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[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund week 17 report.

Posted by: hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 03:17

Price History Charts (courtesy KaiGee)

First the numbers: We made a profit of $9.63 per share last week, which is more than three times our target rate, up 14.5% on the week, 14.9% on the month and 634% since IPO. As a brief aside: I expect to reach one billion dollars on my personal port in the next week and I have taken on the challenge of the year-to-date competition, which we are currently leading.

I mention the other accounts because I had the temerity to mention them on a thread on the ‘Movie Board’ in the forum. Roger More felt it necessary to “poke fun” at me for “giving look-at-me updates”, despite the fact that it was a thread where people were listing their status on ‘red day’. I know it’s not the done thing to criticize or, in this instance, defend yourself against one of the HSX demi-gods but it does seem that if you have any level of success playing this game people try to shoot you down.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a born trader, I’ve been a trader my whole life and I see HSX as another market to be played and I play hard. The funny thing is that, for what is primarily a trading game, there are surprisingly few real traders playing HSX. I understand that not everyone has the luxury of being able to trade with the frequency that I do, or indeed the inclination. For me HSX is just another screen: like commodities, stock indices or forex. I see the buying/shorting opportunity and I take it. Actions in the real world that are lauded are apparently open to ridicule on HSX. It seems that a game where the metric is (fake) money has no place in its firmament for exemplars, preferring instead to maintain the status quo typified by the moribund elite who feel that any challenge to their safe assumptions is “fair game”.

happy hunting


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[FOXX] Fox Studio Fund week 17 report.   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 03:17

So one sentence of this actually had to do with your fund... {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 10, 08:00

Ah but what a sentence :D {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 08:19

I think the part you may be missing is that the forums are more social.    The Force-Ghost of DTravel on Jan 10, 09:02

Fair comment but I don't feel that the attacks on me are warranted based on my forum contributions. {nm}   hyper_2016YTD on Jan 10, 09:09

Very true DTravel. Most of the best traders in HSX you may hear from once every few months. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 10, 09:22

Aside from those like Oleg who post news. {nm}   Dorfman on Jan 10, 09:22

Well, there's 'news' and there are 'views'. I tend toward the latter category. Not so much into the social side of things. {nm}   hyper on Jan 10, 09:45

Trading your way(method) is fine. Assuming that you are the only one who knows trading, Not. Arguing that you trade better than others, Not.   DiNar0 on Jan 10, 10:17

Considering it's taken you nearly 20 years to make 3 billion and change I guess you haven't got much to shout about :p {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 10:34

LOL! You are too funny. {nm}   DiNar0 on Jan 11, 09:10

Good lord, man. Why on Earth would you type this into a fund report? Especially when you actually have fund-relevant stuff to report.   Willroast on Jan 10, 10:37

I have fund relevant stuff to report? Since when do I have to answer to you? You may not have noticed but...   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 10:42

Sorry, but that's not the attitude I want representing HSX as a fund manger. {nm}   Antibody on Jan 10, 11:07

Your loss. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 11:47

I guess my suggestion was unclear. I was saying that it seemed weird that you would title an ego-driven post as a fund report.   Willroast on Jan 10, 11:09

Yeah, you keep on posting your passive aggressive bull****. If that's "friendly" I'd hate to see you when you're hostile. {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 14:39

Lol. {nm}   Birdstwin on Jan 10, 11:08

If it's any consolation hyper, I always assumed you too were one of the HSX demi-gods. Forum politics aside, you're a great trader! {nm}   RickandMorty on Jan 10, 14:16

Thanks mate, I guess I've ruffled a few feathers :) {nm}   hyperzeitgeist on Jan 10, 14:40

If only real trading was as predictable as starbonds! {nm}   Shifter on Jan 11, 09:40

This got you kicked out? Lord, I've seen stronger words at my kids daycare.   Anniebecca on Jan 11, 17:17

Thank you :) {nm}   hyper_2016YTD on Jan 11, 17:29

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