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You brought up inclusion. But this statement: are they not seeking trans actors, persons with disability, actors from outside the US, etc?

Posted by: islndr (a.k.a islander2) on Apr 15, 08:51 in response to Antibody's post I don't understand what's unfiar about it. They're A...

Again, say "open to anyone" or "seeking A-list".  Inclusive?, then be inclusive.

Also, Using specific names is akin to using likeness without permission to promote a product. "Hey we are a ****ty energy drink looking for a spokesperson like a LeBron James type" Does LeBron want to be associated with that, no.

Also, you missed the obvious joke, even age/ethnicty/context aside, the simple headline of "seeking TC *or* MJB type" has comedic value, in that the two men are at complete opposite sides of male-ness. (Pretty boy vs Muscle-y man)

THS: there's a new ALIEN script about a group of transient colonists and a ‘Mary Elizabeth Winstead type’ who grows a friendly Xenomorph. Antibody Apr 14, 14:53

lol "hoping to have a new film out every year or two" cake boss! Apr 14, 15:03

(somewhat) friendly raptors worked in Jurassic World, so maybe {nm} tealfan Apr 14, 15:38

Wonder how this would tie into the ALIEN streaming series set on Earth... {nm} notfabio Apr 14, 15:48

All these fanblogs shouldn't be treated like they are the Trades. Has any of these sites other than Murphy's had a real proven "exclusive"? {nm} HurricaneKid Apr 14, 16:13

Illuminerdi has had a couple with only one outright denied (the GOTG3 Adam Warlock casting breakdown) {nm} notfabio Apr 14, 16:16

This google doc is trying to track fansite scoop accuracy, We Got This Covered is pretty terrible. notfabio Apr 14, 16:22

Here's his first "scoop". CMAR2 villsin is Michael Korvac. seeking a “Timothy Chalamet or Michael B. Jordan” type Antibody Apr 14, 16:32

not exactly the same thing ("seeking a Jennifer Lawrence or Ed Asner type") {nm} Rishoutfield Apr 14, 18:22

What's not thew same. They're both male 25-34. {nm} Antibody Apr 14, 21:22

Ha ha.... Chalamet is 25 and white. Jordan is 34 and black. Totally different actors. Completely interchangeable. :) {nm} TheWeekendWarrior Apr 15, 03:45

Inclusion is not a joke. They're open to any ethnicity. 9 years is not a big range. {nm} Antibody Apr 15, 06:57

then just say "open to anyone". how is singling out TC or MBJ fair to them or to the actors who might audition? {nm} islndr Apr 15, 07:38

I don't understand what's unfiar about it. They're A listers they're aiming for. {nm} Antibody Apr 15, 08:21

You brought up inclusion. But this statement: are they not seeking trans actors, persons with disability, actors from outside the US, etc? islndr Apr 15, 08:51

Timothy Chalamet has a very strong jawline....(but I have no idea what you guys are talking about.) {nm} 3ebfan511 Apr 15, 09:02

Claiming TC and MBJ are as dissimilar as JL and EA is not an obvious joke. Racism isn't funny. {nm} Antibody Apr 15, 09:12

you need to go back and look up what racism actually is and dont forget most of us here are liberal AF allies {nm} islndr Apr 15, 09:36

Your "whataboutism" bringing up trans, diasability... makes you sound like a conservative. {nm} Antibody Apr 15, 10:01

What the hell. You win, I'm done. {nm} islndr Apr 15, 10:28

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