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YOU are completely missing MY points. Have these boards attracted women? Have women asked for the support of any of you?

Posted by: Facto on May 18, 22:17 in response to Moviesnob's post dude, I'm a republican and I finished grad school in 99....

Is there any reason to perpetuate the schisma between the genders at all, or to remain gender conscious?

Is it highly possible that some people here don't see how some of the sentiments here are uttered just to please their own moral well-being and make them feel that they are good persons, for the attitudes, the "political"climate and the spirit they are promoting, as it were?Ā 

Anna Kendrick:" Half naked supermodels in Mad Max and y'all went to see awkward chicks sing and do **** jokes? This is a world I can...   Peterlee on May 18, 20:04

get behind" {nm}   Peterlee on May 18, 20:04

If this is really important to anyone here, then spend money on tickets only for movies made by women for women.   Facto on May 18, 22:18

I wish different kind of films to do well. I am glad that PITCH PERFECT 2 do great, and I also hope that MAD MAX would do better {nm}   Peterlee on May 18, 22:31

I will see both of them. I just don't believe in politicizing anything and everything. I see movies made by women all the time. It doesn't    Facto on May 18, 22:44

(Except I don't know yet, that the writing in PP2 was atrocious, not having seen it... If that line "eat my .... like a cup cake is from the   Facto on May 18, 22:46

LOL funny {nm}   Dorfman on May 18, 20:23

Could've been on life board instead. Zero relevance to anything movie trading.   Facto on May 18, 21:37

its related to movies. i think you missed the point. {nm}   Moviesnob on May 18, 21:50

Didn't say it wasn't related to movies. It's not in any way, shape or form related to trading.    Facto on May 18, 22:02

I see. you are welcome to leave anytime. if someone wants to have a discussion that a movie about women for women did well, most others will   Moviesnob on May 18, 22:05

Oh, I am welcome to leave at any time? If I happen to think that there are some suffocating displays of geekiness or the worst forms of    Facto on May 18, 22:09

dude, I'm a republican and I finished grad school in 99. you need to get your stereotypes in order {nm}   Moviesnob on May 18, 22:11

I am not a Republican and I am just going by what you write and what I read, not who you "are". Try to actually read, yourself. {nm}   Facto on May 18, 22:14

YOU are completely missing MY points. Have these boards attracted women? Have women asked for the support of any of you?   Facto on May 18, 22:17

Iam impressed. I didnt think the gay-bashing ultra religionist, fear based party had many who went past middle school. You a Millionaire? {nm}   tenchi7 on May 18, 23:41

Prejudge much? {nm}   Bubba_Fett on May 19, 04:28

This is all kinds of stupid. {nm}   Juiced on May 19, 06:52

And don't you guys attract a lot of women to these boards.......... {nm}   Facto on May 18, 22:11

Thank you, Moviesnob. I think she may point out a reason why MAD MAX can't get enough female audience   Peterlee on May 18, 22:18

cant agree with you more {nm}   Moviesnob on May 18, 22:20

There it is, then. The planet is saved.    Facto on May 18, 22:24

I miss Harvey Weinstein already... This is the kind of film Harvey can sell better than almost anyone... {nm}   Peterlee on May 18, 22:32

having loved the trailers, i am surprised to say this, but i think my dog could have done a better job than warner. {nm}   Moviesnob on May 18, 22:36

What did I miss - Weinstein's gone? From where?? {nm}   Facto on May 18, 22:41

What would women do without this amazing moral posturing. I can see how worried you are about female audiences and audiences in general   Facto on May 18, 22:22

Here's an interesting reply she got to that, on twitter itself:   Facto on May 18, 21:39

wow...wisdom in 140 characters or less {nm}   tealfan on May 18, 22:23

That's twitter 4ya. {nm}   Facto on May 18, 22:46

fenemist dream according to the men involved or who've seen it. why did 're that feminism translate to the marketing strategy? {nm}   leo21 on May 18, 22:52

Pease define feminist or feminism.   Facto on May 18, 22:58

That settles it -- I'm going to see Mad Max now. Thanks, Anna!! (nm)   DTshakes on May 18, 23:32

I guess we'll just have to see which one has the legs won't we? {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on May 19, 01:59

It has been fun watching this board meltdown the past 3 months over these 2 movies   lacronka on May 19, 04:58

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