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Fairy Tale. {nm}

Posted by: DTravel on Mar 21, 12:41 in response to chipshot's post Our constitution was designed so that citizens can have...

less than a week after the mosque slayings, New Zealand bans all semi-automatic assault weapons (which the US also used to before the NRA)   professor zovek on Mar 20, 19:42

There is no such thing as an "assault weapon." This language was invented to demonize guns {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 20, 21:25

good. it's working   professor zovek on Mar 21, 00:09

The language I saw banned military-style semiautomatic weapons? Is that a real thing? {nm}   Wellespring on Mar 21, 03:37

It will be defined in the NZ legislation - but basically, a semi automatic firearm or shotgun that can be used with a detachable cartridge   RogerMore on Mar 21, 05:48

How about "weapon made to kill multiple human beings on a battlefield". {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 08:04

All guns are designed to kill. What's your point? {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 09:27

So they should all be banned? No, some people have legitimate uses for some types of gun. So which ones should be banned? The ones made to    RogerMore on Mar 21, 09:39

Why should any gun be banned? "Legitimate use" is not required according to the 2nd amendment and the supreme court affirmation of gun right {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 09:43

Supreme Court has ruled that right is not unlimited. Also, Amendments can and have been changed in the past. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 09:46

I never understand why people blame guns and not perpetrators. My gun and the guns of millions of others have not gone out and killed anyone   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 09:51

Because other nations in the world that ban assault weapons do not have nutcases that massacre its citizens regularly. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 09:56

Probably because they remove the nutcases from society rather than let them roam the streets like we do {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 09:58

Wrong. Again, the only difference in the equation is "assault rweapons". {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 10:04

Actually, absence of assault weapon... Hard to kill 50 people in 10 minutes with a knife... {nm}   Lukasck on Mar 21, 14:18

In the case of murder by knife, would you blame the knife and call for knife control? {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 14:23

Because like you said, they're designed to kill. It's good public policy to restrict ownership. And NZ doesn't have the 2nd Amendment. {nm}   RogerMore on Mar 21, 09:51

I'm happy they are designed to kill...   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 09:56

No, thank the conservatives for taking funding away from social services that would have housed the mentally ill. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 09:58

That is an uninformed opinion..   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 10:10

The mass murderers in the US were not "mentally ill roaming the streets" but regular people in good homes including high school sstudents. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 10:40

Anyone who commits mass murder is mentally ill. Your argument is invalid. {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 10:44

The point is they are regular people like you with no signs of mental illness, until the shooting starts. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 10:47

Roaming the streets and allowed to buy guns, including the most lethal guns and a lot of them. And look closer at the people you are talking   RogerMore on Mar 21, 10:17

In terms of constitutional rights, that is the equivalent of banning free speech for everyone because some people might use "hate speech" {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 10:21

I can't believe you switched from "if more people were institutionalised, this wouldn't be a problem" to "this is a breach of constitutional   RogerMore on Mar 21, 10:31

I didn't switch. Restricting the rights of all citizens to own guns for protection because of the deinstitutionalized mentally ill is wrong   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 10:42

Who said anything about banning all guns? Just asking for semi-automatic, assault weapons made by the military for the battlefield. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 10:44

The AR-15 everyone hates is not made by the military. More...   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 11:03

Saying “the similarities are cosmetic” isn’t telling the whole story. It’s a semi-automatic rifle developed for the military and adapted for   RogerMore on Mar 21, 11:20

You don’t seem very concerned about the constitutional rights of the people who would be institutionalize under your proposal.   RogerMore on Mar 21, 10:58

With some people there is no way to know whether they are going to be a mass killer. You can resrtict the rights of everyone based...   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 11:17

*cant restrict {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 11:17

So think of ways that don’t affect people’s rights or impact them less. Don’t just say “Do nothing, it’s better than a complete ban”   RogerMore on Mar 21, 11:39

I agree with all of that (except the home interview) and more, as long as it is focused on the individual. {nm}   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 11:43

In these discussions, I've found that everyone agrees with it (generally) in theory, but prefer the status quo in practice. {nm}   RogerMore on Mar 21, 12:04

What kind of "legitimate use" can you find to a gun designed to shoot 500 rounds/minute???   Lukasck on Mar 21, 12:04

That's just a hyperbolic argument. If you are referring to the vilified AR-15 rifle...   Chimpmuck on Mar 21, 12:34

Like I said, no need to bring NRA usual lines to justify...   Lukasck on Mar 21, 13:55

Our constitution was designed so that citizens can have weapons to....   chipshot on Mar 21, 11:33

The constitution also referred to slaves as three-fifths of a whole person. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 12:04

and the weapons in the civil war helped put that in balance that, huh. {nm}   chipshot on Mar 21, 12:41

Or nearly a million Americans would not have died needlessly if guns were not around. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 12:53

Many nations ended slavery without going through a civil war. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 13:03

and actually ended it {nm}   professor zovek on Mar 21, 13:07

apples and oranges. If many nations had the ability to uprise against their corrupt governments   chipshot on Mar 21, 12:46

Huh? Many nations have risen up against their corrupt governments and replaced their leaders violently throughout history. {nm}   Antibody on Mar 21, 12:50

Fairy Tale. {nm}   DTravel on Mar 21, 12:41

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