {nm} JMT-NL May 13, 08:43

Yeah, Avengers was boring and otherwise terrible. Only the climax had any life and it was also the most generic part of the film. {nm} jmr May 13, 09:58

I haven't seen AVNGR, but the number of characters wasn't a barrier to the success of "The fellowship of the ring," for example. {nm} second gary May 13, 06:17

LOTR was also 7.5 hours long theatrically spread over 3 movies. :) {nm} Posting Police 2k May 13, 06:21

Nut monkeys. I keep forgetting to undo that handle. {nm} Paul2k May 13, 06:22

Ah, but that's why I referred only to the first film, which presents, oh, maybe fifteen principal characters. second gary May 13, 06:42

They have their own movies? {nm} PRodQuanta May 13, 08:03

Well, except for Robin Hood and the spy {nm} PRodQuanta May 13, 08:04

DC fan? Bitter much? {nm} kydem May 13, 13:26

Not at all. Bitter in that the movie was very disappointing? Yes. I have nothing to gain or lose from it. But disappointed that it was weak. {nm} goodvibe61 May 13, 22:58

Failure at filming action sequence? How? (some spoilers) nicadmous May 14, 10:56

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