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Will NOAH movie attract or offend Bible believers?

Posted by: pabruce (a.k.a del_UGD_pabruce) on Feb 04, 08:51

I am looking forward to seeing NOAH. From the trailer I have seen, it seems to bring new ideas to an old old story. Since most cultures of the world have a "Flood" story, it should have universal appeal.

There seems to be an environmental moral to the story (think, global warming) as well as a reflection on societial ills.

I was surprized to see hard objections, written as early as last fall, from mainstream religious blogs. They object to the environmental overtones (that probably reflects their politics) and whether the movie will be "accurate" according to the Bible. I post this just to allow a place for discussion.

There are many sources for the Noah story, that could have led this in entirely new directions and made quite an action packed adventure as well. In the epic tale of Gilgamesh, Noah is sought to explain eternal life (after a comrade has died). The ancient Sumerian texts mention a great flood also.

Also, for those who hail from a Judeo/Christian background, there is a wealth of ancient texts that tell of the fallen angels whose intermarriage with mortals led to a race of giants, heros and perhaps monsters (think ancient mythology centaurs, etc.), the Annunaki (lots of YouTube videos about that) and genetic manipulation (wow, and early Monsanto).

Search for The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jubilees, The Book of Asher, The Book of Giants, The Book of Lamech. These all refer to events prior, during, or after the Great Flood. An interesting tidbit I learned recently from one of them was that many many animals presented themselves to Noah, only 2 of each kind actually entered the ark. When the "unbelievers" try to attack the ark when the flood is imminent (that scene is in the movie) the extra animals attack and repel the invaders. How cool would that be in a blockbuster?

Would love to see your comments here. I guess the gist of my post is to see who "owns" the Noah story, and will this version be entertaining and acceptable?

Looking forward to the movie!


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Will NOAH movie attract or offend Bible believers? pabruce Feb 04, 08:51

Probably both. {nm} Bubba_Fett Feb 04, 08:52

That should have been a reference to the book of Jasher (not Ahser). I listened to an audio book version on YT. {nm} pabruce Feb 04, 08:59

Indifference is probably the bigger danger for the movie's box office. It'll be interesting to see what it manages to open to. {nm} KalElFan Feb 04, 09:45

I called my cousin, the only devoted Bible Believer I know, and her family is looking forward to seeing it. Now, if she's going to be pennystocks2 Feb 04, 09:51

Passion of the Christ was in a different league because it was (1) Jesus and (2) Gibson before his troubles... (more) KalElFan Feb 04, 10:20

How true this is. I still see no reason for them to take offense to the movie. The trailer looks pretty good and I may go and see it myself, pennystocks2 Feb 04, 11:22

what i found very odd about this movie is that they never once say "God", rather the word used is "creator" {nm} adrenalin112 Feb 04, 12:00

As a "bible believer" (really?), and an Aronofsky fan (The Fountain is one of the 5 best films ever shot)... MrZero Feb 04, 10:15

Are the people who've seen it bible believers, Aronofsky fans, both or neither? {nm} Antibody Feb 04, 10:19

how is this tagworthy? {nm} Moviesnob Feb 04, 11:06

I didn't even notice. Look, sometimes you gotta give newbies a break. {nm} Antibody Feb 04, 11:15

yessir! {nm} Moviesnob Feb 04, 11:24

both (i guess?)...couple friends from Pepperdine who work at a certain studio MrZero Feb 04, 11:42

I think the epic nature of this biblical story will be an attraction. As to whether or not it offends, will be dependent upon PVL Admin Feb 04, 10:23

possible spoiler... adrenalin112 Feb 04, 12:10

Really?!? (comments on your spoiler if true...) KalElFan Feb 04, 12:30

yeah, i saw it twice in screenings prior to the cgi being completed. im curious to what changes have been made. {nm} adrenalin112 Feb 04, 18:09

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